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This chapter is all about recruiting and its process. The process of seeking sources for job candidates is called recruiting. The discussion begins here with the basics of recruiting from a job candidate and job recruiter’s perspective. For recruitment there has two perspectives which can be followed in any kind of recruitment, one is local and another is global perspectives. Global recruitments are followed by host country based recruitment where a citizen is hired by an organization based in another country. In this case the person works in another country can be termed as an expatriate.

Like any other procedure recruitment procedure has some constraints. Most specifically there are five constraints. Those are- Organization Image, Job attractiveness, Internal Organizational Policies and Government Influences, Recruiting costs.

For better recruitment organizations follows several recruiting sources. The major recruiting sources are- Internal Search: Internally recruitment policy which is less costly than outside recruitment can also be proved as an training device for developing mid level to top level employees. It’s make employees ambitious and builds their morale. Employee referrals & recommendation: In this process a new job applicant is selected by a recommendation from any current employee. It generally helps to locate potential employee for hard to reach area External Search: This type of search includes newspaper advertisement, seeking help from employee agencies, school, college, University, professional organizations etc. In recent times cyberspace base recruitment is also applied where web pages are used as resume Alternatives: Includes temporary help services, employee leasing and consultants

This chapter is all about the process of selecting employee. Look at the recruitment and selection of an employee as an opportunity to evaluate the company’s needs. If you need to fill an existing position, take the time before recruiting to reevaluate the role. You can modify the job description, reorganize departments or adjust necessary skills. Consider the employees who previously held the job and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to help decide on necessary revisions Here we discussed over the steps of selection process in the job. The overall selection process includes eights steps- Initial screening Interview: First step where job inquiries are sorted. Completing the application form: Company specific form that provides information the company want like name, address etc.

Employment tests: Tests of intelligence, aptitude, ability and interest. Comprehensive Interview: A selection device used to obtain in-depth information of a candidate. Back-ground Investigation: Verify the information that candidate provides. Conditional Job Offer: tentative job offer that become permanent after certain period. Medical or Physical Examination: Examination to determine applicants physical fitness. Permanent Job-offer: Offering permanent job if all above procedures are successful. Successfully completion of the first seven stages will ensure a job candidate’s final job offer or permanent employment in the organization. Besides all the steps there are some key elements of job selection process those are crucial for various reasons. Some of the elements work as a selection device to ensure reliability and validity; some others help us to decide reasons behind successful job performance and also helps to understand the statistical relation between individual score and his/her performance.

The chapter eight begins with discussion of entry level socialization which helps a new employee getting acclimate to the new organization. Socialization is very important for professional business. This chapter is all about the important issue that is needed to train and development of employee and employer. Adaptation that takes places as individuals attempt to learn the value and norms of work roles. For socialization there are three stages which are termed as socialization process. The stages are- 1.Pre-arrival Stage: Individual arrives in an organization with a set of organizational values, attitudes and expectation. 2.Encounter Stage: Individual comforts the possible dichotomy between expectation and reality. 3.Metamorphosis Stage: New employee must work out the inconsistencies

discovered in encounter stage.
Later the chapter discussed with employee orientation process, its necessity and what kind of role a CEO and HRM can play during the time of employee orientation. Besides orientation employee need several types of training. Some are present oriented basically for the current employee’s and others are future oriented for personal growth basically for the employers. There are also some on job and off job training method which is also necessary for employee training and organization development. The chapter highlights the changing factors in an organization. While discussing it indicates two change process- The calm water metaphors: Envisions the organization as a large ship crossing a calm sea. The white water rapids metaphors: Pictures the organization as a small raft navigating a ranging river with uninterrupted white water rapid. Considering this change process Kurt Lewin’s discussed a three stage changing process. They are Unfreeze, Freeze and Defreeze.
Finally the chapter discussed with the pre training and post training performance methods on the basis of this we can evaluate the performance of employees before the training and after the training. For international level training and development there are several others issues here like cross cultural training, language training, training in local cultural.

For any kind of employee a long term career development is required for achieving a success. For developing better career individual seek opportunities for those organizations which attracts him/her and utilize their talent properly. From organizations point of view they need to reduce the employee frustration and enhance cultural diversity for developing a good organization. The career of an individual can be discussed with the five traditional career stages. Those are- Exploration(0-20age): Transition from school to work

Establishment(25-35): Getting first job and being accepted.
Mid career(40-55): will performance increase or begin to decline. Late career(55-65): The elder state person.
Decline(65-70): Preparing for retirement.
The stages are marked by a specific age group so that we can identify which stages we are passing during our career and from which age group career

starts, developed and end can also be clarified. About career choosing and development Holland gave six vocational themes where the theme decides which type of jobs represents whom. The six themes are- Realistic: Agriculture, Mechanical Job

Artisitc: Musician, Actor
Social: Teaching
Enterprising: Business Management
Conventional: Numerical Work, Data entry
Finally the chapter discussed the steps of career enhancing where each steps talked about some specific objectives of career. The first objective of career enhancement knows about yourself which can be continued with managing reputation and maintaining network with the contacts. Beside this an employee has to be current with regular situation and have to keep open all kind of opportunities. In the end he/she have to keep proper documentation of achievements and balance specialties and generalities.

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