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Royal Bengal Tigers

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Royal Bengal tigers are the Kings of their domain in the jungle. But, human activities have endangered animals Bengal tiger. Their population has reduced considerably in recent times.

Bengal tigers have been a national symbol of many Empires in India


The Bengal tiger’s characteristic reddish gold fur and black stripes are easily visible to visitors in a zoo. But in the tiger’s natural habitat of forest and reed beds, the markings act as camouflage and enable it to disappear from view.

The Bengal tiger is most numerous in the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans in eastern India and Bangladesh where the River Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal. They are also found in other areas of India as well as some parts of Nepal and Burma.

Since Bengal tigers are solitary and do not like to share their hunting grounds, they need large home ranges in which to hunt. Males occupy about 20 square miles, while females typically require 17 square miles. A tiger usually has several dens in its home range and uses whichever one is most convenient at the time.

Bengal tigers are nocturnal: they hunt at night. Though powerful and quick over short distances, they stalk their prey because they cannot outrun faster prey. The tiger kills small prey with a bite on the back of the neck and large prey with a bite to the throat.

Tigers mainly hunt gaur (wild ox) and buffalo. Although a tiger is capable of killing a bull gaur more than twice its size, it prefers to attack young or old animals that put up less resistance.

In the Sundarbans region of India and Bangladesh, the tiger’s prey are chital (axis deer), wild boar, and monkeys. Tigers will sometimes attack porcupines.

Length: Males, 9-10 ft., head to tip to tail.
Shoulder height: 36 in.
Weight: Male 400-575 lb.

Habit: Solitary and nocturnal.
Diet: Chital, wild boar, monkeys, gaur, buffalo.
Call: Roar, growl, or purr.
Lifespan: 15 years under normal conditions.

Reasons for endangered:

India has two-third of the total population of Bengal tigers. They are also found in the Sunderbans in Bangladesh, in the terai region of Himalayas in Nepal, and Bhutan. But, rapid development activities of man have made Bengal tigers endangered.

The pugmarks of tigers used for census have indicated that only 3,000 Bengal tigers are alive in the forests. A survey of tigers conducted in 2010, estimates that only 1167-1657 tigers are in India, 200-419 tigers in Bangladesh, 100-194 tigers in Nepal, and 67-81 tigers in Bhutan.

Area occupied by tigers has also reduced considerably by 41 percent since 1990.

The main reason for the condition of endangered animals Bengal tiger is their loss of habitat. Man has encroached upon the forest lands due to rapid urbanization and population explosion.

Another reason for endangering Bengal tigers is their widespread poaching. Illegal trade between India, China, and Nepal in body parts of tigers have made them vulnerable. Tigers are killed for their bones, which have a high value in the international market. Tiger bones are used in traditional Chinese medicines as a muscle strengthener and treatment for Rheumatism. Tigers are also poached for their skins. Skins of tigers are used for making jackets and bags.

Revenge killing by the local villagers is yet another cause for the reducing number of tigers. When a tiger loses its way, and enters the nearby villages causing destruction to the local people, it is attacked by the village mob.

Therefore, endangered animals Bengal tiger need to be protected. Once they are lost completely, they cannot be restored.

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