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Stages of the Procedure of Hiring a Police Officer

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The police hiring procedure can be complicated looking at it in one perspective, but if you are determined, then the job is right for you. Becoming an officer is an enormous responsibility whether you are working in the city or country. Being a law enforcer, it takes substantially of courage in a person. The profession is occasionally dangerous, but it also can be entertaining. The police hiring processes to consist of numerous steps.

The First step to being employ as a law enforcement agent is by applying for the position. Some agencies take an in-person application, and others take it online it depends on where you apply. You must have a High school diploma, and if you do not have a high school diploma, then the academy will help you get your G.E.D. will you apply. Current job opening should have a job description, benefits, and qualifications. The application will ask you magnitude questions about yourself, education, and work experience. Answer all the questions on the application carefully as the application will reflect personal and work history to be considered for the job.

The second step to be considered for the job as an officer is to take an ability test. The agency will provide you with an uncomplicated booklet. The test consists of reading comprehension, cognitive reasoning, analytic skills. In addition, the reason for the tests is to see if you are qualified in completing the academy training.

The third steps are taking a physical assessment test. Becoming a future police officer needs to be able to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer. The academy has obstacles that the nominee will perform that includes sit-ups, push-ups, sprints, and a 1.5-mile run. The test has a time limit on each performance and number requirement. The physical assessment seems very difficult, but if get into shape then this should be a breeze.

The fourth step is the polygraph exam. The lie detector serves as a level of truthiness for a future officer. The polygraph examiner and the candidate will go over the question on the application and possible situation. Any information in the examination that is not answered with the truth will be disqualified from becoming an officer. A cop cannot be a dishonest person if they cannot pass a polygraph exam.

The fifth step is that some agencies require a psychological exam. The psychological exam is to see if the candidate is suitable for the job. Therefore, an arm of the law sees many things in the field that can be traumatizing. Many questions will be asked for different situations that the candidate will be answered to be considered for the job. This step may not seem important, but all the steps toward becoming a police officer are important.

The sixth step is the medical physical exam. Although you may have passed the physical, a doctor still needs to check that your organs are healthy. The doctor will check your heart, body, and lungs to see if you are qualified for the job. Also, there will be a separate eye exam to exam the color blindness and vision. In addition, your eye exam should be 20/30 or better.

The seventh step is passing and graduating from the police academy. You will need to graduate from the academy to be hired as a police officer. Staying in shape, and studying will be hard from the first step you take into the academy. The academy can be from several weeks to months they will help get you ready for the field work. Academy will train you with firearms, defensive tactics, law, legal concepts, report writing, first aid, and crime investigation. Several tests will be given and failing one practical or academic area can result in falling the entire course.

Finally, the last step is passing the field training and the job offer. Completed from the academy is one thing, but the training is not over. During field training, you will be evaluated in all aspects to see if the job is right for you. Also, during that time you can also determine if the job is right for you. Once you have passed the field training and the get a job offer, then you will now be on your own protecting the city or county.

In conclusion, the police hiring process has multiple steps and process that must complete before being hired as a police officer. Having the courage to protect the community, and a peace officer is an enormous job for a police officer. Becoming a law enforcement agency takes a great amount of time and patience. Become an officer has it in advance working with the community, and meeting people every day. A law enforcement agent duty is never easy they are tested every day mentally and physically on a daily base.

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