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Storage Devices Argumentative

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In computing storage devices are referred to the device for storing data.  The typical way of storing data is hard disk, CDr (recordable CDs) and DVDR. However in the wake of day-to-day usage, these traditional devices are bulky and not easy to carry. People are shifting to flash and USB based storage devices; especially in mobile phones and digital cameras. A memory card or flash memory is basically a storage device that can be used with digital cameras, PDA, mobile phones, Mp3 players, video games etc. The reason for their success is, power free storage and being less bulky.  In today’s environment memory cards are the replacement for the floppy and even CDs as these cards are small and plug and play. There are various kinds of memory cards used in digital cameras these days; some of which are described below.

Compact Flash

Compact Flash set the standard in the memory cards. The Scandisk Compact Flash is fast and can store up to 4 Gb of data. It can be used with various digital devices including camera or even was among the first flash memory standards. The SanDisk Compact Flash line is fast and built to last. The Compact Flash memory card is the perfect storage medium for your digital camera. Compact Flash cards can be directly used in your digital devices or via an adapter or card reader.

Smart Media Card

Smart Media card is used as storage device especially for digital cameras. The latest PCs and laptops have built-in smart media card slot which allows to transfers pictures and data from the card. While computers without slot card have to use memory card reader through USB port

Memory Stick

The memory stick is removable memory card lunched by Sony. It is basically used in Sony digital cameras. The card comes in size of 64 Mb to 2 and 4 Gb. In a recent consumer show, 8 GB memory stick was unveiled which is enough even to record DVD movie.

Mini SD Card

The miniSD Card was developed by SanDisk. SD card is specifically aimed at mobile phones to store data, however they are compatible with other devices as well.


The price of SanDisk 4 GB card is selling at the price of  $202 to 237. The 1 Gb Compact Flash card is selling at $43; while Sony Memory Stick 1 Gb are selling at $100.  As different memory cards are compatible with different digital cameras, buying any memory card will depend on the brand of camera one has.


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