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The Importance Of Forest

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Trees are the largest population and longest living organisms on the earth. It is not hard to believe that without trees, we human and other organisms would not survive on this beautiful planet. Our existing forest and the trees we plant work in tandem to make a better world.

Trees as habitat
Forests are the natural habitat for wild life and birds which attract tourists, holiday makers and hunters. These may be developed as very good picnic or tourist centers in the form of wild life sanctuaries and national parks which have good employment and income generating potential receiving the water they need.

Trees preserve the soil
Tree roots bind the soil, and their leaves break the force of wind and rain on soil. As such, trees fight soil erosion by sediment deposit after storms. Furthermore, trees carry out absorption of dangerous chemicals and other pollutants that have entered the soil, or in other words, phytoremediation. It can either store harmful pollutants or actually change the pollutant into less harmful substances. Moreover, it prevents flash flood.

The control of climate
Trees control climate by moderating the effect of the sun, rain and wind. Leaves absorb and filter the sun’s radiant energy, keeping things cool in summer. Also, trees act as windbreaks by providing a screen from harsh wind. In addition, they shield us from the downfall of rain, sleet and hail.

Purifying of water
Forests also play an important role in purifying our water. Having well managed forested areas helps reduce storm runoff (water that cannot be absorbed by soil), which helps keep local water bodies clean from pesticides, fertilizers and other pollutants.10 In fact, many protected forest areas are managed specifically with the goal of maintaining their watershed protection.

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