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Should Visitors Follow Local Customs and Behaviors?

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Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behavior .Others disagree and think that host country should welcome cultural differences. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. There is always this controversial issue in societies that whether tourists to other countriesincoming tourists ought to obey local traditions or not. Some people believe that there are advantages of letting visitors to follow their own customs in a foreign country while others do not agree. Most people think there are positive points for governments to pass laws requiring tourists to obey rules and regulations of host country. This group of people says when somebody enters a the geographical territory of a nation, he had better consider the laws of the host country because some rules are contradictory. Take the coverage of hair as an example in which some Islamic countries force females to wear scarves despite of European countries. Therefore, not taking care of some customs can terribly affect the culture.

That is why the idea of prohibiting visitors to follow their own beliefs is highly accepted in most communities. On the other hand, few other people support the notion of permitting tourists to follow their own customs. Increasing number of entering tourists to a country is one of direct impact of allowing them to feel relaxed in host countries. In other words, these travelers to host countries will feel like being at home. Having more tourists from different countries will cause civilizations to interact. This group of people indicates that if a country welcomes cultural differences, there will be many economical and political benefits. The disagreeable topic of tourists to a country considering how they should behave in the host country has always been being discussed in communities . In my opinion, tourists should not be allowed to follow their own culture since these cultures are sometimes completely different .Thus governments are required to make some limitations in order to respect the beliefs and cultures of host countries. Estimated bandscore :

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