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Strategic Audit Of Hewlett Packer (HP)

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Hewlett Packer is one of the leading technological companies that provide a wide range of technological products to their customers around the world. Incorporated in Delaware but Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA, the company has grown to have various braches across the world offering its products. (HP, 2007, p.6)

The companies core businesses spans across three major categories namely: Imaging and printing– which covers digital publishing and printing, supply of printing materials, digital imaging as well as sale of general imaging and graphics technology. Personal systems-this includes personal computers, workstations, digital entertainment and handheld devices as well as displays with their corresponding software’s and accessories. Technological solutions, which include Information technology infrastructure consultations and support services as well as other IT, related outsourcing services. (HP, 2007, p.6)

In providing these products the company is guided by a Mission that spans over its many facets of its business namely profitability, customer loyalty growth, market leadership, global citizenship, commitment of employees as well as leadership capability. The company thus seeks to provide the best services, products and IT solutions that are of more value to their consumers. In doing this the company recognizes the importance of good citizenship and seeks to be an intellectual, social and economic or asset to the larger community that it operates on. (Witemeyer, 2008, p.1)

In 2007 the company did manage to achieve a 14% growth in revenue by clocking $104 billion in revenue by the close of the financial year, in 2008 there was an increase of 20% in revenue. This was due to the visionary leadership of its CEO, and Chairman Mark Hued, and the vice president Yvonne Hurt as well as the hard work of it employee base, which is approximated to be 172,000 in number. Due to the companies strong brands in the market, its blue-chip shares with the trade mark symbol of HPQ are basically listed in the New York stock exchange with a whopping 142,000 shareholder in the stock market. (HP, 2007, p.7)

            Basing on the above it’s thus imperative to state that the HP has basically strived to work within its mission by providing products that improve their customer’s productivity and this trickles down to the society through expansion in the business sector. Equally the company in a bid to foster its concerns for good citizenship spent $47.1 million in 2008 in its philanthropic societal investment (HP, 2007, p.10)


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