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SkyJack Book report

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These are the characters in this book:

Carl, Harald, Helen Sandberg, two male hijackers and one female hijacker. Carl is businessman and he’s married with Helen, she is prime minister,they have one daughter Sarah. Harald is Carl’s bodyguard, he’s a tall,young man like a sportsman and he has two sons Linklerin



The air hostess smiled: ‘Welcome aboard, sir. Would you like a newspaper? ‘Yes, please.’ Carl took the newspaper and looked at the ticket. ‘I’m in seat 5F.Where’s that? ‘It’s near the front of the plane, sir. On the left, there. By the window. ‘I see, thank you very much.’ Carl smiled back, she was young and pretty just like my daughter, he thought. He put his bag under his seat and sat down. His friend Harald sat beside him. They watch the older passengers coming onto the plane. Harald looked at his watch.‘9.30 p.m.,’ he said.

‘Good. We’re on time. You’ll be pleased to see your family, won’t you, Harald?’Harald smiled. ‘Yes, I will. Have you seen this, sir?’ he opened his bag and took out two small planes. ‘These are for my sons. ‘How old are your sons?’ Carl asked. ‘Five and almost seven. The older one has a birthday tomorrow. ‘He’ll be very excited tonight then. The plane took off, Carl watched the lights of the airport grow smaller below them. Then the plane flew above the clouds and he could see the moon and the stars in the night sky. He lay back in this seat and closed his eyes.

When woke up, Harald was sleeping. He called the air hostess. ‘Excuse me. What time to do arrive?’’11.30 p.m. local time, sir. That’s about half an hour from now. ‘Thank you.’ ‘Anything else, sir? ‘No, I don’t think so. Oh, wait a minute – could I have a cup of coffee, please? ‘Yes, of course, sir.’ ‘She walks like my daughter, too,’ he thought. ‘And she is very young. ‘Will that be all, sir? ‘Yes, thank you ‘‘Have a nice flight. ‘He drank the coffee and started to read his newspaper.

When Harald woke up, Car showed him a page in the paper, He pointed to a picture. In the middle of the picture stood Carl himself a short thin man with grey hair, wearing a suit. Behind him, on the left, was Herald Both men were smiling. ‘We’re in the news again, You’re a famous man, Harald!’Harald laughed. ‘You’re the famous man, sir, not me,’ he said. ‘I’m just a police officer. It’s my job to take care of you. That’s photo of you, not me.’ ‘Perhaps. But your children think that you’re a famous man, I’m sure.

Here, take it, and show it to them.’‘OK. Thanks.’ Harald smiled, and put the newspaper in his coat pocket. ‘I think I’ll have a cup of coffee too.’ He called for the air hostess, but she didn’t come. Harald looked surprised. ‘What’s the matter?’ Carl asked. ‘The air hostess,’ Harald said. ‘She’s sitting down talking to those two men.’Carl looked up and saw the young air hostess. She was sitting in a seat at the front ofthe plane with two young men. They looked worried and nervous. Suddenly, one of theyoung men picked up a bag and walked into the pilot’s cabin

! The other man and the airhostess followed him.‘That’s strange,’ said Carl. What are they doing?’‘I don’t know. It’s very strange,’ said Harald. ‘I don’t like it at all.’ He began to get out ofhis seat, but then stopped and sat down again.For one or two minutes nothing happened. None of the other passengers moved orspoke. They had seen the young men too. It became very quiet in the plane.A bell rang, and for a moment they could hear two voices arguing. Then the pilotspoke. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking. Please do not be afraid. There is a change of plan. We have to land at another airport before we finish our journey. There’s no danger. We will land in fifteen minutes. Please stay in your seats and keep calm. Thank you.’


Harald and Carl are on their way home from a meeting. When they are in the plane Carl want some coffee, so he asks the airhostess to get him a cup of coffee. When he got the coffee he asked of it was her first time on a plane and she agreed. The airhostess went back to the cockpit when she came back she had a machine gun in her hands, behind her were standing two man with machine guns in their hands. They wanted to speak to the prime minister they said that they have to set their brothers free in one hour or else they shoot one of the passengers dead. Helen don’t agree, so the hijackers killed one man.

When the hijackers wanted all the passenger’s passports Harald eats the passport of Carl and when the hijacker came by he said that Carl was his prisoner and that he had to bring him away, that’s was ok. When one of the hijackers wasn’t paying any attention, Carl jumped on him, but he missed and the hijacker put his gun on him. Then he saw the paper in his pocket with Carl and Harald on it, he told Harald to sit, if Helen didn’t set the brothers free he’ll shoot him first. A hour later some F.B.I agents where throwing smoke bombs in the plane. The hijackers take a look and they where shot . The hostages are set free and Helen and Carl see each other again, and Harald can go to his son’s birthday.

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