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The Bermuda Triangle – Short and Sweet

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The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the ocean between Bermuda Island, Maiami and Porta Rico in the shape of a triangle. Many different mysterious incidents and disappearances have taken place within the triangle which have claimed over 1000 lives in the past 100 years. There are many theories that try to explain the things that have happend in the bermuda triangle including:

– A weapon from Atlantis which destroyed Atlantis itself

– Gas bubble pulling everything down into the ocean

– Aliens

– A black hole

– Strong magnetic fields

– Pirates

– A time warp

– Another one of the US’s secret hideouts

– Atlantis rising to the surface of the sea, causing bad weather

– Giant octapus pulling everything under the sea

On 5 December 1945, five Navy Avenger bombers left the plane staton at Fort Launderdale. They were on a training mission for the day to practice bombing but what they didn’t know was that they we’re headed straight for the bermuda triangle. At 3:50pm a radio transmission was overheard which said “I don’t know where we are. We must have got lost after that last turn.” Later on there was another message which said that the compasses were broken and that they still had no idea of where they were. Night came and all contact with the bombers were lost. At 6:20pm the first rescue plane went out in search of the missing aircrafts. At 7:50 there was another radio transmition although not from the bombers. It was from a ship that had reported seeing an “enormous sheet of fire” from a nearby explosion. They reported drifting through oil but did not find any remains of anything. The Navy Avenger bombers were never found.

There are numerous reports of horrible storms, planes and boats disapearing and compasses spinning in all different directions but there are still people bilieve it is a hoax. Although there are another 11 areas of the sea which have had many similar reports as the bermuda triangle, these areas are known as the “12 Devil’s Graveyards”. One of them is located at the south to south-east coast of Japan. The Japanese commonly know this area as the “Devil’s Sea” and is even sometimes bilieved to be limbo.

No one truly knows who or what is behind the biggest mystery of the 12st century and will confuse, stun and overwhelm the world for many years to come.


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