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Spiderman vs Power Rangers

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Introduction : In my childhood time, there are a lot of superheroes series that I adore and the most that I love to watch are Power Rangers and Spiderman. I even can recall my willingness in past time to wake up early on weekend mornings just because the desires to watch Power Rangers and Spiderman. I know that it was something that me and my younger cousin used to do weekly. In fact, they have millions of their loyal and fanatic viewers out there who have been long and missed their action time. I missed the quote, “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!”. If you came up during the late 80’s or early 90’s, you’ve most likely heard this quote before. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” was an extremely popular live action teenage television series that ran from 1993-1995. Not only that, I love to immitate and missed the moment when Spiderman shoots out his web to the brick wall and moves from one place to another.

Thesis statement : Despite of that, I found that these two superheroes have similarities in their personalities and lifestyles whereas the unique of both superheroes are seen through their strength and power.

Developmental paragraph
Main idea 1 : Strength
Topic sentence : The first differences between the Spiderman and Power Rangers are their strength. Controlling idea 1 : Spiderman works individually. Supporting details : From my view, I figured out that Spiderman works alone and save the world and people in dangered by himself. He does not need anybody’s help in order to defend the world from being attacked by the bad people. Controlling idea 2: Power Rangers work as a team

In contrast to that, Power Rangers have six members which are made up of Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Tommy. They all have their own name and colour of their costumes. They united in fighting their enemy and overcoming their problem. They potrayed the importance of teamwork in doing something as if I can see, they would always be weak and nearly to lose to their enemy if they are not united as a team. Once they got into their team, they got their real power and easily toppled their enemies. Furthermore, unlike Spiderman, the Power Rangers do have their leader which is the one who wear the red costume. Hence, this leadership clarify that Power Rangers prioritize the teamwork ethic and value rather than saving the world alone, just like the Spiderman.

Restatement of topic sentence : So, these shown that the difference between the Spiderman and Power Rangers is their strength. Main idea 2 : Power
Topic sentence : Moreover, Spiderman and Power Rangers are different based on their power. Controlling idea : Super power from being bitten by a spider Supporting details : Eventually, Spiderman gain his power during the visit at science museum. Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider bite gave Peter spider like powers with super strength and reflexes. He also had a, “spider-sense” alerting him to danger. Spider-Man has supplemented his powers with technology. Being a brilliant chemist and scientist, Peter has made web-slingers, bracelets that shoot out a sticky webbing, allowing him to swing from building to building and ensnare opponents. He has also developed stingers that shoot powerful energy blasts that can stun foes. He has the ability to see in the dark, enhanced senses, and can feel the vibrations through his webbing. Controlling idea 2 : Supported by modern technology

Supporting details : In contrast to that, Power Rangers have the most sophisticated and modern technologies that built their gadgets and for the most awesome part is they have their own robots and these robots eventually can combine steadily to transform into the enormous Power Rangers robot. Their robots too actually can transform into their bikes or even cars in order to make their movement become convenient.

Restatement of topic sentence : Hence, I found that both superheroes have their own aspects which makes them unique to each other in form of power and strength. Main idea 3 : Personality

Topic sentence : Despite of that, I figured out that both Spiderman and Power Rangers are sharing the similarities in form of their personalities Controlling idea 1 : Both Spiderman and Power Rangers are brave. Supporting details : Spiderman and Power Rangers also share similarities in terms of personality. They are very brave because they wants to save the world and mankind from the threat of evil. In addition, they also have a high heroic spirit in themselves. They have placed the responsibility for protecting and maintaining the security of the whole world as their priority in their lives. They do not ask for any consideration of all the good that they do. These two heroes have the physical strength and have their own costumes. For the most important thing is their idol of children and youth are around the world almost. Controlling idea 2 : Both have secret identity

Supporting details : Not only that, both superheroes do keep their identity as a secret from the public. In short, they do not reveal their true identity to the people around them in order to keep their life normal. All what they want is just only to lead a happy and normal life like other people. For instances, Spiderman and Power Rangers are teenagers who are still studying in college and they also behave like other teenagers. They socialize with people around them for example their friends and they also own their family.

Restatement of topic sentence : All in all, both Spiderman and Power Rangers have the same personalities. Main idea 4 : Storyline of both superheroes.
Topic sentence : Meanwhile, they also share the same storyline. Controlling idea 1 : Both genre are action.
Supporting details : In these Superheroes series, I can see that they will continue to fight with their enemies who are trying to make chaos on earth. They are not going to give up even their own lives are threaten and they are injured badly. What are the most important things to them is to keep the world peace and security of mankind. Their action of battle are very exciting and thrilling the hearts of the audience Controlling idea 2 : They show the message that good side will always win eventually. Supporting details : Sometimes, in few fights both superheroes will lose. However, what is certain is that they will not allow evil to continue their crimes. This lead to a counter attack strategy which they will implement.

Restatement of topic sentence : Basically, both Power Rangers and Spiderman share same storyline.

The Conclusion
Restatement of thesis statement : In the nutshell the similarities between Spiderman and Power Rangers are based on their personality and the storyline, while for their differences, they are unique from their strength and power.

Summary of

Main idea 4 : From the Spiderman and Power Rangers, we can see that both superheroes have a wonderful action storyline. Main idea 3 : Meanwhile, the superheroes are similar in their personality which are awesome and great to be revealed. Main idea 2 : Spiderman and Power Rangers are diferent based on their strength as Spiderman works individually whereas Power Rangers works as a team. Main idea 1 : Last but no least, Spiderman are unique since he gain power from being bitten by a radioactive spider while Power Rangers have their most super cool and modern technologies.

General statement / conclusion : The returns of these superheroes are greatly anticipated for the rest of their fans around the world. May be an opportunity to look back at the action of Power Rangers is unlikely or likely will never happen, while Spiderman will probably manifest himself soon in cinemas. Whatever happens, their heroic spirit and all the goodness they made will never fade from the memory of the their fans.

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