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Should Mothers Stay At Home To Raise Their Children?

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Opening Sentence: The roles of mothers are sacred and significant in childbearing, nurturing and taking care of their children. The challenge of raising decent children solely lies in their hands owing to the fact that most families of today remains to be patriarchal. Meaning, the traditional standards of family set-ups are conditioned that fathers are obliged to work and earn while mothers should stay at home and take charge of the children and the entire household.

Transition Word or Phrase: Nevertheless,

Reason # 1 Topic Sentence: many families over the past decade have changed their family arrangements in that mothers are expected to earn for the family as well.

Supporting Details: a. There is the need for the mother to help the father in increasing the income generation of the family because of growing economic needs.

  1. Most families today have more than one child, which means that the income the father earns is not enough for the family.
  2. There is an economic instability worldwide and the value of money is not as big anymore which is why it takes the father and the mother to earn together to meet family necessities.

Transition Word or Phrase: Aside from economic reasons,

Reason # 2 Topic Sentence: mothers also need to grow as a woman by creating a career for herself.

Supporting Details: a. Self-fulfillment through career-orientation is also important to expand the capabilities of mothers in other aspects aside from raising children.

  1. A satisfying professional career is needed by mothers to overcome their insecurities and boost their self-esteem.
  1. Mothers can still raise their children while establishing their professional careers. In this manner, mothers can achieve satisfaction as a mother and as a woman of value to society.

Transition Word or Phrase: Finally,

Reason # 3 Topic Sentence: mothers play important roles in the community and society in general. Mothers should also be empowered by enhancing their participation in community activities such as in education, social movements and health.

Supporting Details: a. In education, mothers who work as teachers are proven to be successful because of their bonding with school children and students as a whole.

  1. Mothers are credible and trustworthy figures in social movements including humanitarian causes which are why they are often involved in many community activities.
  2. In terms of health, mothers are good caregivers owing to the fact that they have taken care of their own children so they can easily give care to others as well.

Concluding Summary

            The role of mothers is indeed imperative to the growth and development of children. However, their roles do not need to be limited to raising children alone. The reasons behind this notion include changing economic needs of today’s families, the need of mothers to establish their own professional careers, and the important roles of mothers in the community and society. It is contended that mothers can still effectively raise their children while doing other things which are also crucial for their own personal growth and contentment.

What vocabulary words will I use to make my argument in a strong but polite way?

            These words include need, stability, credible, trustworthy, capability, self-fulfillment, successful, humanitarian, self-esteem and crucial.


Gebremedhin, T. G. (n.d.). “The Critical Role of Mothers in the Lives of Children.” Retrieved March 21, 2008, from http://www.ertra.com/2005/Tesfa_oct29_Note28.htm

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