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1. Course Description
The course focuses on the empirical issues of financial management (corporate finance). Overall, the objective of the course is to prepare students to comprehensively understand on empirical research in finance, to develop research ideas, and to choose the appropriate empirical methodology and techniques to examine the specific question being addressed. In addition students will be taught how to synthesize research, and to develop research designs. After completion this course, students must have a research proposal that has been presented and criticized.

2. Teaching Methods
Small Group Discussion
Presentation and Discussion

3. Recommended Reading:
Angrist, Joshua and Jorn Pischke, 2009, Mostly Harmless Econometrics, Princeton Publishing. Adkins, L.C, and Hill, R.C., 2011. Using STATA for Principles of Econometrics, Fourth Edition. New York, John Wiley & Son Inc. Tirole, Jean. 2006. The Theory of Corporate Finance. New Jersey, Princeton.

4. Grading Scheme

The grading scheme is as follows:

Research Proposal25%
Final Exam 20%
Mid Exam 20%
Attendance & Class Participation10%
Weekly Critical Review10%

5. Assignments
Students are grouped into 7 groups. Each group must present an assigned paper and a paper which is selected by student. The presenter is primarily responsible for the papers being discussed, including formal presentation and responses to comments and questions. The presenter should not merely repeat what is written in the paper. Rather, the presenter should provide a brief summary, identify what is new, interesting or important of this paper, point out the weakness of the paper with regard to its theoretical foundation and empirical methods, and specify your own comments or suggestions on the papers.

Non-presenter students have to make a critical review on the assigned paper (2-3 pages). Each student is also required to write a formal research proposal (will be presented on the weeks 9-13). The proposal should specify the research question and the motivation for the research. It should also contain a review of the relevant literature, identify the theory/story and hypotheses to be examined, the research design, and data sources, and where possible provide some preliminary empirical results.

Assigned Papers
Armstrong, C.S., Core, J.E., Guay, W.R., Do independent directors cause improvements in firm transparency? Journal of Financial Economics 113, 383–403. (ACG, 2014) Bonaimé, A.A., Öztekin, O., Warr, R.S., 2014, Capital structure, equity mispricing, and stock repurchases. Journal of Corporate Finance 26, 182–200. (BOW, 2014) Jameson, M., Prevost, A., Puthenpurackal, J., 2014. Controlling shareholders, board structure, and firm performance: Evidence from India. Journal of Corporate Finance 27, 1–20. (JPP, 2014) Cubillas, E., Fonseca, A.E., González, F., 2012. Banking crises and market discipline: International evidence. Journal of Banking & Finance 36, 2285–2298. (CFG, 2012) Cumming, D., Haß, L.H., Schweizer, D., 2014. The fast track IPO – Success factors for taking firms public with SPACs. Journal of Banking & Finance 47, 198–213. (CHS, 2014) Nowak, S., Anderson, H.M., 2014. How does public information affect the frequency of trading in airline stocks? Journal of Banking & Finance 44, 26–38. (NA, 2014) Cronqvist, H., Siegel, S., 2014. The genetics of investment biases. Journal of Financial Economics 113, 215–234. (CS, 2014)

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