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How to Deal With Reflective Journal Writing Argumentative

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A reflective journal is a type of assignment, which is usually prepared by students of colleges and universities. Reflective journal format resembles the diary. It comprises a set of events, which are presented in the form of short, but informative portions of material, describing various life experiences. A reflective journal is supposed to illustrate various situations, which a writer has experienced. According to content requirements, a writer has to present an in-depth analysis of a certain experience, making conclusions concerning the lesson received after living through the particular experience.

A reflective journal is supposed to include life’s most prominent thoughts. A task of a writer is to describe and analyze positive or negative experience or event. A student has to describe the situation, explain, what is meant to him/her. It is vital to mention, how the situation changed the mindset of a writer and what conclusion he/she has made. One can also describe, how the very case influenced one’s life. The text of a reflective journal should be enhanced with plenty of details and facts, giving the target reader an opportunity to fully emerge in the narration and get the main sense easily.

The aim of a reflective journal writing

A reflective journal writing helps to record a detailed description of a certain life situation, which an author experienced. Preparation of this assignment demands from a writer availability of profound writing as well as critical thinking skills. A task of students working on the delivery of a reflective journal assignment is to make weekly journal entries to be able to compile a proper paper. A person has to approach this task seriously.

Exists a reflective journal example template, the following of which allows to compile a high quality informative paper.

  1. Primarily, an author has to analyze everything that happened. A prolific strategy will be to take notes while remembering to avoid omission of important details. Try to reflect all the emotions, thoughts and feeling you experienced at that particular moment.
  2. Next, try to think over why everything is the way it is. Make an in-depth analysis of everything.
  3. A good strategy will be to align future actions with the reflected values. Try to decide, how the specific situation influences the change of the system of your values.
  4. An in-depth and thorough analysis, conducted by a writer in the process of creating the reflective journal helps to get rid of disturbing thoughts and ideas. In some cases, it helps to eliminate the pang of guilt. The reflective journal serves as a great way to wash aways emotions and share thoughts and ideas with others.

Reflective journal writing template

While starting the work on a reflective journal, a person has to familiarize oneself with a template and main structural requirements. Reflective journal example of template presupposes the availability of several sense blocks, which secure the logical and consequent layout. Primarily, a student has to describe the situation and give background. Your task is to set the scene and explain o a reader what happened. In the next section, a writer has to describe the impact, which the experience made on him and his mindset. The next block should include info explaining what the writer learned from the experience. The last section is called decision. It should include the information explaining what the writer decided to do after living through such experience.

Apart from structural peculiarities, exists also other guidelines, which should be followed by a writer.

  1. To have enough material, a writer should always keep the journal nearby to be able to make notes.
  2. A good strategy is to make regular journal entries.
  3. Try to participate and observe, and it will enable to collect enough info. Yo9u have to summarize and contemplate everything immediately.
  4. Try to conduct regular reviews.
  5. Bear in mind, that while writing a reflective journal you have to document the events, which somehow influence your life.

To see how everything works in practice and get familiar with the main nuances, one has to consult a sample reflective journal.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://primetimeessay.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Reflective-Journal-Format-Template.pdf” title=”Reflective Journal Format Template”]

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