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Short Gothic Story

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  • Pages: 5
  • Word count: 1090
  • Category: Weather

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The rain fell down like tiny stones onto my head, it was only a light shower at the moment, but as I recall the weather reporter said there would be an intensive storm soon. That jogged my memory, I should get home quick before it gets any worse. As I was walking through the woods, sticking to my normal path, it hit me that the weather today has been awful, there was this heavy fog that prevented me seeing any further than 10 meters. It doesn’t bother my though because I know these woods like the back of my hand. I was walking at a rather fast pace now, I could hear my heart beating, and felt the icy winds fill my lungs, as I was walking down the rocky path I could have sworn I saw someone else or something out of the corner of my eye. I stopped for a second, scanning the area.

But nothing appeared, I began walking again, at a more hurried pace this time, the rain was getting heavier, as the icy cold water hit my skin it sent shivers down my spine. But all of a sudden I could have sworn I saw something, some one, I stopped to survey the area one last time. As I turned around on the edge of the fog a dark silhouette appeared, it looked like someone, so shouted out to them expecting a response. But got nothing, I shouted again louder this time, so loud not a soul couldn’t have heard. I got a response, I saw the figure move, one step, no two steps closer, my heart was pumping hard against my rib cab, then the figure looked up, and through the fog I saw two bright red eyes… staring directly at me…

Out of pure shock I broke into a sprint into the direction of my house, branches and twigs were swiping against my face, lightly cutting it. Then out of nowhere I heard an eruption of thunder echoing all through the woods, then the rain started coming down hard, harder, it was like it was on the verge of being ice, I continued to sprint, the path began to over flow with water, it was like I was running through a river bed, as I was sprinting throwing my head over shoulder to see if the figure had followed me, but there was nothing there… When I turned back around I had to violently dodge a hanging branch, but I slipped, I hit the ground hard, as a result all the air was forcefully knocked out of my lungs, I sat up desperately trying to inhale air, I struggled but managed to get in a few shallow breaths.

I was on high alert, franticly turning my head to see if I saw it, that thing back there, those red eyes, I’ve seen nothing like it before. I got to my feet, completely soaked in icy water, my bones felt like they were frozen. My heart was pounding against my chest ever so hard, still trying to regain my breath, I started running again. The Rumble of the thunder echoing though the woods, the sound of the frozen rain hitting the ground as I ran, it made me more frantic, I was panicking, my house surely couldn’t be much further. Finally up ahead I saw the silhouette of my house, I began to run faster, desperately seeking closure. The shear sound of the howling wind in my ears was making my adrenalin pump through my body. At last the I could see the house, I hurdled over the wooden fence and made my way to0 the door. When I got to the door, I opened it and stepped inside, but took one last glance over my shoulder, I saw nothing but the fog. The sound of the thunder roaring made me slam the door shut, I made sure to lock it. I scurried around the house closing all the shutters and locking all the windows.

I closed the door, I was in a tiny room in darkness so I lit the fire at sat next to it in a cradled position hugging my legs as tight as I could, I had a gentle swaying motion, back and forth…back…forth. I was trying to wrap my head around what I saw in the fog, was it my imagination? Could it have just been an animal, no, no I definitely saw something, those beady red eyes, I’ll never forget them. I sat in darkness, the only light was that of which came from the fire. I grabbed a candle and light it and placed it on the table beside me, the small room was now candle lit. I felt like I was going insane, the sound of the Thunder booming through the skies, rock like rain hitting against the tin roof, the branches scratching against the shutters, the fire being my only closure at this moment. Then I heard a sound, like something tapping, it started slow, very slow, Tap….. tap…. but slowly began to increase tap…tap…tap…tap.

IT was even faster now! I clenched my eyes close and squeezed my legs even harder. I was about to scream but I heard the sound of glass smashing from room next to me. I was panicking, I heard every little sounds, the Thunder Booming, the Branches scratching, the rock like rain hitting the tin roof, and that persistent tapping! Even louder and faster now ! TAP TAP .. TAP TAP.. TAP TAP, the sound of someone, something, walking over the smashed glass behind the closed door. Then at that moment, it was like all the sounds went away, all but one, the squeaking of the door hinges, ever so slowing, millimetre by millimetre the door opened.

I squeezed my eyes even harder, I could see nothing, I grabbed my legs harder, and I began to sway faster… Back and forth … Back and forth…. The sound of the hinges stopped, and a huge gust of wind blew into the room extinguishing the candle and fire. The breeze went straight through be, I was stone cold, I lifted my head up and opened my eyes, I saw nothing, but then a flash of lighting illuminated the room, and there squatting in front of me I saw something, with claw like hands, a bony skinless body, but worst of all I saw two beady red eyes. – They were the last thing I ever saw.

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