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Sky blue software consulting firm

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Large companies are always making changes. Changes could affect the management staff, leadership, and sometimes location, these changes and factors are not strangers to Blue Sky Software. Blue Sky Software is an established software consulting firm. The firm has three distribution areas, which are Machine Tool software, HR Software, and Health payment Software. All these areas have a vice president. Unfortunately, with these different heads of department, there are issues plaguing Blue Sky Software. That being sad, the company has to analyze all the issue it’s facing. The issue that must be addressed is Blue Sky Software leadership styles. The company started fifteen years ago by Max Blue, who has presently stepped down from his position as CEO. Needless to say, in the past Max was very creative in his decisions when he founded the software company and knew what was best for Blue Sky. Mr. Blue is an autocratic leader, and with this type of leadership, there really isn’t input from the employee. Max was knowledgeable but came off as controlling and dictates to everyone. There weren’t any time for deadlines or meetings for decisions to be mulled over as a result, most decisions were made by Mr. Blue. This type of leadership can be damaging to a company, having leaders and employees input are feasible to the company. Blue Sky Strategic planning and decision making has not changed.

Today with Mr. Wills as CEO the company has weekly meeting with the head of each department. The meetings are held to solve problems however; each VP blames the other division for the declining profit of Blue Sky. Suzy the Director of Planning and Marketing has suggested that the company develop a ten year strategic plan and hire two planning analyst. She also recommended a leadership retreat. Unfortunately, it seemed as though all the leaders did not agree with such ideas. One of the problems is the employees resist change. Second there is no team work in how to go about solving problems so that the company can flourish again. Thirdly, they are unable to collectively make any decision amongst themselves. Thus, falling back to the same style of decision making as Mr. Blue era where the decision is made by the CEO. Having employees of an organization that are motivated is an excellent contribution to Blue Sky. Leaders should be more involved in the decision making and employees should be able to give suggestions.

This gives them a sense of importance; this in turn increases productivity and moral. Blue Sky needs to increase their revenue, to do so they must reduce cost of operations by closing the offices that are not producing, and develop a new strategy for Blue Sky software. In order for the company to rebound from this loss Mr. Willis need to utilize his resources and hire new upper management, who will have new ideas and are not afraid to make decisions. Blue Sky Software has many control problems. Management and other employees didn’t want to contribute ideas when given the opportunity to do so. Many times the decisions were left to Mr. Willis the CEO of the company because leaders were unable to make a combined decision. Blue Sky employees were not willing to adapt to new ideas, build strategic plans, and make final decisions. The older employees were against change in fear that their retirement funds would be loss or lessened. Blue Sky Software needs to use the democratic leadership skills.

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