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Regulatory Requirements

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1 Identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in own area of work. The regulatory requirements, codes of practice for the guidance of managing concerns and complaints comes from the National Minimum Standards for sessional day care which is led by CSSIW, by law we have to comply and follow their guidelines to make sure any complaints or concerns are dealt with appropriately and sensitively. Inspections are carried out by CSSIW annually in our setting to make sure we conform with the child care regulations.

The National Minimum standards states: complaints: children and their parents are confident that their complaints will be listened to, taken seriously and acted on The registered person operates a simple, clear and accessible complaints procedure. The registered person has a written complaints procedure, which is available to parents and which includes details about how to contact the relevant office of the CSSIW. The registered person considers and/or investigates all complaints. The registered person keeps and accurate and detailed record of all complaints, which includes the following information: Name of complainant

Nature of complaint
Date and time of complaint
Action taken in response to complaint
Result of complaint investigation
Information given to complainant
The registered person ensures that all complaints are handled in a sensitive and confidential manner. As a cylch we have been registered with care and social services inspectorate wales, we are also a full member of the Mudiad meithrin who is responsible in providing all cylchoedd settings with management guidelines which includes policies and procedures on complaints they are as follows: CODE OF PRACTICE

The cylch will establish a robust procedure for receiving complaints and will attempt to resolve them in a constructive way as soon as possible. If a parent/guardian or other member of the public is dissatisfied with any aspect of the cylch’s service, the cylch will follow the following procedure: Contact the cylch leader or the registered person to voice the complaint verbally. An attempt will be made to resolve the matter and parent/guardians will be informed within 3 working days. If the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved, or if the parent/guardians wish to present the complaint in writing the matter should be referred formally and in writing to the registered person.

A full investigation will be held at once and the complainant will receive a full response within 10 working days. If the investigation has not been completed within the specified time, an interim report should be presented to the complainant, with an explanation of why more time is required. The investigation should be completed and a written report produced within 28 days. All correspondence, notes and reports relating to the matter will be kept by the cylch and will be available for CSSIW to see.

At the request of CSSIW the registered person/the committee will be responsible for preparing a report of every complaint received by the cylch during the previous 12 months, and the steps taken to address each complaint. If the complaint involves an accusation against the Registered person or another member of the committee, Mudiad Meithrin should be contacted for further advice. If the complaint involves and accusation of child abuse, the cylch will act immediately by following its Child Protection Policy which conforms to the Regional Committee’s Child Protection Procedures

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