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Tasaday: What it takes to be a Stone Age tribe (Was it true or is it fake?)

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Discovery has always been a big thing to almost everyone in the whole world. The thing about discovering things is that it allows us to know new things or to find something that might tickle that interest inside of us. The only problem when it comes to discovering things is the question on how you will prove that such things were true. There is no way to prove that you were telling the truth unless you have evidences which in the end, still does not make the people agree that your discovery is right. The reliability of the source matters thus at some point, the urge to discover things, the want to have something which the others does not have is a lot better experience than being stuck with your usual self forever.

Discovering a tribe which exists over a hundred years already and living a life as they thought it should be could be one of the few discoveries that a country should be very proud of but what happens when things got out of hand and this tribes claims that they were never really an original stone age tribe? Then the start of chaos and a never ending controversy follows. In the end does this issue make a country a better place or it only lessens its credibility to the whole world?

Philippine Islands: Home of the Stone Age tribe

            As of the moment, we cannot deny that Philippines belong to the third world countries. Aside from having a problem with the economy and politics, this country suffers from wrong or failed management or perhaps, the people in this country were not given so many things which can make them look like as if the country was in a good condition.

            In fairness to Philippines, despite the fact that they were not having any good in politics and economy, when it comes to the surroundings and the environment, they can top the whole world. With so many wonders in every island, beautiful beaches, mountains and some remaining forests, Philippines have a lot of indigenous tribes all over the whole archipelago and some of them wait to be discovered.

Set in the Southern part of Asia, Philippines was indeed a country made up of several islands. Who would have thought that beneath these scattered islands, a Stone Age tribe would come out and reveal themselves to the whole world? From the southern part of the Philippines where Mindanao was located, a new tribe came out and from here, a new story shall be told.

The Tasadays: Living like Stone Age people

            The discovery of the Tasadays was first heard in 1971 and Manuel Elizalde Jr, head of the PANAMIN which is a government agency in the Philippines which was also the first person to have a physical contact with these people. Since they were tagged as a Stone Age tribe, they were using stones for their things and everyday living. At the same time, in their language, there was no word war thus this means that they are indeed peaceful people.

The people all around the world were able to know about this people and a foundation was made in support of the Tasadays. With the initiative of Elizalde whom they call as God, a fund for this tribe was raised and the land where they live was protected. The Philippine government indeed helped this people to establish a new way of life but same old beliefs, just a little bit different.

The tribe that did not exist

            The most celebrated issue about the Tasadays were the claim of two among the 26 natives that they were really not a stone age tribe but individuals who came from several tribes and drew closer to each other to form a tribe which Elizalde wanted to happen so that he would gain control all over the mines that is present in that Mindanao area.

            Several stories regarding this issue came out thus destroying the image of the Tasadays as Stone Age tribe. The issue did not help in establishing Tasadays as an uncontacted tribe from the Philippines. Furthermore, the issue even raised a question in the credibility of Manuel Elizalde Jr. since he was the one who have a physical contact with these people and at the same time, the he was the one that the two Tasaday men tells to be the one who instructed them to portray as Stone Age people.

While some anthropologists won’t believe of the claim, others even stated that they saw the Tasadays wearing clothes and even using metals as weapons and things. The claim of the two Tasaday men was indeed a huge issue and for a moment, the Tasadays were not a real Stone Age tribe not until the two men from the tribe said that they were only forced to tell those things because they were bribed into having clothes and cigarettes.

What happens in the end…

The question regarding the authenticity of the Tasaday tribe has been a long issue discussed by so many people and up to this point; no one took any side to even try proving the reliability of the existence of the Tasadays. People all over the world might not believe that they were Stone Age tribe but in the end, they will always have a home in the Philippines Islands.

We cannot blame them for allowing rich people to manipulate them. It was not as easy as the other people think it is. Sometimes, we end up having no other choice but to accept what is not right because we need to make a choice of either having an empty stomach or do something that will help you eat three times a day. Whether it is true or not, whether they were for real or just a hoax, Tasadays are still a tribe and as a tribe, the Philippine government has the duty of securing their safety as citizens of the country.

“Curiosity kills the cat”

Remember when you were young and you love that toy so much but mother did not bought you that beautiful doll just because it was expensive and because you got mad at her you end up running in the woods and before you know it you were in a different place already.

Just like an old line from an old story, it does not tell much but it emphasizes a lot. The woods most of the time serves as a sanctuary to most people who look for peace but for some people that exist years before we were here, the woods, the forests serves as their home.

At this point no one can fully tell that the Tasaday tribe was really stone age tribe. Apart from the fact that their coming out was indeed a hoax as what other anthropologist would keep on claiming, Tasadays earned their popularity throughout the world because we all believed that they were true. The issues raised in doubt of their reality does not offer any clarity nor do they make us see that they are fake, in the end, Tasaday may or may not be a true stone age tribe but their coming out could be called as the end of savagery that they have.

At present, their coming out in the world they supposed to have brought them so many influences, modernization took place and Tasaday has never been the same again.

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