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The elements of design of the movie β€œ300”

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Aug. 05, 2013

This paper will cover the elements of design of the movie β€œ300”, it was released in 2007 and the movie was directed by Zack Snyder. Snyder desired to create a world from a popular illustrative novel that gives extraordinary images. To do this, the film was shot indoors utilizing green screen that helped to build the world that he imagined. He also added grains and lens flares to the film because he desired to achieve an uneven feel but has a very natural feeling (Miller). Snyder was capable of giving the overall suggestion to help build a great creative world scene in to this film. The production designer of this film is James Bisell. He mentioned in an interview before, that he wanted to guarantee that he had created a sizeable world.

He had created a coastline of over 16 miles in the film 300. Computers were utilized in order to create a three-dimensional landscape. Most of the film had landscapes in most shots, to comprise a large component of a plot when the Spartans chose to utilize it against the Persian intruders; this design is such a big part in the film. In this movie, Leonidas, the King, wage war against the Persians and he showed his ability as a fighter. The film was shot with a very dusty lighting kind of feeling. That helped to give honor to the reality that, the plot came from a graphic novel and it attempted to imitate that kind of sense in the film. It also helped to make a world where the characters are strong and not frightened about anything, because they know how great they are as a warrior. The overall lighting does not alter anywhere in the movie, to incorporate a certain scene that draws you into the story.

The film is set in an ancient place called Sparta. In the movie, you will see wonderful Greek architectures. The Battle of Thermopylae goes down in history as one of the most courageous achievement of valor in any war. The Spartan King Leonidas led 300 Spartan warriors to fight the Persian intruders from passing into Greece through the mountains of Thermopylae. TheΒ costumes in the movie are interesting, the Spartans showed some skin in the film which is rather important in the story because it shows that the characters are physically fit and tough, and they look more like an effective warrior. By looking at their muscular, sculpted bodies provides the idea how strong they are as warriors and additionally helps persuade the audience that they are tough and the best. The hairstyles in the movie can play a significant role in the film; it also helps the actor to get into the character. The mise-en-scene in this certain scene is incredible. They were able to accelerate and slow down the whole scene in order to focus on the ability of Leonidas every time he beats the enemy. They also showed the violence in a very creative form. Between the utilization of slow motion and the dusty look of the scenes, this picture in fact has conquered the key elements in the film.


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