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Social Media Pros and Cons

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Over the past few years, many people have come to rely on social media for entertainment, news and advertisements. Nowadays a person can get all sorts of information on the internet whether it be good or bad for the person in general. Occasionally, it can prove disadvantages to many people, at other times it can be a blessing. This leaves a question for consideration; is social media an asset or a hindrance in our lives?
One of the main arguments in favor is that it can help connect with anyone from around the world regardless of time zone or location with no effort. It can help connect with friends or family and it can even associate you with strangers, with whom you can learn their cultures and traditions from. Another key point to remember is, it can educate easier by allowing students learn from experts and professionals without revealing your location or education backgrounds. Similarly, you can enhance your knowledge in any field you want as the options are endless on social media.
On the other hand, social media can be quite unfavorable.

To start off, it can help promote cyber bullying with connectivity it provides. Since may people use internet, it is difficult to track a bully and intimating massages on social media. They can even circulate any sort of rumors about a person and thus making the person feel insecure. Another point is that with increased usage for social media. It provide ground for hackers and frauds. To elaborate, hackers can easily hack personal data and display it in social networking sites for all to see. Some hackers hack identities and steal money from unknown victims by the use of advertisements.

In the whole I think people would be better off without social media, as damages done can sometimes not be repaired. It is evident that many people can lose not just money but their entire livihood if something goes wrong on social media. Even so, it still leaves the question; is social media beneficial or harmful?

Upon finishing school students are faced with the maybe life changing decision of whether to start full time work immediately after or not. Many people think that it is beneficial and time saving to begin working while others believe that continuing studies is a way more effective way of tackling life after school. This still leaves the question for debate; Is starting school full time more advantageous than continuing studies?

One of the main arguments in favor of that is it can provide more experience. Students who start work immediately after school are seen to be more responsible than those who choose to continue their studies. On the other hand, during work students are away from their parents and free to make their own decisions at their own space and thus, becoming more responsible. Another point to remember is that starting work immedietly after finishing school away to keep on self on their feet financially. Many who decide to continue their studies are eating and living of their parents not to mention the tuition fees. This becomes quite a drawback during studies.

One of the main arguments in favor of continuing further studies after work is that it can provide a lot of knowledge. Many students who continue their studies becomes wiser and more knowledgeable than those who cut off their studies to start work. Furthermore it can shape you future as it is directly influential to your career choice. A vast majority of the students who continue their studies have more time to think and wonder whether they are on the right career path. This is an advantage that many students overlook.
To conclude I would believe that continuing your studies is a better way to start your life after school. It is more efficient since you can again knowledge without having to undergo too much of problems and it can help you choose your desired career easily and with more thought.

Nowadays, segregating those of the opposite, gender during education is becoming a common practice around the world. Due to this many parents place their in single sex schools without giving it much thought. This blind acceptance can mean a world acceptance can mean a world’s difference as they do not contemplate better than whether it is actually better than mixed schools.
A reasonable argument in favor is that students can study in a move relaxed environment without the needs of impressing the opposite gender. The students can be themselves and can speak honestly and openly about their thoughts. At the same time students studying in single sex schools are more willing to take risks with the reduced stress of embarrassing themselves if all goes wrong. As a result, the classroom has a more relaxed positive opinion encouraging opinion encouraging atmosphere.

On the contrary, separating boys and girls causes them to miss opportunities to work together and develop social skills needed for interacting with the opposing gender. In fact a vast majority of the teenagers claim that study in single sex schools lack such skills that are vital to communicate with the opposite sex. Another point to remember is by not allowing students to mix together and mingle, they do not know how to respect and accept one another for who they are. Furthermore, segregating boys and girls, it leaves more room for healthy competitions in between the genders. A huge amount of students are seen to excel when a bit of competition is present. Competitions make the students more determined and this makes the students studying with a lot more neat and enthusiasm.

In a nutshell, I believe that single sex schools are more of a drawback than an aid. The real world contains many situations where both genders are required to coexist and work together and coeducation serves as base for all these possibilities.

Over the past few years, students hating or despising homework has become a well-known fact. This opens the way for many discussions on whether there is a deeper meaning to this hate. Some people say that assigning student’s homework can have a negative effect on their studies while others think that homework is a very important element in the student’s life. Is home work a good idea or not?
The most important point in favor, is that it helps students improve their understandings of their subject by attempting the assignment on their own. Along those lines, it will help students to revise the concepts they study in school and become more familiar with them. Students who have trouble grasping the concept will learn better when attempting the home works. Furthermore, it is a good way to prepare for exams and tests as it is more easily engraved in the mind when the students do their own research. This can easily be achieved by doing homework.

On the country, giving students homework can limit the already small amount of time that the student spends with their family. This can make the student distant with their folks. Similarly, they will not have enough free time to learn and develop their personal skills at their own pace. As a result, they will not be able to follow their passions which can make the students frustrated and angry. Furthermore, students who have exam homework, may feel anxiety and stress, if they cannot complete it in time. Consequently, they are in a constant state of panic and may become worn out due to the huge amount of homework they are given. This can become such a problem that it can sometimes cause the student to lose interest in the subject itself.
To conclude, I am inclined to believe that homework can do more harm than good as the student can suffer considerably from stress and anxiety due to homework. Though homework can help the student, it can also do a lot of harm.

For many generation, people have been using public transports like buses and trains to get their destinations. It is only reuntly that people have started using own vehicles as a mode of transportation, with the increase in high paying jobs. This has been a main reason for the various arguments materializing amongst the crowd such as whether or not public transportation is better than travelling in private cars.

Going from place via public transports can have various downsides. To begin with, public transport are open to the whole community, so you can never trust anyone on a public transport. A vast majority of the people who travel using buses or trains often get their possession stolen from them. This causes the rest of the society to constantly be on their guard when embarking a bus or a train. Along those lines, buses and trains are due only at certain times of the day and if a person happens to run late and miss the bus, they will have simply no choice but to wait for the next bus to pass through. This can cause a huge amount of stress for business people or students as there is simply no guarantee of going to a meeting on time or getting to school without being late.

On the other hand, using private cars can have many drawbacks as well. For many students, riding the school bus is a fun experience but many parents seem to overlook that when taking the child to school in their cars. It minimizes the interaction with other kids of their age as well halting the development of vital social skills needed for interacting with others. Another key point to remember is that, a huge part of the daily income goes to paying for fuel for the car. This decreases the already finite amount of money left from paying electric bills, phone bills etc… On the contrary, using public transport costs much lesser and since the government pays for the fuel and maintenance, it is a load off of your shoulder.
In brief, I think that using public transports is a more conservative way of getting to your destination that using private cars, even with the added benefits which makes public transport the ideal method of transportation.

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