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The Generating of Ideas

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Dutch lady is a big name in the market for fruit milk products .we came up with a new product for Dutch lady to be producing to the market which is Dutch lady ice cream with new flavours to give the company more profit .

Screening Ideas
Dutch lady has a reputation inside the market environment and creating a new product will be a challenge because the competitors will try to fail the new product but, dutch lady has a big number of consumer’ that will have the desire to try the dutch lady ice cream

Developing and Testing the Concept

Since Dutch lady is producing milk fruit juice they can use the same factories for developing the ice cream because they will need same machines but with A differences in using in this case the ice cream price will be normal for customers . The ice cream will be smoothly can reduce the hunger for a time with a sweet taste.

Business Analysis

Marketability Tests
Before Dutch lady produce the official product will Arrange private tests groups, launching beta versions, and then forming test panels after the product or products have been tested will provide the company with valuable information allowing last minute improvements and tweaks. This point will help to reach the customer satisfaction.

Technicalities and Product Development

Dutch lady ice cream will be totally different from any other ice cream, will come with bigger size , new flavours never processed before easy to eat the creativity will concern in make the ice cream special in all parts .


Dutch lady will focus now in marketing to product .the supplier will be like small shops 7eleven ,mynews shops can be found anywhere the customers people who like to have smoothly ice cream male or female (7 to 35) years The price will be available for all type of people can be purchasing by high income people or low income

Country Anywhere in the world ( will be global market)
Region (no difference of region )
Customers (urban or rural )

Customers (Age 7 to 50 years)
Gender (both male or femle)


Benefits Sought ( sweet snak has important nutrients milk and sugar )

Value attitudes ( who love sweet cold , smooth )

Post Launch Review and Perfect Pricing
Dutch lay came with this new ice cream to give some enjoyment and differences in flavour the ice cream design and the availability of the price so we are sure people would like to try a new product that can reach their satisfaction.

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