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Reaction Paper Buahy Ng Isang Bayani

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As required by our professor, a reaction paper should be made upon watching the short film entitled Buhay ng Isang Bayani. This film pictures events and unknown facts regarding the life of the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal. Most scenes and excerpts were taken from the personal diary of Rizal and were performed by some artists like Pen Medina who acted for Jose Rizal himself. Before watching the film I had accomplished reading the third chapter of our book which talks about the life of Rizal. Upon reading the chapter, the scenes played in the film made my mind and vision clearer. The film started from Rizal telling what had been his life as a young boy was. Unlike any typical boy, Rizal came from a rich family which can be considered as principalia. His parents were considered to be exemplary in their own ways. Don Francisco or Don Kikoy was a good merchant and farmer while Donya Teodora or Donya Lolay came from a family of professionals. He had a big family with ten siblings: nine sisters and a brother named Paciano. Rizal was describe as a young boy whose eagerness to learn was of undeniable. At his young age of nine, he was asked to part from his family and start schooling.

He took entrance examinations and finally schooled at prestigious campuses in Manila by that time: Ateneo and University of Sto. Thomas. Rizal also continued his studies abroad and was able to visit many countries. As a Filipino student among those Spanish ones, Rizal demonstrated great talent in literature and philosophy as well as in arts. He received awards in some contests that he joined and successfully won the major ones at times. Indeed, as a student, Rizal was very hard working and dedicated. He was an engineer, sculptor, painter, ophthalmologist and a writer at once. Of course there were his friends who helped him achieve those titles. One of them was Ferdinand Blumentritt who later on became his closest friend.

As Rizal grew older his desire for national independence grew stronger. He was able to express his grievances through writing novels and poems. An example of which was Noli Me Tangere which was dedicated to the three martyr friars. The publication of this novel aroused many Filipinos to fight for their freedom and on the other side, made the Spanish friars angry which led to the conviction of Rizal. He was accused of being a spy and so much more. His arrest was made after his homecoming from Hong Kong and was detained at Fort Santiago. On the day of his execution he was shot in Bagumbayan and is now remembered to as the Philippine National Hero. If an ordinary person would take the place of Rizal, I doubt that his life would end as Rizal’s life was ended. Rizal demonstrated great love for his country and at any point of view, is not guilty of all the accusations that was passed on to him.

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