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Subway vs Jimmy Johns

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When the craving for delicious sandwich hits the tip of your tongue, making the choice between Subway and Jimmy Johns is always a tough decision. Although there are similarities between the two, there are still certain differences that point people in different directions. Most consider the variety of sandwiches, the ingredients used and the amount of time it takes from order to delivery.

Although Subway and Jimmy Johns are competitors, they do have their similarities. Both sub shops are fairly affordable; a family of four could go into both restaurants and fill up for about the same price. Friendly service and cleanliness is a must in both establishments. When going into either sandwich shops, you will be greeted politely as you enter the door and be sure that you will be receiving food from a clean kitchen and can watch the preparation. Even with these similarities, these competitors don’t appeal to all sandwich lovers, their differences are what send people in different directions.

When a group of people agree on getting a sandwich, it’s rare to get them all to agree on similar sandwiches. With 24 sandwiches, 8 breakfast sandwiches, and 6 different breads to choose from, Subways has much more variety than Jimmy Johns. Subway also gives consumers the option to easily customize their sandwiches; kids tend to like Subway more then Jimmy Johns for this exact reason. Kids are pickier than adults and may not like all the veggies and dressings on their sandwich. Subway can easily accommodate and therefore wins over the larger groups of people and the picky little kids.

To make a great sandwich, the sandwich must be made with only the freshest ingredients. Consider this, Since Subway is a much larger chain than Jimmy Johns, Subway must have their ingredients made cheaply, packaged cheaply, and shipped in bulk for cheaper shipping rates. While Jimmy Johns is a fairly smaller chain, having only 1600 locations compared to Subways 40,000 locations. Lets first focus on the meats used by each. Subway uses pre-sliced, precooked meat that is delivered in bags, which they then warm up in hot water baths before serving. Jimmy Johns uses meat that is delivered to them on a daily bases, never frozen and hand cut and cooked on the spot. Now comes the cheese.

It has been proven that better quality cheese comes from cows that are very well taken care of and treated nicely. Subway’s cheese comes from large dairies in which cows are poorly treated, over milked, and caged up their whole lives. Jimmy Johns uses cheese from free-range cows, meaning a happier cow, meaning better cheese. Now both establishments do bake their own bread on site but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are similar. Subway uses pre-packaged dough, this dough in baked on site and stored for up to 4 days at a time before being used. Jimmy Johns makes there own dough and bakes it everyday so only the freshest bread is consumed everyday.

The freshness of the veggies can make or break a perfect sandwich. Subway uses vegetables grown with the help of chemicals so they grow much bigger a lot faster. They are then frozen and delivered in bulk on a weekly basis while Jimmy Johns uses organically grown veggies hat are delivered daily. Jimmy Johns clearly has the advantage over Subway when it comes to fresh ingredients, which always makes for a better, overall sandwich.

When time is a factor, Jimmy Johns is the popular choice. Everyday working citizens don’t have excess amounts of time for lunch breaks, or even any time at all. Jimmy Johns finishes a sandwich in an average of about 50 seconds with the ability to deliver it to your table or desk in the same amount of time it would have taken you to drive there. Subway does not deliver, meaning you must drive there yourself. Once there a Subway sandwich takes an average time of about a minute and a half to make, not counting the time it would take if you wanted your sandwich toasted. When time is a factor, Jimmy Johns is the way to go.

With Subway having a bigger variety, and Jimmy Johns having better ingredients and a faster delivery time, the advantage seems to go to Jimmy Johns. But, many people may be willing to overlook the freshness of the ingredients and the time difference for a bigger variety. This is why when the craving for delicious sandwich hits the tip of your tongue, making the choice between Subway and Jimmy Johns is always a tough decision.

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