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Sales Strategies

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Many people mistakenly think that selling and marketing are the same, they aren’t. Selling is the act of persuading or influencing a customer to buy (actually exchange something of value for) a product or service. Marketing activities support sales efforts. Actually, they are usually the most significant forces in stimulating sales. Oftentimes, marketing activities (like the production of marketing materials and catchy packaging) must occur before a sale can be made; they sometimes follow the sale as well, to pave the way for future sales and referrals. Sales managers are paid to plan, lead and control the personal selling process in the organization. This is one of the very important jobs in an organization. Sales management involves a specialized set of responsibilities within the broad field of marketing management. Some believe Sales- the only activity that directly generates income, is the most important of all marketing activities.

The diverse nature of the buying situation means that there are many different types and functions of selling. A salesperson using the sales concept, on the other hand, sometimes has the ability to individualize components of a sale, but the emphasis is ordinarily upon helping the customer determine if he/she wants the product, or a variation on it, that is already being offered by the company. In the sales approach, not much time is spent learning what the customer’s “ideal” product would be because the salesperson has little say in seeing that her company’s product is modified. Furthermore, he/she isn’t rewarded for spending time listening to the customer’s desires unless she has a product to match their desires that will result in a sale.

Sales Strategies

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy used to learn more about customers’ needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. After all, good customer relationships are at the heart of business success. If used effectively, CRM can provide better customer service, make call centers more efficient and improves customer service. Effective sales professionals solve problems to help customers reach goals. The best way to do that is to keep the process simple. It’s always good to brush up on the general, basic closing techniques, each of which should make it easier for a buyer to finalize a purchase (2004, November)

Follow-up, sales and marketing teams are not always in agreement as to what the follow-up process on leads should to be. And even when these logistics are in place, follow-up procedures can fail due to the lack of understanding and completion. Follow-up is considered the most important as it reflects a true desire and care of the customer while improving customer relations.

Qualified leads, this term is widely used in the retail and automotive sales industries. This strategy is most important in determining the most qualified potential customers in reviewing this step of the selling process. Qualified leads are prospects that are actually interested in purchasing the item being sold and have enough funds to purchase the item. Qualified leads are a big business in the sales industry. There are firms that solicit the sales of contact information for what would be potential customers. Obtaining this information gives sales and telemarketing employees the opportunity to make cold calls to these individuals in attempts to generate sales.

Sales Concept

At the heart of the sales concept is the desire to sell a product that the business has made as quickly as possible to fulfill sales volume objectives. When viewed through the marketing concept lens, however, businesses must first and foremost fulfill consumers’ wants and needs. The belief is that when those wants and needs are fulfilled, a profit will be made.

The selling concept, instead of focusing on meeting consumer demand, tries to make consumer demand match the products it has produced. On the other hand, marketing encompasses many research and promotional activities to discover which product is wanted and to make potential customers aware of them.

In conclusion, each sales scenario is quite different. However, the sales strategies, approach and relationship between buyer and seller are a key factor in sales success. A close relationship is vital, Client Relationship Management (CRM) relates to having a good understanding of who the clients are and identifying what it is they like and want.

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