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Super Villain VS Superhero

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* beep, beep* the annoying and irritating sound of my filthy alarm clock buzzes on, and on trying to awake me. As I drag myself out of bed, I realize that I have a big day waiting ahead of me, but I like to take things one step at a time. I get dressed, and notice that the one and only thing I can wear is my superior, all time mighty superhero outfit, but that will do, considering I’m a superhero. Here I go, into the land that awaits upon me, well, at least the night club.

It was a relaxed typical sunny day, when Rainbow Panda woman was on her way to the night club down the avenue. She was muttering on and on to herself about how she was going to have an amazing time there rhythmically dancing in a way that young people dance these days. When Rainbow Panda woman got there, no one was around except a little darkened room on the North side of her. Rainbow Panda woman walked towards that door in an abundant amount of anxiety. When she entered she saw two green looking terrifying creatures. She had a big urge to go up to them and introduce herself, so pretty soon she did. Rainbow Panda woman tapped their green bottomless shoulders and said, ” Hello, I am Rainbow Panda woman, and I am a good superhero, I have the power to preserve peace by giving young ones skittles you know, so they can taste the rainbow, FEEL THE RAINBOW, I am very robust and all the towns people admire me. They waited a few seconds then turned around purely, and silently and then yelled in a outrageous tone of voice, ” WE ARE THE 2 SLOBBERING TWINS, AND WE ARE THE EVIL VILLAINS, who are scoundrels.

We have the power to transform, destroy and our latest power is to cover people in slobber, and we are completely made of slobber! Citizens say were grotesque, and anyone who says that is automatically the foe.” Rainbow Panda woman was frightened, and started quivering, she had green slimy slobber rushing down her hands, almost like blood but green and thicker. She banished in an instance to the nearest exit possible, but unfortunately the slobbering twins could never let her out. ” We shall defeat you!” said the slobbering twins. ” You shall be chastened” said Rainbow Panda woman. The Slobbering twins turned their back against Rainbow Panda women and rapidly made a scheme. ” Alright, next time we meet we will battle it out and we will see who the real hero is” said the Slobbering twins.” We will see who uses tricky tactics, and you will repent for the mistake you will make. Be prepared to rue that day. Just a heads up, we’ve gotten into many battles before, in fact were always the winners and that proves how much of a ruffian we are. So long, until next time we meet. Will they both show up? Stay tuned until they battle it out.

Day 2.
It was a miraculous day in the little town of Orchardbridge. Rainbow Panda woman was soaring through the skies, when suddenly she heard a cry for help, well.. she heard someone crying, so since she’s a super hero she better see what’s wrong. Rainbow Panda woman scurried as quick as she could to go help that person in need. When she got there, their was a little girl standing there crying in great fear. ” What’s wrong?” replied Rainbow Panda woman, The little girl said nothing and continued sobbing dramatically. Right then, a heavy strong blue breeze of wind invaded them. Before they knew it, their were two headed slobbering twins, and yes you’ve guessed it, they were the evil villains, also known as the slobbering twins. They skipped up to the little girl, and said in a sweet and caring voice, ” Here is some candy, it will make you feel all better!” The candy was very sharp, it was like a razor blade jabbing into your skin. The girl ate it in an instance, she ate it so fast that even Rainbow Panda woman couldn’t stop her. After the girl ate it, the slobbering twins clicked a diamond shaped button attached to the inside of there sweater that said, “destroy” on it. Unfortunately, Rainbow Panda woman couldn’t stop everything. This young girl was a diabetic, and hadn’t checked her blood sugar in a while, it must have been very high, because the girl gradually collapsed, and it wasn’t because of some button. Rainbow Panda women didn’t know what to do.

She couldn’t fight them on her own, or could she? She took a glimpse and saw where the candy was hidden, just then she had an extraordinary idea. All she would have to do was to push the button on their jacket, and boom! They would… ” Wee oo, Wee oo, Wee oo” what could that be? could it be more trouble? or could it be someone else in trouble? No, it wasn’t, their were luminous red and blue flashing lights, the police were here! When the Slobbering twins saw the cops coming, they had another extravagant idea. They had a button hidden in the inside of their sweater, which was labelled ” transform ” on it, and that didn’t sound to pleasant did it?

They clicked the button and it turned them into Rainbow Panda woman, and Rainbow Panda woman turned into them. When the cops came speeding, they grabbed the real Rainbow Panda woman instead. The cops were so relieved to have caught the Slobbering twins, which was actually Rainbow Panda woman. “Thanks you superhero we have been looking for these no good monsters forever” said the cops. ” Anytime”, said the villain, which actually looked like Rainbow Panda woman. They then took her into the car and speeded away, but the only good part is that since Rainbow Panda women had the super powered buttons on her, who knows what she might do…

Meanwhile.. in the car, Rainbow Panda woman was thinking of intelligent ways to get out and defeat the slobbering twins. She though, and thought but b0y the time they got to the station, Rainbow Panda woman didn’t know what to do, so she argued with the cops saying she didn’t do anything, but like normal cops would say, ” save it for the judge” they weren’t buying it. Lets go back and see how the slobbering twins are doing, but remember there still disguised as Rainbow Panda woman. The Slobbering twins were very glad that Rainbow Panda woman was placed in jail, they could never go back to that gruesome place again. oh wait, did I forget to tell you? The slobbering twins were in jail for over three years, 10 years go, and then they escaped. Since then, the cops had been out to get them. A few seconds later, a gang of guys were in a mob looking at them. They said, ” Hay little panda, want to play?” in an evil tone of voice, and they grabbed the Slobbering twins and they said, ” Let us go, we are the villains ” yeah right, said the men, and they… Alright, lets see how Rainbow Panda woman was doing. She was still trapped in a miniature cell, all by herself. She was soon about to surrender, but Rainbow Panda woman remember that she had the buttons that were used to transform her back into her ordinary self. What will happen to the Slobbering twins? What will happen to Rainbow Panda woman? to be continued..

The End. oh wait, how about the ending, go right ahead and tell it. Oh, I’m suppose to tell it? Well, why didn’t you say so? silly me. So, Rainbow Panda woman remembered that she had the buttons attached to her. She was a little bit frightened to click it, and a bit anxious on what would happen, so she gently closed her eyes and then clicked it. When her hand left the button and she opened her eyes she was back to her regular self! ” LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT” raged Rainbow Panda woman. ” heey… what are you doing here, I thought I gave my thanks to you for catching the evil villain” THAT DOESN’T MATTER, just let me out and ill explain on the way, we need to catch the evil villain, said Rainbow Panda woman tremendously. When they got their, they were to late. The evil twins had already destroyed a few more people! where could the Slobbering twins be? could they have left the city? Rainbow Panda woman then felt a breeze of cold air, she turned around, and their they were, the Slobbering twins. ” Now we can really battle this out” they said. “your on”, said Rainbow Panda woman. Rainbow Panda women threw skittles at them going lightning speed, they dropped to the ground and fell into the cement, which made a massive sized dent into the ground, they got right back.

They used there destroy button, and the building behind Rainbow Panda woman exploded, and the pieces of the building fell on top of her! Was that the end? when the Slobbering twins lifted up all the walls and pieces of the building off of her, she wasn’t moving. ” Yes, we have defeated Rainbow Panda woman, and now we shall rule this town with great mishap!” said the slobbering twins, and off they left, but then… There was this loud irritating squeaking sound coming from behind. ” Is that our fans we here? Said The Slobbering twins, they did a 50 degrees turn, ” Thank you, Thank you. They were two busying chattering on and on that they didn’t realize that there she was. RAINBOW PANDA WOMEN. *boom, bang, slash, click, zoom* the Slobbering Twins have been defeated! All the towns people came rushing down to see what was going on. ” I have defeat the slobbering twins, and I assure you that this town will be full of exhilaration” said Rainbow Panda woman in a mighty voice. All the people of the town were so very happy, they even had a big ceremony, and parade for Rainbow Panda Woman. Rainbow Panda is a very big hero, she became world wide days later, and that’s how it all come down to. So now you have read my story, pretty neat huh? well, thanks for reading.

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