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Qualities of a good parent -short and brief

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How is a parent supposed to become a good parent opposed to being a bad one? Many different people have different opinions on what makes a “good” parent. Many can agree that there are some general qualities that a “good” parent must have. A good parent is one who has a good source of income, has good ways of bringing up a child, and has time for their child.

Income, ways of raising and time are all very crucial things to consider when being a parent. Income supports a child’s education and provides materialistic objects that are normally thought not to be essential, but actually matter. If a parent can’t provide a sufficient amount of income for their life, and the life of their family, then the child’s basic needs are probable not to be met. Along with income, an adult’s capability of bringing up a child is very important as well. A parent’s amount of care that they place in their children is crucial because if they care “too much” the child may not form opinions of their own and not grow up to be their own individual person. If the children receives too little care then they may not have the basics to developed their own person correctly and in some cases have led to an adult life of problems.

Finally, time is very important when it comes to having children, especially with teenagers. In their early years, a child requires a lot of attention or time. As a teenager, assuming they got a lot of time directed to them when they were younger, they feel that less time is better just because they are accustomed to the great deal of time they received as a child. They’ve developed over the years and now have a more demanding need for privacy and social time with friends, or less time with parents and family. it seems that parents crowd their lives and they would be happier if they got more privacy or more social time. A combination of all these qualities makes the ideal parent.

Income, raising styles, and time management are all very important when it comes to dealing with children. Parents have to be very careful with exactly how much of each they give and in what amounts at a time. Good parents not only have of these three basic qualities, but a great deal more. It’s impossible to decide which qualities are the most vital. What a child needs most is a parent that shows they care enough to try and be the ideal parent.

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