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Robert Davie – the pleasure of love

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Robert Davies’ essay, The Pleasures of Love is about what can be improved on, Or what can be done to obtain the pleasures of love. He shows that we should not follow the same footsteps as Othello and Desdomona, or Romeo and Juliet. Davies believed that Othello was a man that had too much passion, and his jealously eventually led to a miscommunication between himself and Desdomona, Othello did not even bother discussing the situation with Desdomona. With Romeo and Juliet, the Star-crossed lovers’ relationship would not have lasted because they were both so young, unable to mature individually let alone together as a couple. Their lack of communication also led to a misunderstanding since it was dangerous for the two to be seen together because of their family feud, and resulted in the death of Romeo. The pleasures of love can only be felt most completely in marriage, or through time. When the couple has gotten to know each other personally through the time they have spent together.

Davies’ main point is that the conversation in a couple is essential in developing a successful relationship. In the essay he quotes, Nobody quits a cub where the conversation is fascinating, revealing, amusing, various and unexpected until the last possible minute. By conversing, the couples stay involved and together. Conversation helps a relationship grow, and it keeps it interesting. They are able to discover that they are growing older together by expressing their thoughts, emotio ns and deepest desires or wishes. Whether the couples are vastly different, or even remarkably similar they can bond between their similarities or even maintain their interest by talking about their differences. By communicating a couple would not end up like Romeo and Juliet or Othello and Desdomona. Communication is able to maintain the interest of the couple, but most importantly it also helps to avoid any miscommunications or all misunderstandings. Misunderstandings can have devastating results, possibly a argument. . Communication is the reason why couples that speak diffe rent languages would not be unable to maintain a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Robert Davies’ other main point is that young couples and people who’ve experienced affairs are unable to achieve the pleasures of love. In the essay it says, He believed the first scoundrel who hinted that she was unfaithful, and never once took the elementary step of asking her a direct question about the matter. This led to the destruction of their relationship because Othello did not trust Desdomona and believed that she was cheating on him without even communicating with her and attempting to solve the problem and to listen to her side of the story. Desdomona married Othello for his experience in life and he married her for her youth. Young people and people who’ve experienced affairs are excluded from the pleasures of love because love requires dedication and honesty in which both teenagers and love affairs do not help develop. Love affairs are quick and do now require emotion, but to achieve the pleasures of love is to go through a long emotional process.

A successful relationship is not for the young but for the old. It is also for those who are able to communicate with each other. Hearts and minds should be opened, or only the path to jealousy will be the only road to tak e. Most importantly love is the personal experience of loves, and it must be felt directly. These are the accurate requirements and perceptions that would lead to the satisfactions of the pleasures of love.

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