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The City of Kelsey by M. Kelsey

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The City of Kelsey founded in 1932 by M. Kelsey who noticed that it was a good place to raise a family because of its large fields and farming land. Over the years the city as prospered and became a city that is industrial. The City of Kelsey has numerous trucking companies that have grown over the years because of total quality being a process implemented in an accurate and concise way. The City of Kelsey has a better business incentive that is renewed every January which consist of volunteer work, recycling in the home or workplace, exercise in the parks or donate to the community. Kelsey is an earth-friendly community that promotes a better quality of life through services environmental awareness, and healthy lifestyles. (Homepage, 2009). The City of Kelsey is a small town with a population of 625,000 that continues to grow problem because it has the affordability of a big city in a small town. Team B will be discussing varies effects that Quality Management and Global Competition have on quality improvement. The city of Kelseys quality management processes contains, planning, customer satisfaction, continues improvement by taking action to initiate changes, managerial involvement, measurability, and collaboration.

Knowing the city of Kelsey is a small town, everyone works together to better the community and use each others resources by implementing the resources within the city and only outsource when it is needed. Because the top management trained the middle management, everyone must work together to provide total quality management and customer satisfaction. The steps for implementing a total quality management are: determining the needs and expectation of customers, establishing quality policy and quality objectives for the organization; determine the process and responsibilities necessary to attain objectives; provide necessary resources; establishing methods to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of each process; applying the established measures to determine effectiveness and efficiency; and establishing a process for continued improvement. The city of Kelsey has worked very close in implementing total quality management and this shows how successful the businesses are in the city (Harrison, 2002). Employers believe in continues improvement and not afraid in making-decisions and actively educating the staff to better help his or her work ethics and the company. The city of Kelsey is considered a small town; many consumers are not subject to much competition. Reducing variation to total quality management will not affect the city; however, the citys goal is to maintain trends from the big cities so it is best to consider total quality management.

Where a company can become more successful and grow within the community and globally. Total quality management places strong focus on process measurement and controls as mean of continuous improvement (TQM, 2009). The goal is to achieve maximum benefits with the consumer and the customers. When the city of Kelsey reduces variations to total quality management, the city will remain its local business and possibly no growth in expanding businesses globally. A tool that identifies and monitors the process variability for the city of Kelsey has been used in various ways. Some of the largest employers have been listed to provide information for individuals who would like to start their own business, or join the businesses that have already been created. These businesses include jobs for individuals interested in things such as construction, trucking, gardens or nurseries, and consulting firms. The city of Kelsey always provides tools to monitor their school system and the way it is ran. The Kelsey Unified School District services the educational needs of over 71,000 students.

Employing over 4,500 educators, the District provides our children with a quality education in a caring and supportive environment (Apollo Group, Inc. 2007). The schools also offer English classes for the diverse population which allows individuals to learn English as a second language. Statistical tools are also being used to monitor crimes that occur within the city such as rape, robbery, murder, etc. This allows an individual to compare the number of crimes committed within a certain amount of time to the population within the city. The population count is also monitored throughout the city including male, female, children, and adults. Financial reports and annual budgets are also provided to individuals to monitor how much revenue is generated and spent within the city. The chosen model or methodology for process or organizational improvement in the City of Kelsey is Deming Fourteen Points for Managements. Deming 14 points for quality improvement starts with the purpose, the mission, and why the improvement is needed.

This model was chose because The City of Kelsey is a family orientated community who works together for the purpose of the city that is to provide a city that continuous to try to find ways to improve for the city to be a good place to live. These are individuals who go into the community and are concern with what is happing in their community. A company starting on a quest for quality looks to others for guidance. Through the years, various important initiatives have been devised. Although all have strengths and weaknesses, all can give suggestions and guidance to a company that wants to establish its own, unique improvement program.(Ledolter Ch 22 page 494). The City of Kelsey is a city that is open to new ideas and values other opinions of others. Low sell could the reason for customers dissatisfaction of the product or services or that the customer wants more of a variety products or services. The main goal of Deming process seems to be for customer satisfaction more than the other models because it is broken down in a clear fashion and everyone on every level is involved. What is important to the City of Kelsey is togetherness and respecting one another this is were the strength lies in the city. Achieving Quality through Continual Improvement states, Drive out fear. Break down the barriers between staff areas. Remove barriers that rob people of pride and workmanship. (Ledolter, Ch 22, p. 495).

This is important in achieving quality improvement in an organization individual cannot be afraid to step up to give the best service of product possible, Memo from the office of the Mayor of Kelsey states, We need to inform the voters of the issues that are involved and how the bond issue will solve the districts problems and what impact the bonds will have upon them. We would appreciate your recommendations on the best way to deliver that message to the citizens of Kelsey.” (City of Kelsey, 2009.) This is a good example of how the city works in any process the voters who are the customers of the city are inform on any process that the city goes through. Because The City of Kelsey has been so prosperous the methods of Deming can only make the city mort prosperous in the process of quality improvement. Being that Kelsey is a small town, there is a need to focus on the trucking industry in the city. Trucking is a major factor for the town, and helps in all businesses to run efficiently. The trucking industry will ensure economic growth for the town of Kelsey. A management group will be appointed to oversee the trucking routes, this will help to keep all deliveries on schedule whether it be importing or exporting of goods. Maintenance of trucks must be a priority to ensure deliveries through any weather conditions.

Diesel mechanics must meet certain qualifications, be certified in all areas of trucks and trailers, air braking systems, to complete engine overhaul if need be. Recertification courses will also help to make sure that all mechanics are keeping up with all the latest technologies of the trucking industry and diesel engines. Diesel mechanics will also help to maintain tractors, farming equipment, school buses, trains, compressors, as well as other diesel powered equipment. With diesel technology being more electrical as well, a formal training course will be enforced to all mechanics. Diesel mechanics will be required to be recertified every 2 years, and will be ASE certified. These courses are to be completed before certification expires. Management will be required to schedule the courses for all mechanics to ensure that completions of all courses are done on schedule. The town of Kelsey is run efficiently, but it does need limited areas of attention to continue its growth and progression to be envied by other towns that work to be like Kelsey. To continue its growth the town of Kelsey will need to implement an effective quality improvement process that is seamless and allows for everyone in the town who owns a business to participate in the process.

To implement an effective quality improvement process in Kelsey the mayor and town officials will have to be opened minded about creating an atmosphere of problem-solving because this will allow input from everyone involved with keeping the town running efficiently. The next step will be to get feedback from towns residents on what exactly are the needs for change within the town. This will give the leadership and the town business owners insight on how to create a plan for quality improvement around the needs of the residents. There needs to be trust between the town leadership and the business owners who support the town. Trust must be established before implementing a quality improvement plan because it creates a line of understanding of what exactly will be required and is expected of all involved in the implementation of the quality improvement process. All involved in the implementation will need to feel a part of the ownership for the achievement of all set goals in the process along with receiving positive feedback and active, consistent participation of the town leadership. There is a need for oversight and input from leadership on the improvement process and resources in the designated areas of concern. Kelseys mayor and leadership will have

to work as a management team to define and implement a successful quality improvement program. The towns leadership will need to focus on all the business owners and their role in the implementing the process. Implementing a quality improvement process will require change and participation for all involved. There may be business owners who choose not to participate; therefore it is the responsibility of the mayor and the towns leadership to create goals that include all the towns business owners as well as the residents. An effective quality improvement process is a long-term effort that connects the people and processes into a structure that alters the corporate culture of an organization in the this case a town to produce quality within the system and prove to be a central part of business strategy.


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