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Teenagers’ Values: More Materialistic

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We all know that teenagers nowadays are more materialistic and have more expenses. Some teenagers always rely on their parents especially when it comes to their needs. In another hand, parents motivate their kids to get work at least for the meantime. Based on research of Department of Labor Statistics 50 percent of high school students worked by the age of 15. The average of high school students works at least 20 hours per week. In addition, Having part-time jobs is another good advantage in teenagers. In fact, part-time jobs can help them to be more responsible and more independent when it comes to money.

They can make their own money, they can have the opportunity to gain work experience as well as they can help their parents with some of the expenses at the house and at school, also for them to know the value of money. Firstly, having part-time jobs for teenagers have a good advantage for teens. In part-time jobs they can have the opportunity to earn enough money through work and also for them to at least have obligations. For example, they can have their own allowance, they can buy anything they want and they can also save money for their big expenses in near future(e. g. , cars, house).

In fact, studies show that student who works 10 to 15 hours a week during the school year earn higher grades than students who don’t work at all. Furthermore, by working different part-time jobs during high school can explore your career options before choosing a college major. Part-time jobs are a good way to at least take a small step to their obligations. Also, they can learn to manage their expenses through part-time jobs and to see their own potential. Secondly, Part-time jobs help teenagers to have the opportunity to gain work experienced. This work experience can help them to learn new things.

For example, they can learn time management skills, budgeting and they can learn how to deal with different kind of people. In fact, the working experience can be a good thing, especially on the resume. Students who are able to work during their high school and college years are able to demonstrate this experience and build valuable entries on their resume. This experience also demonstrates that they are able to successfully balance work and education at the same time. They can also build connections to adult employers that can function as references and can give recommendations in the future.

From this work experience, they can also get the job easily in future and they can improve their working skills. Besides, having a part-time job teenagers can learn a lot of things that they can apply on daily basis. In fact, working experience in teenage life can help in their future jobs. Lastly, we all know that some teenagers always depends on their parents but the good advantage of having part-time jobs for teens is to know the value of money. Obviously, teens love to spend their part-time earnings on fun stuff but they can spend it responsibility, too.

By saving all or part of their part-time earnings, students need to have saved for their college expenses. This can help them to load off to their parents. Also, having part-time jobs teens learn to pay their own phone bills and they have the initiative to contribute some money to their parents for example mortgages, hydro and much more. These things can help them to be more responsible at home. Moreover, teens who work part-time jobs tend to develop an appreciation for all that their parents have done for them. That’s when they start to realize how important is to count money of their own, without depending on their parents.

In addition, teens can also know To conclude, teenagers need to have part-time jobs for them to have responsibility at home and at school. Part-time jobs help them in every aspect of life. Part-time jobs help them to boost their confidence by communicating on different kind of people they’ll encounter at their works. Learning how to earn and save money. Teens can also gain work experience through part-time jobs and they will know how money work. Jobs can help them to be more responsible and more initiative when it comes to money.

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