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The Factors Affecting Depression and Eating Disorders

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Depression is a common “disease” that a lot of people go through. It happens for a lot of reasons and can last for days or weeks. Eating disorders can occur to everyone under pressure and it is not something they are proud of. Eating disorders have different categories and all so sad. So has depression.

Depression can be defined as a total sadness that happens to people. Sometimes all those depressed people can do is sigh at their sad lives and draw a long face. Depressed people can stare at a blank wall for hours or maybe even for days because of not knowing what to do with their lives. They either have too many problems going on or never found their purpose in life. Eating disorders are categorized into two parts, mainly Anorexia, and Bulimia. Anorexia would be the tolerance of food and Bulimia would be vomiting everything you just ate, out. Eating disorders are more common in girls than boys between the ages 14-35. They feel too fat or not “curvy” enough. In society, people who have trouble with depression on eating disorders always have pressure pushing them into the disorders.

Sometimes people would tell them that they are too fat and not skinny enough and because of that, they are pushed into food tolerances. Sometimes when slim, pretty girls get a lot of attention in school and you don’t, you might conclude that it is because you are everything they are not. negatively. As you get pressured to want to have the same attention, you go into extreme measures to get fit the wrong and easy way. They think that “food” is the reason for fat and so, it should be stopped

In other situations, couples could share these kinds of stories. Sadly the guy was the one who pressured his girlfriend into it. He might compare you to someone else because of her “outer beauty” and when men compare you to other women, you can definitely see what he compared you to. Sad really. He would say “maybe you should do these diets so that you can go as thin as her.” Of course we women get offended. (the wrong guy will push you into it because the right one helps you go slimmer the healthy way or will just accept you the way you are). As she gets compared, it makes her look at herself in the mirror and only see the negative things about her. In another situation, the pressure is from the family.

Another reason of food tolerances and depression would be influence. When your little girl (age 1416) watches TV and see older girls maybe from the ages of 17-26 and see how different they are from her mostly in waistlines and beauty. She finds them skinny and pretty at the same time and thinks of herself as not pretty and skinny, first, depression comes because she feels that her looks are not as good as theirs, and second, the part where “their fitting waistlines” do not match hers. She would try to find out on how to get slimmer faster and obviously the unhealthy way. She might be pushed into Anorexia and vigorous exercising. If she does not have much time for working out, the food tolerance idea, i a go go for her.

People who have trouble at home who have their families fight nearly all the time, a person can get depressed because of the environment he/she is in. He/she feels unloved and not belonging to the family and feels alone. An unhappy family is not a family. It’s a house of wolves. When a person does well in school for example, and his/her family does not congratulate or acknowledge their child, that is depressing. Most especially when the family puts the child down by constantly saying “you can do better, look at you sister/father, they do better than you in a blink. It is also being compared to other family members that makes someone depressed due to constant negative pressure. They did not even try to look into the positive things their child has succeeded in.

Depression is one thing and so is an eating disorder. It is a thing that a lot of people go through due to events that happen in their daily lives. “Pressure” of any kind is also to blame. People around you give it. Your supposed-to-be life long partner. Your family, who are supposed to be the closest to you. Pressure givers make you step into deep blues/sadness through your mind (depression) and through your body (eating disorder).

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