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Space travel

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What is the difference between remote space travel and normal space travel? Facts: when it comes to comparing Remote space travel to traditional ways of space travel Remote space travel is more economical and less complex than traditional space travel. Most astronomers will tell you that virtually anything a human can do on another planet, a robot can do, only cheaper and without the risk of losing a life. The Apollo Mission set NASA back about $175 billion.

There is not a war between robots and humans just a two sided disagreement. Facts: Normal space travel is far more efficient and accurate than Remote space travel. Manned exploration of outer space has a good track record. More than 2,000 papers have been published over the last four decades using data collected during the manned Apollo missions the Soviet robotic Luna explorers and NASA’s Mars Exploration rover program have generated around 400 publications. The Apollo 17 astronauts covered more than 22 miles in three days that same distance has taken the Mars Opportunity rover eight years to match. Another thing that puts robots behind is the latency it takes a command a 5 to 15 seconds to get to Mars from Earth. Facts: It takes multiple years of training to become a certified astronaut. You need at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering to become a pilot astronaut. There are two types of astronauts a mission specialist or a pilot. A pilot astronaut requires a minimum of 1,000 hours pilot time in a jet aircraft. 2.How has space travel technology improved over time? Facts:We can now stay in space for longer and go much faster through space.

We started out with a beach ball floating through space with 4 antennas and Yuri Gagarin aboard and now we have people landing on mars. facts:The biggest point of change has been the commercialization of space travel. Russia started its program in 2010 after NASA canceled its space shuttle program. Each ticket costs 200,000 dollars which is a reasonable price considering you are going to space. facts:Gagarin traveled in what a giant ball and didn’t have the capacity to control his spacecraft. If you were to take a tour of the International Space Station today you would be impressed with the amenities exercise bikes, barbeque beef brisket ,and even a choice of toilet papers. NASA even had the first shower in space in 1970. 3.How or will space travel improve in the future? Facts: Though it will be hard to travel at light speed it is possible. You will be going so fast that the retinas in your eyes would fly out. Also the amount of energy required to go that fast would be so large. Facts: The future of space travel includes both manned and robotic exploration. Physical exploration outside the solar system will be robotic for the foreseeable future. Right now our main goal is to establish outposts on the surface of mars. Facts: Space travel will become entertainment, a new destination for travellers and vacationing people.

As NASA steps down, they will focus on new discoveries and exploration of space. The idea of reusable space shuttles is being improved with the help of SpaceX, hopefully leading to back and forth travel from space to earth. 4.How has SpaceX improved their landing technique? Facts: SpaceX has incorporated cold gas thrusters, landing legs, and grid fins. They are also using autonomous drone ships in the atlantic ocean for the rockets to land on. The ability to recover first stages at sea is an important component of SpaceX’s reusability program because certain missions do not leave enough fuel margin for the first stage to return all the way back to land. Facts: SpaceX had twice reentered a Falcon 9 first stage from space and landed it in the ocean. From there, SpaceX moved on to attempt using the drone ship as a landing platform during the 2015 missions. While the rocket did not stick the landing on these first two attempts, SpaceX gathered important data each time that would ultimately lead to a successful landing. Facts: SpaceX’s initial reusability tests using the Grasshopper and F9R test vehicles took place in 2012–2014 at the SpaceX test facility in McGregor, Texas. The vehicle was essentially a Falcon 9 first stage with one Merlin 1D engine and attached steel landing legs.

These overland tests provided invaluable information for future flight testing during orbital missions, ultimately leading to the first rocket landing in 2015. 5. Is commercial space travel possible? Facts: Travelers could fly to space from a UK spaceport as soon as 2020 under new laws. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Dutch-founded Xcor are among those that could take passengers up to space when services go live. The laws allowing commercial flights to take off from UK spaceports by 2020 will also permit researchers to carry out tests on potential new antibiotics in orbit. Facts: The first commercial space flights will launch in 2019 and carry four NASA astronauts. The approaching flights are test runs: If everything goes as planned, further missions will be scheduled to deliver and retrieve ISS crews, shuttle supplies and support other NASA low-earth initiatives. Facts: NASA will be able to save more money with reusable rockets that do not burn upon landing, making commercial travel more accessible than ever. NASA will have to look into the chances of health risks and the cost of providing health care for passengers. Commercial space travel will slowly develop to be a new “normal” way to travel.

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