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RED product swot analysis

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‘ Brand’ are valuable assets in market place so its important to branding of the product.Value of Brand is more than the product.Brand refers to create praticular amount of awareness, prominence and reputation in the market. Strong brand creates value in business.Brand equity indicates the well known name of brand which increses the financial value of company. Strong brand equity produces long term success of company which gives emotional connection between customers, achieves loyality to brand.

Co-branding is also called as partnership with two or more brands.Its increases brand awareness,generate sales and produces innovation with collabaration. But it is important to take into consideration the value of company and its image.Product red is the example of Co-branding. The business model of the (Product) Red is to increase awareness about health and make money for global funds to fight the speard of AIDS by tie up with world’s most recognizable brand. (RED) campaign form partnership with the certain large companies like Apple, Starbucks, Converse, Nike and Gap. These compnies incorporated (RED) products to increase money for the global funds. Collabaratively, they have produced over more than $ 150 million.

However, RED product co-branding is for Cause-related marketing which is on profit or non profit basis with fundamental goal of increase the global funds by arranging programs for ADIS in Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa and Swaziland. Hence, initiatives of global corporate social responsibility have been associated to build strong branding strategies.

Reflection on timeline shows that in January 2008 Dell and microsoft were the partners of RED. They offer new laptop called as Windows Vista Ultimate (Product) Red. The donation is like 80$,50$ and 5$ as per respective computer design. Starbucks released a RED Exclusive beverages having Holiday beverage option devoting to global funds as 0.05$ every exclusive beverage sold through in January 2009. Nike presented shoelaces,( NIKE) RED laces with slogan “ Lace up, save lives”. All profit of the product assigned to global funds.

The product RED produces variety of similar interfering Brand Aid.As Brand Aid is the combination of ‘ Aid to brand’ and ‘Brands that provide Aid’. The concept behind the Product Red is ‘Aid to Brand’ because it assists sell branded products and trying to promote ethical profile and value of brand. Like other cause-related marketing action which is a proportion of sales or profit is denoted to helping others.

So, it is called as ‘ brands that provide Aid’ roduct (RED) could generate long-term high levels of income for the Global Fund. – Raises awareness of the Global Fund and the activities they undertake. – Brand recognition. – By buying (RED) products consumers learn about how serious the AIDS problem in Africa is. Internal Weaknesses: – They allow partner companies to profit from higher sales due to consumers wanting to help worse off people in Africa. – (RED) licences only one company for each product category which may cause competition between rival companies. External Opportu

Case Issues –

Strength –
1) Product RED could achieve high level of income and provide it to global fund
2) Increases awareness of the global fund and awareness of elimination of AIDS in Africa
3) Cause related marketing raise the sales.
4) Brand Recognition
5) Consumer understand the seriousness of the problem facing in Africa by purchasing the RED product.
6) RED compaign is not only good for the global funds but also profitable for business.
7) Sucessful in build up sustainable business model.
8) Consumers only have to pay orignal price of product. No need to pay more.

1) Business Model depends on Partership
2) Building brand and producing

Opportunity –
Brand extension
Partnership with the strong brand equity

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