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Spring & Summer

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Spring & Summer
It’s 95 degrees outside the sun is beaming, I feel sweat around my body but yet this is the best season of the year. Family cookouts, late night walks on the beach and pool parties is the start of a new summer season. Temperature can effect so much in ones perspective on seasons. When hot out and the sun is shining bright, most can say their happy. It’s so easy waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day. A light blouse, shorts and flip flop is all you need for such warm weather. The summer and salads are so delicious too! I personally always look forward to an iced cold strawberry lemonade and a fresh salad, with romaine lettuce and fresh mandarins. A positive feature of summer is being in tune with your senses.

For example, smelling fresh cut grass in the morning, bon fires at night and barbeques, that is how you know summer has arrived. One of my favorite moments of summer is in the late night hearing my family around the bon fire laughing reminiscing on life events or strolling down memory lane. And in that moment if I want to tune them out and be in tune with nature I could clearly hear the crickets chirping away and the buzz zapper zapping mosquitoes every few minutes. As for a negative aspect of summer would be going into your car after shopping for 3 hours and feeling the heat rush all over your body, making it worse if you have leather seats burning your thighs and legs.

Not a good feeling! The transition of seasons can be difficult to handle. Spring is a season of feeling comfortable, where temperature lies right in the middle. Spring weather consist of feeling cool and not hot and sweaty, just thinking of the word cool makes me feel comfortable. It’s the time of year when the weather starts to warm up. The days are longer and looking at the sunsets is quite beautiful. Seeing the colors purple, pink and orange mixed to a distinct blend can be mesmerizing. In the mist of spring season leafs start to grow back on the big brown trees, and the beautiful flowers begin to blossom. I can remember when I was a little girl raking leafs to a big pile to then jump right in the middle. Making leaf angels were my favorite. A light sweater may be needed; but I enjoy wearing cashmere sweaters and a cozy pair of denim jeans; on a nice spring day. Similarly, both summer and spring have warm weather; although in spring the weather isn’t as consistent. Some days are cooler than other not knowing when it’s going to rain.

As for summer, cook outs, swimming and spending time with family is great; on the contrary feeling sweaty and sticky isn’t always pleasant. On that note, I personally love witnessing the change of nature in the spring. Watching the trees grow bright green leafs is mesmerizing. On the other hand spring also welcomes bugs. Attracting mosquitos to bite my skin leaving swollen marks is frustrating. With pretty flowers, come a few queen bees, and not too many are fans of them. All things considered, I personally feel like both seasons are similar in a lot of ways. Both seasons are outdoor friendly allowing us to go fishing, strawberry picking and other outdoor activities. I love both seasons for the reasons mentioned. Family is everything to me, and having great weather to celebrate them is always a plus. Both season bring families together whether it is summer cook outs or bike riding with the kids. Watching everything transition from cold to warm has always been my favorite. I guess it goes to show were all human; whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, were never one hundred percent satisfied.

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