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Sales planning and operation assignment

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1.1How personnel selling support the production mixPersonnel selling become a major element of today business context it more support for buildup healthy relationship with customers and increase the sales. Personnel selling help for production mix. Production mix can explain as follows. Today there is a new view of communication as an integrative dialog between the company and its customers that take place during the pre-selling, selling, consuming, post consuming stages. Companies must consider not only how they reach the customer but also how customers reach the company. When consider about the promotional mix it include the following marketing tools:

Sales promotion
Public relations
Personal selling
Direct marketing
Event marketing

In developing the promotional activity it should be integrated to the achieving the personnel selling objectives in order to do that company should consider the following things nature of target audience

the short term and long term communication objectives
the massages that are to be used
the budget
how the result of the campaign are to be measured
the communication channels that will carry the massage

Information gathered become more important for doing the personnel selling in an effective way. Therefore selling personnel should gather above information from analysing the market and develop an approach to the target customers. (Assail, Reed, Patton, 2002)

1.2Buyer behavior in different situationsWhen consider the consumer behavior in purchase decision making process in a market situation it can be illustrated as a sequential process as follow. Firstly customer gets an idea about their needs and wants. After get to know about needs and wants they check available information about products that can use for satisfy their felt needs. Such as process, quality, places where that products available in the market etc. After get information about products they evaluate possible alternatives to satisfy the needs of their perceptions. After evaluating the alternatives they take select a best possible alternative to purchase in their consumption. After take a decision about a product consumers purchase that product and do a post purchase evaluation in order to check whether that product is good or not in a purchasing decision in future period. Personnel selling personnel can affect to the consumer behavior through involving to their decision making process.

Sales person can study how consumers acts in different situations and after identifying consumers behavior then they can put impact to the consumers for purchasing that product. It can illustrate as follows. (Kotler, 2005) In product of car can sell through communication its quality, ability to create a good social image and its durability. Product of coffee can sell to the customer through communication its healthiness and its’ notorious and also its energy to do the day to day activities. If selling person effectively communicates those things then he can sell that product in an effective manner.

1.3 Role of selling team within marketing strategyWhen we consider the Halfords Company which sells cycling and motoring products and services this company can develop a marketing strategy for increasing their sales. Through using the sales personnel in direct marking concept this target can achieve more effectively. Marketing strategy is a one of important tool to use for increasing the sales of cycling and motoring. Roles of that Halfords Company sales personnel can illustrate as follows in order to implementing the marketing strategy in an efficient manner in the field of business. Understand the market place and need wants of the customers in relation to the cycling and motoring products Design a customer driven marketing strategy more focused on the higher class sector. Construct a marketing programme that delivers superior value Build profitable relationships and create customer delight by creating the competitive advantages. Capture value from customers to create profits and customer quality by reviewing the efforts of the marketing programme.

Sales strategy developed in line with corporate objectivesSales strategy is a tool which cover design, organize, implement and review the organizational sales in the field of market. It is a concurrent process which support from the changes in the environment. Sales strategy of a company need to develop by considering the corporate strategy of the company. Corporate strategy is the basis of coordinated and sustained efforts directed towards achieving the long term business objectives. In order to develop a corporate strategy management need to integrate all the functional areas of the organization and after that they develop an effective strategy. Therefore building the sales strategy for an organization management need to think about their corporate strategy also. In designing the sales strategy management need to develop it along with corporate strategy objectives. As such consider following things. It must identify ways in which each business function can be helped in selling the products of the company. Central management must make sure that it possesses the skills to provide the needed thing in selling process such as information regarding the market. Ensure sales strategy will not damage the image of the business.

Also in developing the sales strategy need to consider about the company structure, system, processes which more helpful for achieving the organizational objectives. Importance of recruitment and selection procedureRecruitment and selection process are coming under the personnel management is an activity that consists of effectively and efficiently controls the resources of persons towards achieving the personal goals. In here rationale illustrate how person can manage their resources around the environment alone with details of what are the tools and methods available for this management. Whereas human resource management is differ from the personnel management. Human resource management is a process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees and attending to their labor relations health and safety, fairness concern. (Assail, Reed, Patton, 2002) Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting suitable qualified people to apply for job vacancies in the organization. Through this recruitment process create a pool of applicants that more appropriate to the organizational success.

Selection is a process of select appropriate persons for given job. In a medical equipment manufacturer need to consider about their human resources recruitment process and put more attention on that area. Due to technique of medical manufacturing process and when it selling to the consumers company need to recruit more skilled and knowledgably persons for communicate the advantages and how it can use in day to day life. Therefore company need to recruit more skilled and knowledge persons to the company manufacturing process as well as to the selling process. Role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management.Motivation is much important activity in the sales management process because it can be used as a tool of controlling function it is a must to evaluate and review sales employees on a regular basis. These type of reward system can be implement alone with the motivational theories such as McGregor XY theory, two factor theory, hierarchy of needs theory all of these theories focus on the motivate the employees and concern on the achievement of the objectives. (Assail, Reed, Patton, 2002)

In order to giving the reward company can use several techniques such as team building concept which increase the team performance and give rewards based on the group performance. Target setting is another tool in here management set target and give rewards based on the achievement of that targets. Training of personnel selling is more important because it will help to build up their communication skills and interpersonal skills which more help for build up the relationship with consumers. How sales management organizes sales activity and control sales outputThe following exhibits a simple five step model of the sales activity. In the first four steps, companies work to understand consumers, create customer value and build strong customer relationship. In the final step, companies reap the reward of creating superior customer value by creating value for customers.

They in turn capture value from consumers in the form of sales, profits, and long term customer equity. (Kotler, 2005) According to the situation face by today businesses need to grab the market share while effectively facing to the completion posed by the supermarket sector so it more advisable to follow this marketing strategy in order to achieve that desired goal. Five steps of the marketing process are as follows Analysing the market opportunities ( that mean get understand about the market place and customer needs and wants) Evaluating and selecting the target market ( design the customer driven market in focusing the target market selected) Designing the market strategies

Planning the market programme( that mean construct a marketing programme that delivers superior value) Managing the selling effort ( in this step mainly focused on the capture the value from the customers to create profits and customer quality)

By using the sales budgets, performance standards sales personnel can increase and manage their sales in an effective manner.
Market research is a major factor in sales activities in an organization. It mainly impact on decision support system and sales information system. Its purpose is to provide management with relevant, accurate, reliable, valid and up-to-date information, which is vital in sound decision making. Sales research can categorize in to two categories such as qualitative market research and quantitative sales research. In qualitative method mainly focus on providing a insights and understanding about a problem identified in the market place. It is an unstructured one. When consider about quantitative method it is basically structured one and mainly consider about numerical data that can obtain in the market place.

Focus group is a qualitative technique in sales research techniques. It is mainly focus on an informal interview or a friendly discussion with small groups about their product. Therefore it should include a well-trained moderator. (Kotler, 2005) Then we can find out the areas we should more concentrate and try to increase the sales in order to increase the market share of the company. Survey method is a quantitative method available in the market research. In here seek to quantify data and applies some form of the statistical analysis. 3.5 using of database in effective sales management

In order to manage the sales function in an effective manner organization need to develop a sale database which consists of date and information relating to the sales of a product. Due to high rivalry there are more information need for managing and understand the behavior of the customers therefore company need to collect that data and store in a data base. If an organization develop an information system it may help to create competitive advantage over the business rival, can adapt to new trend of the customer behavior, review the success of the decision making in relation to the sales activities, make decision which relate to the future sales strategy. (Assail, Reed, Patton, 2002) Data base system may be a part of lower level employees such as transaction processing system, middle level employees such as decision support system or management information system or it can be a part of higher level employees such as executive support system. 3.5 (2)

Impact of social media in sales strategy.
With the evolution of the technology social media come the business context as a competitive tool. Facebook, what Sapp, twitter are some of the major and more popular social media in today’s context. Those social media also affect to the today sales strategy in organization. Through displaying advertisement in that social media and getting the publicity organization can sale their products to the customers and also social media may support for buildup healthy and strong relationship with customers in order to increase the sales. Advantage is less cost methods, easy to create relationship, get the online payment facility for customers, can cover a broader range of area. (Assail, Reed, Patton, 2002) Disadvantages are less reliable, security threats can occur in online transactions. Recommendation

Use the online social media in order to increase the sales through more securitized level of technology. Conclusion
Social media is more advantage for increasing the sales but there may be security threats for that sales therefore using technology in a security environment may have a chance for increasing sales. Question 4

04 Sales PlansIn order to develop a sales plan for the new bran of cloth based on the Westfield Shopping Centre is bit tough task in the operational processes. (Kotler, 2005) Companies work to understand consumers, create customer value and build strong customer relationship in relation to the clothing range and intended international conditions. Companies reap the reward of creating superior customer value by creating value for customers by attending and joining the trade fair in the market it may helpful entering to the foreign market as well. They in turn capture value from consumers in the form of sales, profits, and long term customer equity. For achieving the market objectives of the company which offer new clothing brand following things should consider in developing the sales plan. (Assail, Reed, Patton, 2002) Analysing the market opportunities: that mean get understand about the local and international market places and customer needs and wants through joining with trade fairs. Evaluating and selecting the target market: Due to serving to the adults, design the customer driven market in focusing the target market selected is more important. Designing the market strategies

Planning the market programme: construct a marketing programme that delivers superior value. Market program will benefit to the organization to achieve the desired market level. Managing the marketing effort: In this step mainly focused on the capture the value from the customers to create profits and customer quality.

This Company also can this process as follow in developing the sales plan for their products in order to operate effectively in the market place. Analysing the current market structure and get a understand about the nature of the market According to the competitors reactions they can select the ways and suitable market to promote their business activities in international trade because management want to expend their business in internationally also. With the help of marketing team they can develop a strong marketing strategy which will benefit for increasing the sales and also buyers interactions with company. According to the strategy try to build up a strong marketing programmes focusing on the clothing brand of the company. Finally review the marketing effort in considering the plan they implements By attending to the trade fair and exhibition company can increase their sales because through this exhibitions and trade Fairs Company can directly communicate the brand of clothing to the customers and give them discounts and contests for giving gift vouchers to the customers then they attract the clothing brand and it may result for growing the brand sales in local as well international market.


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