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Sales and Inventory System for Avon Imus

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Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company, with $10 billion in annual revenue. As the world’s largest direct seller, Avon markets to women in over 100 countries through its significant number of independent sales representatives. Its product line include beauty products, fashion jewelry, and apparel, and it features well-recognized brand names such as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, Advance Techniques, Avon Naturals, Anti-Marks, and Avon Wellness. Avon has a handful of branches operating all over the Philippines, and one of which is the Imus Branch established in 1995. In counting, Avon Philippines – Imus Branch has been operating for 18 years now. Mrs. Soledad Pena who is part of the General Manager Advisory Council looks after the said local outlet. In a retail company like Avon, multiple transactions are made on a daily basis. These may range from marketing, product development, monitoring of cash flows, promotion, beginning and ending inventory to clerical work. All these require manpower which may mean a slash on the cash budget and the possible outpour of workload. The proponents have come up with a proposed study to develop their existing manual system through computerization, design, create a link database system in their inventory functions to easily process their transaction and avoid the common problems that they encounter.

This system is effective and efficient for it will alert them to any stock-out, overstock and missing items. Inventory clerks will be able to anticipate and calculate their replenishment lead time and inventory controlling will be much easier as the items are stacked systematically. 1.2 Statement of the problem

1.2.1 General Problem
Considering the multiplicity of transactions in a retail company, the manual system does not work well anymore because of the legitimate repercussions that it may cause like time consuming, loss of files, error in computation and being susceptible to errors. It is through this real-life situation that the researchers want to focus on putting up a system that will unload the work and definitely help the company save files and process transactions,
ease up inventory management, and help speed up preparation of sales and inventory reports, in a more convenient way. 1.2.2 Specific Problem

Given that the company does not have any database, the employees could have a hard time in storing files that they have. Due to manual recording the files stored may be lost and destroyed by accident, calamities and other certain events. Unorganized and misplaces files can also cause loss of files. This may lead to information discrepancy. With the manual recording, handwriting and erasures of the records may not distinguish by the owner. Another problem of the company is the computation of their sales or counting the items in the inventory. A high chance of alteration in their reports may occur. Checking the stocks one by one is hard for it is not always reliable. There is always an issue checking the stock levels and reconciling stock in and stock out as a miss count on delivery can throw the system a problem. Dealing with return of a product also has its issues. 1.3 Objective of the study

1.3.1 General Objective
To develop system for Avon Philippines – Imus Branch in order to aid and boost the works of the system in balancing the competing requirements lead to finest inventory levels, which in an on-going process as the business needs vary and respond to the wider environment. The system will easily process, find, organize, and save company files and reports. 1.3.2 Specific Objectives

To create an efficient Sales and Inventory System for Avon Imus that will engender rapid and precise outcome for their sales and inventory. To propose and construct a module that will supervise the critical level of the stocks or items of its inventory. To develop an inventory system that could supply the way of tracking the flow of the data in and out of the company. To develop a system that will generate an accurate report that can be used for sales and inventory monitoring purposes. 1.4 Significance of the study

The study will definitely benefit the following:
a. Employees. This system will minimize their workload for the efficiency
that it will bring. It will give them a systematic way of preparing sales and inventory reports. b. Employers. Since the system will now generate accurate reports, monitoring the operation of the company becomes easier. c. Customers. This system will definitely benefit the customers since the company can now serve them better and a faster way. d. Future Researchers. This system will benefit future researchers in terms of information about sales and inventory system for projects or thesis use.

1.5 Scope and Limitation
Study only revolves in the scope of planning sales and inventory control. The study of sales and inventory is only within Avon – Imus Branch. The proponents will also incorporate data reporting by producing hard copies. The system has four different types of level access. First, is the Administrator or Admin account, second is the Inventory account, third is the Cashier account and the fourth is Dealer account. Modules:

File – 3 sub menus: Sales, Inventory and Logout.
a) Sales – Admin or Administrators and Cashier accounts use this for sales transactions. The edit sub menu is only enabled for Admin accounts. b) Inventory – Admin or Administrators and Inventory accounts use this. This will provide the user to add, edit, or search items for products and provide returned items for report processing. c) Logout – Logs out the current user logged in.

View Reports – three sub menus: Sales and Inventory. This module is disabled for Cashier accounts. a) Sales – Able to view and print daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales reports. b) Inventory – Able to view or check critical stocks, empty stocks, available stocks in inventory and returned items. Can also print Inventory reports. c) Dealer Reports – contains information for the franchise dealers. Accounts – two sub menus: Admin and Change Password. The Admin sub menu is disabled for both Inventory and Cashier accounts. a) Admin – enable to add, edit and deactivate user accounts, franchise manager and franchise dealer accounts. b) Change Password – users can change the account password in this sub menu. Backup – 2 sub menus: Create Backup and Restore Backup. This module is disabled in Cashier account. a) Create Backup – creates backup of database.

b) Restore Backup – restores the database prior to the backup created by the user. There are four main menus to use when the Administrator or Admin is logged in to the system. First is the File main menu. Inside, there are three sub menus: the Sales, Inventory and Logout. The Sales sub menu is used to create new sales record, void transactions, and edit existing record. There are three menus under Sales sub menu, New sales where in customers pay the product via cash or installment basis, Edit Sales where administrator accounts can edit an existing sales order or for correction purposes, and Returned Items where the cashier would check the Service Order number of the customer and also verify to the Franchise Manager if it is good for return or not. If it is good, then the Franchise Manager will be the one updating the Service Order number and provide new product for the customer. There will be a checkbox in the system to inform the returned items to the Inventory Department. The Inventory Department will now update their database for returned items.

The Installment menu is provided with a menu for continue payment where the cashier would just input the Service Order number of the customer and then can update the Service Order with regards to the payment the customer will be doing. The Inventory sub menu is used to put new products, edit existing products, deleted products. The logout sub menu is used when access is no longer needed by the user. The second main menu is View reports. There are three sub menus under it, the Sales Report, Dealers Report and Inventory Report. The Sales Report is used to view and print daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. The Dealers Report is used to view and print the dealer’s sales progress, can view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. The Inventory is used to view and print critical stocks, empty stocks, recent stocks and returned items. The third main menu is Accounts. There are two sub menus under it, the Admin and Change Password sub menu. The Admin sub menu is used to create, edit and deactivate user accounts, franchise manager accounts and franchise dealer accounts. The franchise manager and dealer accounts are used for records in sales. The Change Password sub menu is to change the password of the current user. The fourth and last main menu is the Backup menu. The Backup menu is
used to create and restore backups of the database. For the Inventory Account, there are four main menus. First is the main menu.

Inside, there are two sub menus: the Inventory sub menu and the Logout sub menu. The second main menu is the View Reports and there is only one sub menu, the Inventory. The person in charge of the inventory can check the stocks in this menu. The third main menu is the Accounts main menu where the user can change the user password. The last main menu is the Backup menu. The person in charge of the inventory can back up the files to ensure the accuracy on updating stocks and also for recovery of records in case there will be problem with the database. Third account is the cashier, they will be provided a user account by the administrator and there are some features disabled for them for security purposes. The disabled features are: editing an existing Sales Records, adding a product into the inventory, removing a product into the inventory, creating a user account and creating a backup. Last account is the dealer; this is used for the franchise dealers to see information about available inventory stocks and their status of products they are selling. The proposed system will be using computer units for the administrator, inventory staff, dealers, and cashier. The network that will be used is the star topology and the proposed system will be using Visual Basic.Net together with SQL Server. Limitation

The system is limited to its point of sales functions such as order acquisition and order reporting. As for the sales and inventory system it is limited to quantity manipulation and item tracking. The system can print sales and inventory reports. The system is intended for sales and inventory use only. The system does not include solving problems hardware problems and malfunction. 1.6 HIPO

1.7 Network Diagram

The Administrator/Officer-in-charge computer is placed in the Administrator’s office where the Administrators and executive managers always stay, while cashier’s computer will be placed over the counter to do all the sales transaction. The Inventory computer is placed in the warehouse department where the products are there.

1.8 Definition of Terms
Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET). It is the first fully object-oriented programming (OOP) version of Visual Basic, and as such, supports OOP concepts such as abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and aggregation. Network topology. It describes the arrangement of systems on a computer network. It defines how the computers, or nodes, within the network are arranged and connected to each other. Star Topology. Is a type of topology where all of the computers and devices on the network connect to a central device, thus forming a star. A star topology is best suited to be in small networks and work efficiently when there are limited number of connections. Database. It is designed to provide an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving data (information). SQL. It is the abbreviation of “Structured Query Language”. It is a consistent query language for requesting information from a database. Routers. A Router is a device that connects two networks – frequently over large distances. Backup. It is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure. Stockout. A situation in which the demand or requirement for an item cannot be fulfilled from the current inventory. Inventory Management. Activities employed in maintaining the optimum number or amount of each inventory item. Outpour. To pour out or overflow.

A database is an application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data. In the proposed system, SQL Server will be used for storing data. Since the database will be running on SQL server, the database can be accessed by multiple users. All data will be stored in the form of tables in a database server. These data are accessible for the administrator, cashiers and inventory staff. The cashiers and inventory staff will only be allowed to access limited transactions and system control while the administrator has the full control of the system.

Since Avon Imus Branch has inventory management and sales transactions being done, the proponents have come up with operational database as the type of database for the proposed system. Sales transaction and inventory management, all this information is collected and stored in the database. Storing information in a centralized area can increase retrieval time for users. Operational database can contain detailed data used to run the day-to-day operations of the business in terms of sales and inventory. The data continually changes as updates are being made. It is important when information is needed quickly. This is why the proponents decided to choose operational database as their type of database for the proposed system. Avon Imus Branch has still been doing sales and inventory manually. It would greatly affect the operation of the business if sales and inventory records are lost or missing. The proposed system will provide the business a database to handle inventory of products, sales transactions or sales and inventory reports in a more organized and detailed way. 2.2 Relational Database

A relational database is a collection of data items organized as a set of formally described tables from which data can be accessed easily. Data are stored inside tables and all operations on data are done on the tables or produce another table as the result. Each record is identified by a field or an attribute containing a unique value. Every table shares at least one field with another table. Thus, these relationships will allow the database user to access the data in almost an unlimited number of ways.

The proposed system will be using at least 7 tables for the database. These are users, receipts, receiptitems, franchise_manager, franchise_dealer, inventory, and invoicereceipt. Users – this table consists of all the users that will be using the system. Users are provided by access levels, Admin, Inventory and Cashier. These access levels have different privileges. Admin can access all of the systems privileges. The fields for the table consist of: Username, Password, Privilege, Name, and Status. The primary key will be the Username. Receipts, Receiptitems, and Invoicereceipt – the tables consist of all the sales transactions done by the company. The table will have a column named, service order number. This service order number has a unique key property so that no duplication of service order numbers will take place. The service order number will be used for checking of returned items and updating of installment payments. Inventory – this table is made for managing the inventory. Adding and editing of inventory items will be done in this table. Checking of critical stocks and empty stocks will be at this table. Franchise_dealer and franchise_manager – the tables consist of all the franchise accounts for the company. There are two types of franchise accounts, the franchise manager and the franchise dealer. Franchise managers will be handling the franchise dealers. In terms of the database, it will be used for reference when doing sales transactions and printing or checking of sales reports. The proposed system will be providing systematic and organized database for Avon Imus Branch. 2.3 Network Approach

A network protocol denotes rules and conventions for communication between network devices. It includes mechanisms for devices to identify and make connections with each other and permit sharing of resources and information among devices. Network topology is a schematic description set up of a network in a communication network. The proposed system will use star topology to construct the network. The star topology is considered the easiest topology to design and implement. The network does not necessarily have to resemble a star to be classified as a star network, but all of the nodes on the network must be connected to one central device. A network router will act as the central hub or device for the network. The proposed system will be using three or more computers, printers and a network router. There will be a computer inside the Officer-in-charge’s office. Computers will also be deployed in inventory department or warehouse and also by the counter. Network routers will be the one handling all information that the computers will send. It will also be in charge of distributing this information to its proper destination. The proposed system will have a server that is used inside the Officer-in-charge office. It will be one server and nine clients. The Officer-in-charge and Franchise Managers will be the one using the admin accounts and the Franchise Dealers, Inventory clerks and Cashiers will be using accounts that have limited access permissions. The whole network is all linked together using category 5-e, unshielded twisted pair cable connected to the network router. The Avon Imus Branch is still using manual sales and inventory check which is time consuming in a business environment. The proposed system will be benefitting the company for it will contribute to a fast and efficient way of doing business.

This study deals with the computerized sales, purchasing and inventory system of Johny Be Water Purifying Station. This System will be able to track down lent water containers, it indicates the stock of purified water and LPG for sale, it also indicates the number of containers available, speed up ordering and reservation of orders, generate reports for a daily, monthly, yearly, or a specified schedule, and monitor input and output of transactions. This system will come with a security access that will prevent the entry of unauthorized entities on the system. Therefore the company provides a system that avoids complications due to human errors such as using incorrect labeling of items and products and incorrect recordings of quantity and pricelist. And develop a system that is convenient to use, that will minimize human works and is less time consuming. Similarities/ Relations:

Alike to Avon Imus , the company has encountered a lot of problems regarding in complications on inventory reports due to manually handwritten processing of records. And time consuming when it comes to generating inventory reports. This system is almost the same in the second module of the proposed system Sales and Inventory System for Avon Imus branch, in which the Inventory Reports Module of the Sales Records generates the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, and monitor input and output of transactions. And also the same with a security access that will prevent the entry of unauthorized entities on the system.

The Company used the system in order to generate numbers for financial reports and tax records. Ideally, most companies want to have just enough inventories to meet current orders. The proponents used Visual Basic.net as the programming language and MySQL as the database handler for the system. The proposed system will generate Sales and Inventory reports respective to three period of time such as daily, weekly, and monthly, to identify and keep the tracks all data processing assets in the storage. The study will cover some different modules these are the Point of Sales Module, Inventory Module, Maintenance Module, and the Reports Module. In the Point of Sales Module, there are two parts of this module, the cash and the installment plan. And in the Inventory Module, this will be used to add/update Product Name, Price, Discounts and Stocks Available.

After saving the changes of the inventory, the database will be updated. On the other hand, the Maintenance Module, this module will require an administrative password for security purposes. The system will only accept specific username and password that would be secured by the administrator. The administrator can retrieve the daily, weekly, and monthly sales and inventory reports on this module. And the last is the Reports Module; this module will be used to create Sales and Inventory reports on a timely manner i.e. daily, weekly or monthly. The system has a four level of User Access, First the System Administrator to access the Maintenance Module. Second Level is the Managers to access the Reports Module of the system. The Third Level is the Inventory Custodian to access the Inventory Module. And the Fourth Level and the Last Level is the Sales Custodian to access the Point of Sales Module.

The current processes on Sales and Inventory of Gigahertz Computer System has encountered problems such as human errors that occur during manual handling of sales and inventory. It also takes a long time to execute the existing program since it has a large volume of data to load and lead the system into hang time. The existing process also results to data redundancy and poor precision of reports. These problems lead the company into poor business dales and transactions.

The proposed system applies systematic approach on its data processing to avoid system bugs, errors and failures. This will organized the steps used on the recording of sales and inventory. Similarities/ Relations:

This system is almost the same with the proposed system, it will generate Sales and Inventory reports respective to three period of time such as daily, weekly, and monthly, to identify and keep the tracks all data processing assets in the storage. It is also the same in requiring an administrative password for security purposes. And like to the proposed system, the administrator can retrieve the daily, weekly, and monthly sales and inventory reports on the Maintenance Module. And the proposed system will also used Visual Basic.net as the programming language. 3.1.3Title: Computerized Sales and Delivery System for PR Gaz Haus

This study deals with the computerized sales and delivery system of PR Gaz Haus. The proponents used Visual Basic 6.0 in creating a user- friendly nterface for the system, and MS Access for the database. The system makes real-time and accurate reports that reduced paper works and time consuming tasks. The system are enabled the company to transact faster with the used of modules, menu, and submenus that are included in the system. The system has two levels of access, the Administrator and the Staff. The system equipped with security access such as login form that will prevent unauthorized access on the system. The Administrator can access all other the modules of the system except for transaction module. In File Module, the admin has a privilege to access about the products sub modules in which the admin can add, edit the unit price and some information about the products. While in the Transaction Modules, only the Staff can access this, in which sales and delivery sub module is under to it. And in the Report Module, the system includes sales reports in which can be classified into daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Only admin has the privilege to add a customer who wants to be a member to avail the discounts. The admin can also edit the said discounts, customer information and can remove inactive customers. The admin can create additional accounts for new employee, can edit own password, and can manipulate employee information such as deactivate user accounts if employee is not already part of the company. While the cashier staff has a privilege to edit only own password for the security purposes. Online operation is not included in this system.

The main problem of the said company is, they are using manual method in the existing system, which is time consuming for the side of the staff and manager, this method is also prone to have human errors.

Due to this problem, the proponents proposed a Computerized Sales and Delivery System that helped to lessen the problem of the existing system to have an efficient and organize records of data. Similarities/ Relations:

The study have a similarities to the proposed system, first is the system equipped with security access such as login form that will prevent unauthorized access on the system. And the second is, in the Report Module, the system includes sales reports in which can be classified into daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. And like to the proposed system, this system has no access in the internet.

This project is aimed at creating an inventory control management system to facilitate the operator in controlling and updating the flow of inventory in any organization. It also needs computer units for the users and also the network switch that will be used in communication between the users. This system is developed by using software Visual Basic version 6.0 integrated with Microsoft Access 2000 and Seagate Crystal Report version 6.0. The Crystal Seagate Report is chosen because it is easy to develop and also its format a more systematic compared to the other report format. Overall, the developed system is increased the user’s confidence because it is easy to use. Further works such as to upload the system to the internet could be performed to improve the performance of the system. Similarities/Relations:

Same as the proposed system, this system needs a computer units for the users. And it’s almost the same in terms of view reports which are the sales report, inventory report, and system users report. Without an organized reliable system especially computerized system. And these are the difficulties that the company has been undergoing over the years: problem lacks of control in their inventory system, Laboriousness and time consuming when it comes to generating inventory reports. 3.2.2 Title: MidWest Hospital Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Control Sytems

The Purchasing and Inventory Control System for the MidWest Hospital Pharmacy, the system will focus on the various components of the purchasing and inventory control process. Through the purchasing and inventory control
functions are substantially interrelated, each will be presented separately. Most installments will present examples of applications in a wide variety of institutional settings. Topics to be discussed include historical perspectives, assessment of vendors and product selection, bid solicitation and contract negotiation, evaluation of drug procurement alternatives, development of a purchasing system, coordinating the purchasing process, objectives of inventory control, quantitative measurement of inventory control, methods of inventory control, management of the system, automated information systems, and quality insurance.

An upgrade for the system that can be a more user-friendly system and have an auto update on their inventory for the prices, stocks, product expiration and related.

Similarities/ Relation:
There are similarities between the systems, the main information database storage of the whole system are obvious. They are also similar in the added data or create a new sales and stored data on the inventory system. The focus of The Purchasing and Inventory Control System for the MidWest Hospital Pharmacy is obviously for hospital purpose only but the monitoring process of their inventory stocks is similar with the proposed system. 3.2.3Title: Inventory Management – Control and Replenishment

The study only revolves in the scope of planning inventory control and replenishment. The analysis will be on how the reports by SMSB’s inventory management – control and planning. The inventories which are stocked too long could age and this will cost the company financially and operationally because it is very difficult to sell old stocks. The Bin – System is a fixed ordering system, which has the advantages of ease on record keeping and physical control. It uses a bin- card discipline where, products will be stacked accordingly and systematically referring to type, color, and brand and product type. This system works together with the system used under MRP technique. It should complement each other, because if not, there will be errors. In record keeping, they should always record when an item is loss, cancelled or taken out. And this should be recorded manually as well as into a computer. And in cycle- counting method which is a monthly counting of inventories are done to check and recheck the stock volume manually and thoroughly. So the inventory planning period is not accurate which to critically inaccurate anticipation set of time limits on stock planning. The techniques are still blurring to the new management, which is part of the constraints. So the researcher made this system to eliminate those unpredicted situations. Similarities/ Relations:

The methods that the researcher used are interviews, intensive library research, computer research and actual performance indicators. In primary method, the researcher interviewed the Logistics, Planning and Control Manager, the Inventory Manager, and the researcher also interviewed the staff in LPPC department. And in actual performance indicators the researcher used aging report, stock balance, and the sales report.

This system is almost the same to the proposed system in terms of view reports which are the sales report, inventory report, and system users report. The sales report is use to view and print daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. While the inventory reports are used to view and print critical stocks, empty stocks, and recent stocks. And it also the same with back- up module which is used to create back- up data from the system. 3.3 Local Literatures

Bell Electronics Lab Corporation situated in Calamba, Laguna is engaged in test and assembly of optoelectronics and sensor devices. The company is concentrating on its resources in metal can packaging. In Bell Electronics Corporation, there is a corresponding form for every incoming or outgoing item (from the stock room).

These forms serve as the basis of comparison when inspecting; that is, the amount of item that goes in or out must tally with those written in the forms. Afterwards, all the transactions will then be encoded manually in Microsoft Excel for future reference. In addition to the complexity of the process, the employee responsible on this task also needs to check the stocks once in a while so as to monitor which items are already getting below the allowable minimum quantity. Because of the draining work, there were circumstances when the inventory record in the computer does not tally with the actual amount of the available items. Another thing to consider in manual inventory is prone to errors since it is inevitable that the employee assigned to do the inventory would commit mistakes. Due to the inefficiency of manual inventory, security is also being risked. If not properly monitored, theft and loss of items can actually take place. It is also time consuming to take note of several details each time an item is brought in and out of the stock room. Similarities/Relations:

Since manual inventory consumes a lot of time and is prone to errors, it would be useful to build a system that will computerize the transactions from acquisition of the product description to updating the inventory database. Work effectiveness of employees is defined as how dynamic they are in their work. Comparable to the proposed system the automated inventory system will develop employees’ work efficiency by automating routinely and time consuming tasks such as the time spent in taking down product information. As a result, the time can be used in more productive activities. Accuracy is defined as the precision of accessing information. The accuracy of the current system will also be improved, since the automated inventory system would reduce the need of continuously encoding long details of products by having an inventory database.

Edmar Marketing currently does its sales and inventory manually. As such, it takes time to locate certain files for reports and the entries in the monitoring sheet are not clear, thus, creating confusion. The project is an automated Sales and Inventory System which has an array of functions involving sales and inventory that can be of very big help to the company. It aims to make files updated and easy to locate, hence, data and information become accurate and orderly which may provide a faster alternative or means in doing the inventory. The warehouse personnel are more accurate in their reports and can save more time by using the system. Since the system user has saved time, the personnel in-charge can then be more productive in terms of output which can be beneficial to the company. Similarities/Relations:

Similar to the basic routines of Avon Imus, currently Edmar Marketing does its inventory manually. It has inventory monitoring sheets which are filled up whenever stocks come in and delivered out. Whenever a customer gets stocks, EDMAR provides the customer a delivery receipt keeps a copy of it and then inputs on the monitoring sheet the stocks that are taken out. When stocks come in, the assigned personnel input the number of stocks in the monitoring sheet and add it to the current number of stocks. Every weekend, posting is done, doing a balance between the delivery receipts and the amount entered in the monitoring sheet. If the total amount reflected in the delivery receipts does not come up to the same amount entered in the monitoring sheet, a manual recount of stocks is done.

This study aimed to develop and implement an online inventory and monitoring system or medical supplies of the City Health Office (CHO) of Cagayan de Oro. Specifically, it aimed to provide the CHO with a system that allows all users to make supply – related transactions easily and speedily. The system also allows for an accurate tracking of inventory records. It creating an online inventory and monitoring system that uses PHP for the front-end, SQL Server for the back-end and Windows Server for the operating system. The new system provides the City Health Office with an efficient and convenient system for inventory of medical supplies of the CHO of Cagayan de Oro. The system generates accurate reports and facilitates transactions fast. Being efficient and convenient, the proposed system will improve the healthcare services of the City Health Office and that of barangay health centers. Inventory and monitoring models with quantity, pricing, and budgeting, although common in practice, have received very little attention from researchers. The objective of this study is to develop an online inventory and monitoring system for quality of services being offered by the City Health Office of Cagayan de Oro City. Similarities/Relations:

The online inventory system monitors the availability of the stocks needed in order to make the request of supplies easy and fast. The system supports updating inventory information of all items and for monitoring inventory depletion of record. The proposed system addresses the problem current system, which processes are manually done. These problems include time consuming generation of inventory reports and filing of requests. The online monitoring can complement formal techniques to increase the quality of service. The above-mentioned system used PHP and SQL Server for their database while the proposed system uses VB.Net together SQL Server as well.

3.4 Foreign Literatures
3.4.1Title: Inventory Control for Point-of-use Locations in Hospitals Author: M Bijvank ( Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) I F A Vis (University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) Date:April 4 2012

Source: http://ideas.repec.org/a/pal/jorsoc/v63y2012i4p497-510.html Summary:
Most inventory management systems at hospital departments are characterized by lost sales, periodic reviews with short lead times, and limited storage capacity. We develop two types of exact models that deal with all these characteristics. In a capacity model, the service level is maximized subject to a capacity restriction, and in a service model the required capacity is minimized subject to a service level restriction. We also formulate approximation models applicable for any lost-sales inventory system (cost objective, no lead time restrictions etc). For the capacity model, we develop a simple inventory rule to set the reorder levels and order quantities. Numerical results for this inventory rule show an average deviation of 1% from the optimal service levels. We also embed the single-item models in a multi-item system. Furthermore, we compare the performance of fixed order size replenishment policies and (R, s, S) policies. Similarities/Relations:

Like the current proposed system, the system developed in the related study is a Online Inventory and Monitoring System of Cagayan de Oro City Health Office. It only lacks sales monitoring functions though. Modules of the inventory are somewhat dissimilar in terms of names and functions. The system has five modules which are: the Master File which has sub-modules such as the Department Files, Supplier Files, Article Files; Transaction Files which has Store Files, Issues Files; Reports which allows viewing of current Stock, stock of specific item, monthly stock issued, annual stock issued department wise items and article status; Utilities which allows indexing all of the files, backing files and restoring files; and the fifth module which is the Exit Files. Addition, modification, deletion and listing are among the common functions of the sub-modules in the system. Among the used modules, the only the Report Module and Utilities Modules bears the most likeness with the program the current system has which allows stocks and specific items to be viewed either in current or stocks based monthly or annually and backing of files and restoring them respectively. The system was also coded in rather old programming language as FoxPro 2.5 and is using dBASE III plus as its primary database compared to a more advance Microsoft VB.Net and SQL Server which the current study is using.

3.4.2Title:Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain
Author: Chase, R.
Jacobs, F.
Aquilano, N.
Date: October 30, 2009
Source: http://www.papercamp.com/essay/6152/Riordan-Manufacturing-Supply-Chain Summary:
Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide manufacturer of plastics. The company’s products include plastic fans and fan parts produced at its facilities in Hangzhou, China and custom plastic parts produced at its plant in Pontiac, Michigan. The company’s major customers for its standard and customized fans are automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, and appliance manufacturers. Under the current process, raw materials are received at the receiving area. The receiving area supervisor reviews the shipping document with scheduled incoming orders and prepares the orders received log at the end of the day to give to the inventory clerk who enters the related information into the inventory system. This process could be streamlined by eliminating the receiving log process and integrating the receiving system with the inventory system. The importance of a good inventory control system cannot be overstated as it is tied directly to the financial performance of an organization (Chase, 2006). Similarities/Relations:

Large company such as Avon Imus and Riordan Manufacturing should have focus on their sales and inventory system from the very start since their are operating for a vast customers nationwide. Inefficiencies in several departments due to the manual procedures being utilized and redundancies in certain departments, including the inventory system are being experienced in the said company. ).Several of its manufacturing processes are time consuming and cost ineffective (UOP, 2009). 3.4.3Title: Bath and Body Works (BBW) – Sales and Inventory Systems

Author: Sevilla, A.
Somers, K.
Date: September 12, 2010
Source: https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/classroom/ic/classroom.aspx Summary:
Bath and Body Works (BBW) is a franchise owned by Limited Brands Incorporated. BBW sells personal care, beauty, and home fragrance products that are sold under the Bath and Body Works, CO Bigelow, and White Barn Candle brand names. Bath and Body Works is a very successful business and has grown to become one of the largest personal care retailers in the United States. A benefit of this system is the fact that there is no need for recording each withdrawal from inventory. This option will reduce the costs associated with maintaining stock. It will also help manage low inventory levels effectively through sales, pilferage, and any errors that can reduce the amount of inventory. Similarities/Relations:

A problem that this inventory system faces is the added cost of record keeping. Handheld PCs need to be purchased, maintained, and updated often to ensure that the record keeping is always accurate. Another problem is the fact that a physical count of the inventory still has to be performed periodically to verify records due to the possibility of errors, pilferage, and many other factors that may reduce the effect amount of inventory. It is because of these problems that the company is seeking to implement a solution. The implementation of a new form of the perpetual inventory system offers a very simple elementary system.

3.5. Justification
Having a computer based sales and inventory system provides a real-time assessment of the company sales as well as their stock levels. The proponents’ aims to build up a system whereby sales and inventory safeguarding would become easier, well-organized and less time consuming. We focus on improving sales and inventory management to guarantee smooth operation of services and products. It took the task to validate the entire inventory from time to time; the system will also facilitate the creation of stock and sales statement for the company. Separate table would be use for damaged and return items. Inventory system helps supply enough provisions for your clients as well as helps get in more sales. Facilitate fortitude of stock inventory and routine of sales transactions are the main goal the study.


4.1 Organizational Background
4.1.1 History
Avon’s founder, David McConnell, started his career as a successful book salesman who often gave his female customers a gift of perfume with their purchases. Realizing that his perfumes were more popular than his books, in 1886 Mr. McConnell launched a brand-new business selling toiletries directly to customers: the California Perfume Company, based in New York City. A pioneer in the industry now known as “direct selling,” Mr. McConnell keenly understood the power of relationship-based sales, and knew that women could be effective, trustworthy sales people. When he launched his business, he tapped into an unheard-of sales force, immediately employing Mrs. Persis F. Eames Albee as the first Avon Representative. His commitment to empowering women to earn income for themselves and their families shattered paradigms 34 years before women in the U.S. have the right to vote and rarely work outside of home. In the 1990’s Avon entered Central and Eastern Europe with operations running in Russia and Czech Republic in 1991 and rapidly expanding to two markets in that region during the 1990’s. Avon also entered Asia, and one of the countries it entered was the Philippines. With over 100 branches and outlets nationwide, and one of which is the Avon Imus branch. It was established in the year 1995 founded by a member of the General Managers Advisory Council, Mrs. Soledad Peña. 4.1.2 Mission & Vision

Avon’s mission is focused on six core aspirations the company continually strives to achieve: Leader in Global Beauty
Build a unique portfolio of beauty and related brands, striving to surpass competitors in quality, innovation, and value, and elevating Avon’s image to become the world’s most trusted beauty company. Women’s choice for buying

Become the shopping destination for women, providing a personal, high-touch experience that helps create lifelong customer relationships. Premier direct selling company Expand Avon’s presence in direct selling, empowering women to achieve economic independence by offering a superior earnings opportunity as well as recognition, service and support, making it easy and rewarding to be affiliated with Avon. Most admired company

Deliver superior returns to shareholders by pursuing new growth opportunities while maintaining a commitment to be a responsible, ethical company and a global corporate citizen that is held as a model of success.

Best place to work
Elevate the company’s leadership, including its high standards, respect for diversity, and commitment to helping Associates achieve their highest potential in a positive work environment. To have the largest foundation dedicated to women’s causes Be a committed global champion for the health and well-being of women through philanthropic efforts, with a focus on breast cancer, domestic violence and women’s empowerment. Vision

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women—globally. This is the company that knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against domestic violence and for women’s financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. The company that supports more than 6 million Representatives in over 100 countries. This is Avon. The company that for more than 125 years has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women.

4.1.3 Goals and Objectives
As more and more Representatives discover the power of the Avon Earning Opportunity, Avon’s goal is to retain them and increase their productivity by continuing to innovate their business model. Avon also plans to leverage technology and the viral power of the Internet to build communities that connect Avon to the Representatives and the Representatives to their Customers. With more and more consumers discovering the smart value of Avon’s store, Avon plans to broaden shopping opportunities with new product categories that reinforce their beauty image and strengthen their customer relationships. Objectives

In November 2005, Avon launched a comprehensive, multi-year turnaround plan to restore sustainable growth. The following are the company’s short term-objectives. Committing to brand competitiveness by focusing research and development resources on product innovation and by increasing advertising; Winning with commercial edge by more effectively utilizing pricing and promotion, expanding the Sales Leadership program and improving the attractiveness of Representative earnings opportunity as needed; Elevating organizational effectiveness by redesigning the structure to eliminate layers of management in order to take full advantage of their global scale and size; and Transforming the cost structure so that costs are aligned to revenue growth and remain so.

4.2 Policies, Standards & Procedures
4.2.1 Dealers Standards and Procedures
1. Registration:
a. Representative acknowledges that she/he is 18 years of age or older and a resident of the Philippines. b. Representative shall duly fill-out the on-line registration form and shall submit the same online along with proof of identification, address, and a photo. The registration and this Contract
become effective upon e-mail and/or text/call notification and an account number is issued. This Contract shall supersede any agreement previously made between the Representative and Avon. 2. Credit check:

Representative agrees to have her/his personal details being checked to credit reference and fraud prevention agencies and to Avon making searches from time to time of her/his details with such agencies and keeping a record of that search. Representative agrees that Avon shall have the right to use such information and any future Representative’s account activities and payment records to determine whether any credit facilities can be or continue to be made available to Representative. 3. Cooling Off:

a. Representative may withdraw her/his application for registration as a Representative for any reason within thirty (30) days from the date of this Contract (“Cooling Off Period”) by giving a written notice to Avon and Avon shall refund without interest the registration fee (if any) that has been paid by the Representative within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of such withdrawal notice. During the Cooling Off Period, Representative may also return the products to Avon for a refund provided that the products are returned in the same condition as supplied by Avon. Any free gifts received shall also be returned to Avon. 4. Activities:

a. Avon allows the Representative to purchase Avon’s products at wholesale prices, subject to the Company’s sales, marketing, incentive or compensation policies and credit terms. Accordingly, the Representative agrees to undertake the following Activities for Avon: To purchase products from Avon exclusively for resale; to obtain and maintain all permits/licenses required to conduct his/her business. To pay all his/her purchases in accordance with Avon’s credit terms and policies on the dates specified without need of demand. To be responsible for the conduct of his/her business, including the payment of taxes, in compliance with applicable laws. To immediately inform Avon of any change in the information given in the Registration Form. The Representative understands that failure to inform Avon of a change in information or any misrepresentation shall be a ground for termination of this Agreement. Other related activities that may be communicated by Avon to the Representative from time to time. b. Representative agrees that should she/he promote and sell Avon products, she/he shall Honor the Avon tradition of integrity and personal service and the applicable Avon Guarantee; Make no statements, claims or representations, or do any act that would impair the name, reputation or goodwill of Avon; Sell only to Consumers and not to sell Avon Products for resale to or through third parties, any business entity or any type of retail establishment or any internet site unless authorized by Avon; and Makes neither export shipments of Avon products nor knowingly sell products to other individuals who intend to export those products unless authorized by Avon. 5. Conflict of Interest:

a. Representative may engage in any other business, occupation or activity provided that such business, occupation or activity does not, in Avon’s opinion, cause a breach of or conflict with any of the Representative’s obligations under this Representative Contract or a conflict with Avon’s interest. 6. Sales Leadership:

a. Representative may separately join the Sales Leadership Program in order to be authorized to appoint and train other new representatives and receive commission for such activities and sales revenue raised by her/his down line representatives. In such a case, Representative needs to meet the standard to become a sales leader and to comply with applicable laws and regulations, Avon’s applicable policies, procedures or guidelines issued by Avon which may be amended from time to time as Avon deems necessary and the terms and conditions of the Avon Sales Leader Contract. 7. Status:

a. Representative agrees that she/he is an independent representative and not an employee nor agent nor partner of Avon and has no authority to bind Avon contractually nor to incur any liability on behalf of Avon. b. Representative agrees that she/he shall be responsible for compliance with all matters associated with the status of self-employed individual including payment of all tax, pension, insurance contributions or other business expenses and shall possess all licenses, permits, insurance and or registrations at her/his cost for conducting Avon business or activities. 8. Ordering:

a. All Purchase Orders are subject to product availability and acceptance by Avon.

9. Payment:
a. Representative agrees to provide orders and to pay for all orders and to repay any credit facilities that are made available to Representative pursuant to the payment terms as set forth in the applicable policies, procedures and guidelines. b. Avon shall have no obligation to fulfill any future orders should Representative fail to pay for any previous orders or if there is any outstanding amount due to Avon or if the account is not in good standing. In addition, Avon shall have the right to withhold the payment of all or part of any discount, commission, awards, incentives or other monies due to the Representative, and/or the right to set off any monies that may be due or payable to the Company by the Representative against any such payment of discount, commission, awards, incentives or other monies due to the Representative. Representative agrees to pay the statutory interest as notified by Avon and as amended by Avon from time to time on all overdue sums. Representative also agrees to be liable to Avon for any additional costs incurred by Avon for recovering any overdue amount from Representative including attorney fees and court costs incurred by Avon. 10. Discount:

a. Representative will receive a trade discount on Avon’s recommended retail prices if her/his order meets the minimum order value as amended by Avon from time to time.

11. Intellectual Property:
a. Representative agrees that she/he shall not, except to the extent authorized in the applicable policies, procedures and guidelines, use or exploit Avon’s intellectual property rights which include but not limited to trademarks, or trade names or any logos, product names, designs or copyright belonging to Avon. b. Representative agrees that all advertising materials must comply with policies or guidelines issued by Avon from time to time. Avon may request the removal of any advertising materials regardless of whether such materials were previously approved. c. Representative agrees not to use or register, and do not currently own, any domain names, keywords or metatags that include, in whole or in part, any of Avon’s trademarks including, without limitation, the name Avon, and that she/he hereby consents to transfer to Avon any such domain names. 12. Security and Privacy and Data Transfer:

a. Representative shall comply strictly with any applicable data protection laws with respect to personal information processed in the performance of the Representative’s obligations under this Contract. b. Representative acknowledges and consents to her/his personal information being collected, used, processed, and transferred by Avon and its affiliated entities, and authorized third parties, including but not limited to entities in countries that have a different level of data protection than that in the Representative’s home country, for the purposes described in the Avon’s Security and Privacy Statement. In addition, Representative consents to use of data for marketing or other purposes, using electronic or other means as may be described in Avon’s Security and Privacy Statement. c. Representative understands that she/he may withdraw her/his consent granted in Article 12.2, but if such Representative chooses to withdraw her/his consent, she/he will no longer be a Representative. 13. Compliance:

a. Representative agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Contract, any applicable laws and regulations, and any applicable policies, procedures or guidelines issued by Avon, which may be amended from time to time as Avon deems necessary. Such policies, procedures, or guidelines shall be incorporated into and form part of this Contract as if set out in full in this Contract. Representative further agrees to be bound by the standards and principles set out by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines. b. Representative agrees that violation of any of the above requirements shall result in any disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by Avon including but not limited to termination of this Contract. c. Representative shall indemnify Avon for any liability for any claim arising out of the breach by the Representative of this Contract.

14. Termination:
a. Either party has the right to terminate this Contract for any or no reason with immediate effect. b. Once this Contract is terminated, Representative will lose her/his right to any recognition or award, or right to attend any Avon function, including such recognition or award, or function she/he may have become eligible for prior to termination. c. Except in the case where termination is caused by Representative’s breach of any of the terms of this Contract, Representative shall have the right to return to Avon products purchased prior to such termination, subject to the terms and conditions applicable to product returns. d. Furthermore, Representative agrees that her/his registration as Representative shall be terminated for inactivity, as set forth in the applicable policies, procedures and guidelines. 15. Confidential Information:

a. Information provided in connection with this Contract and which is not publicly disclosed shall be kept confidential and shall not be used or divulged other than in the proper cause of performance of the obligations under this Contract. 16. Amendment:

a. Avon reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Contract, including Avon’s policies, procedures or guidelines at any time by giving the Representative written notice to the Representative’s address on record. If Representative has signed up to conduct her/his activities online or has provided Avon with an email address, Representative expressly authorizes Avon to issue communications and invoices electronically, by email to the Representative or by posting messages or notices on Avon’s website, and any such communication shall be deemed appropriate as written notice. 17. Others:

a. This Contract, including any applicable policies, procedures or guidelines issued by Avon which may be amended from time to time as Avon deems necessary, constitute the entire contract between the parties and supersedes any previous contract or understanding. b. This Contract may not be transferred or otherwise assigned without the prior written consent of Avon. c. Articles 9, 11, 13.3, 15, 17.4 and 17.5 shall survive the termination of this Contract. d. This Contract shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the Philippines. e. In case of any dispute arising out of or in respect to this Contract, any legal action pertaining thereto shall be filed only in the courts of Makati City to the exclusion of all other courts.

18. Removal as an Avon Independent Sales Representative
Either you or Avon may terminate your association with Avon at any time with or without cause. Circumstances that may lead Avon to terminate its association with you include but are not limited to: • Inactivity: If you do not submit an order for four consecutive Campaigns, you are considered inactive and will automatically be removed from Avon’s active file. • Past-Due Account: You may be removed if you fail to submit payments to Avon in a timely manner. • Inappropriate Actions: If you act in violation of, or in ways inconsistent with your Avon Independent Sales Representative Contract or any of Avon’s policies and procedures, wherever found, you may be removed. • Management Decision: Avon always reserves the right to terminate its association with a Representative at any time for any or no reason in its sole discretion.

19. Returning Products
Representatives may only return to Avon those products they purchased directly from Avon within the prior twelve (12) months and should provide, if requested, proof of purchase. Likewise, Representatives are required to accurately report the reasons for returns. Note: Exceptions are Representatives returning a product in accordance with the Avon Promise on behalf of a Customer who purchased the product from another Representative. Abuse of this exception by Representatives will not be tolerated. Under no circumstances is a Representative permitted to charge a fee of any kind to a Customer for honoring the Avon promise. 4.2.2 Employee Policies and Regulations

Everyone working in Avon Philippines Imus Branch should be able to do the best that they can and is dedicated to their job. Each employee should be able to contribute to the progress of the company. Employees should be able
to meet their quotas.

Employees should strive to observe mutual respect and understanding towards each other. Leaving the office without permission from the superior is prohibited. Overtime and absences are increased and deducted from the employee’s salary. Employees should always wear uniforms.

4.3 Organizational Chart

Existing System
5.1 Brief Introduction
Avon Imus currently uses the most renowned Microsoft Excel 2007 together with Microsoft Word 2007 as the software for the sales management system and sales invoice printing as well as for the inventory management system which include updating and saving incoming delivery of products. The process of ordering of items is typically done through on-site buying and through dealers. Once the stock levels diminished, the inventory clerk will inform the manager that certain product is running out of stock and needs to stock-up to prevent shortages. Generally, diminishing products can be analyzed on the spreadsheets where the product inventories are saved. After the stock is delivered, the inventory clerk ensures that exact number of items ordered is received and then update the inventory file in the worksheet as well as record it on the inventory logbook. 5.2 Inventory of IT Resources

Avon Imus Branch uses 14 computers for its operation. One computer is being used by the OIC for administrative purposes, usually for tracking the sales progress, communicating with the suppliers, evaluation for employees, and other classified information related to the company. The Dealer Accounts Management (DAM) uses 4 computers and the Cashier have 8 computers for the operation. Another computer, the Account Status Viewer computer is used publicly for the dealers and managers for them to view their current status as a manager or dealer on Avon. Three telephones are used for the communication of the administrator, cashiers and inventory clerks. Network router is used for the internet connection of the company. The current
specifications on their existing system are the following:

Avon Imus Branch uses computers running on Windows XP Professional and with Microsoft Office 2007 applications installed on it. Inventory staff and cashiers use Microsoft Excel 2007 in printing a duplicate of the sales invoice, saving and updating Avon product items in their branch. The OIC holds a record of all the progress in the branch saving it in a word document and also holds a copy of the inventory list of items for future

Avon Philippines Imus Branch has a manual Sales and Inventory System that causes inaccurate sales and inventory reports. Based on manual recording of inventory in logbooks, an unrecorded, lost and damaged record occurs. Employees are having a tough time tracing documents of certain products since reports are saved on different logbooks.

The availability of products is hard to determine for the arrangement and listing of products in the logbook is not properly arrange, which makes it difficult to check whether the product is still available in the inventory. Manual input of inventory and manual process of sales produces errors and is a time consuming task since it is only recorded by means of a record saving based software like Microsoft Excel and Word document.

The Proposed System
6.1 System Overview
The proposed system entitled Computerized Sales and Inventory System for Avon Imus provides a systematic approach on its data processing relevant to the sales process and inventory tracking of the company. The proposed system will provide Avon Imus a database that will hold the inventory of products, sales transactions and sales and/or inventory reports in an accurate and precise way . The system will be protected by a password when a certain user tries to log into the system which indicates a user without a recorded username and password would not be capable to effectively login into the system. This is regularly made to guarantee confidentially and security of the system and avoid any illegal access to the system and its utility. The proponents used Visual Basic.net as the programming language in creating a user-friendly interface and Microsoft SQL Server R2 as the database handler for the system. The system enabled the company to transact faster with the use of the modules, menus and submenus included in the system. . The system has three level of access: Administrator, Sales, Inventory and Dealers. The system will only accept specific username and password provided by the system administrator. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the company profiles and processes. Further works such as printing the sales and inventory reports could also be perform for company evaluation purposes.

6.2 System Users
a. Administrators (Franchise Manager) – the administrators gain access to and perform high level arrangement of the features of the system. The administrators were allowed to create new user accounts, reset user password, activate or deactivate user accounts, and monitor all system processes. The administrators can view and edit sales, inventory and dealers reports as well as their stock levels. b. Cashier – The cashiers (front liners) input the actual sales transactions of the customer.   It uses a PS code that allows the system to read the product name quickly and provides the sales order number. PS code provides product descriptions and unit prices that are pre-stored in the Sales and Inventory System databases.  This function allows maximum flexibility, security and centralization at different levels. The cashier is responsible for the preparing of daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales reports of the Avon Imus branch. c. Inventory Clerk – The Inventory Clerk will handle the day-to-day parts inventory control and expenditure that serves the Avon Imus branch.

The roles of the inventory clerk are following: verifies clerical computations against physical count of stock and adjusts errors in computation or count, or investigates and reports reasons for discrepancies; compiles and maintains records of quantity, type, and value of material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked in establishment; counts material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies in stock and posts totals to inventory records, and prepare reports, such as inventory balance, price lists, stock in , stock out as well as the stock levels. d. Dealers – The dealers, who are in charge for the sales promotion is also entitled to have access to the system. The dealers account is for the verification of each dealer’s sales report. Dealers are allowed to view records, remaining balances due dates as well as viewing of the inventory list. 6.3 Cost and Benefit Analysis

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