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The Legacy of the Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful and influential empires in the world. The history of the Roman Empire is vast as was its area of dominion. However, the scope of its influence on the world is seen in the fact that even to this day, many countries are still following the way of life the Roman Empire left behind as it legacy.

            The legacy of the Roman Empire includes dimensions of religion, government, education, and civil service. Who is not familiar with the Roman Catholic Church that to this day is still one of the most powerful religions around the world? The Roman’s acceptance and protection of Christianity and adaptation of its earlier version into the Catholic Church has caused the spread of the doctrines of Christianity. In America, the Roman Catholic Church is one of the major religious entities.

            Another lasting legacy of the Romans that is evident in the United States today is their form of government. The Roman Empire was led by a bicameral government. This was composed of upper house patricians in the senate and lower house plebeian tribunes. The Constitution of the United States based the organization of Congress in the same manner. Today, America has the upper house of Congress, the senate and the lower house of Congress, the House of Representatives.

This, however, is not the only legacy of the Roman Empire in terms of government. They were also the first to conceptualize the naturalization of citizens. Any foreigner who was deemed loyal to Rome and who fit other similar requirements could be made a citizen of Rome through naturalization. America has made much use of this concept. Tax collection methods of the Roman Empire were also improved on by America. It is clear that the way many countries run today is based on the legacies inherited from the Roman Empire.


Wells, Collin. The Roman Empire. 2nd ed. London: Fontana, 1992

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