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Speech Racism

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How would you like to be called names or even beat up because of you skin colour, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs? Imagine walking into a classroom everyone laughing at you, talking about you behind your back because of your race. Imagine not getting hired for a work because of you race. Imagine playing sport everyone singing negative chants about your race. Well this is happening everyday all around the world. But first let’s describe Racism. Racism is the discrimination of a person because of the race that they have inherited. Racism is very ugly. It divides people into ‘us’ to ‘them’ depending on there culture etc. its an extremely serious issue that faces society today yet people still think its cool to tease and even beat up a person because of their accent, because they aren’t good at something, their skin colour, their religion and culture. Being racist to someone can create negative and dangerous emotional responses.

It does not only lead to social problems but racism also harms the victims but also to others. In most cases it causes the victim to feel depressed, angry, helpless and sad and then in severe cases in can escalate to suicidal. And the sad thing is in most severe cases suicides are usually carried out by very young teenagers. That’s a young teenager’s with their whole life ahead of them loss because a couple of people cant accept that they are a little different from them culturally, traditionally or even religiously? A common question that is asked from people all around the world is ‘If racism has such negative affects on people, then why are people racist?’ Many reasons come into my mind but the main reasons why I think people are racist is because they can’t accept people that are different from them, Another reason is unfamiliarity. Unfamiliarity can also lead to people to be racist.

A lot of the times people say what they don’t understand. If people don’t grow up around a particular race and are told stereotypical things about that race, the chance of racism can also be increased. Also I think racism occurs because people want to fit into a group, racist are often associated with a group, and to conform in the group they feel it’s necessary to follow the group ideology to be wanted from the group. Also the environment someone lives in can also lead to racism. For Example if a child is taught to respect their elders that concept will always be in still with them for the rest of their lives like wise if children grew up and are taught to be racist their will be more chance of them being racist. And the last reason is because they have experienced events that have harmed their family or someone important to them by a particular racial group or race. Now lets talk examine the 3 types of racism, historical, scientific, and institutional.

Historical racism is when people are judged primarily based on the decent, ancestors or origin history. An example of historical racism is Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s when he powered Germany. He believed that the Jews weren’t the perfect race. He believed the fair skin Germans were. And that is what caused him to eliminate over 3 million Jewish people that lived in Germany in gas chambers. This event is now widely known as the holocaust. Scientific racism is the act of justifying inequalities between natural groups of people by recourse to science. Scientific racism has no place in today’s world, and yet some how a man named Jason Richwine back in 2009 was able to defend a dissertation at Harvard University in which he wrote that Hispanic people have a substantially lower IQ than the white native-born population. To this day scientific racism still exists between groups due to the difference to the colour of skin.

And lastly institutional racism. Institutional racism is a pattern of social institutions such as governmental organizations, schools, banks, and courts of law it basically giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. An example of institutional racism was in South Africa for over 50 years a white minority government put South Africans into 4 racial categories black, white, coloured and Asians, this law was made to separate the different races in every aspect. They also limited black Africans to own land and they also even separated shops and even schools for the different races.

Racism must be stopped and to achieve this we all have to try. We must promote fight for equal opportunities for all, until it is all natural. We must all learn how to forgive. We must all educate our children to respect everybody ideas and actions not for their race. We must all try to have to work our hardest and best towards it. Like Holsworthy High School, ‘We must strive to succeed’.

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