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Proud To Be An Indian

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On August 15, 1947, India woke up to freedom. Decades later we still continue to celebrate this day when we became a free and sovereign nation. With great leaders like Gandhiji India won Independence. One is proud of being an Indian because he has the freedom to speak, write, express ones views ect.. People of India live in peace and harmony. India is now emerging global, scientific and technological superpower it has diverse environment of flora and fauna. India has its own rich traditions and heritage. The unity in diversity is unique in our nation. Our first PM Jawaharlal Nehru considered our tricolour not as a flag but as a symbol of freedom to all people, which still continues. India is a country of love, care and affection. In today’s world of selfishness, we in India still respect our elders, care for our mates and traditional culture. India is diverse in languages, cultures, lifestyles, cuisines, climatic conditions, scenic beauty, architecture, traditions but still it is binded by unity. I have got tons of reasons to love my country, but the most important thing is I love my country and I need no reason for it. IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE

Discipline means the training that produces obedience, self-control, physical fitness and mental strength in a person. In human life, discipline is an important feature of human character. Without discipline, nothing great can be achieved in life.Discipline is normally found in a person from his/her childhood. This is a habit acquired from environment or by training. One’s habit, manner, movement or speech is guided by one’s sense of discipline. Discipline builds up good nature and a strong personality in a person. It provides training of mind and character. Lack of discipline causes disaster and disorder in human life. Discipline teaches us to obey the rules and take the responsibility of duties. It trains us to become honest, cordial and respectable to all. Discipline is an essential quality both in private and public life. Children should grow up with a sense of discipline from an early age so that they can prosper in their future life. ADVANTAGES OF LIVING IN A JOINT FAMILY

A joint family is a group of persons, who are related to one another and who share a common roof, common religion and common property. The joint family system is the most important features of our social system. Here in India, the family does not consist of the husband, wife and children only. On the other hand parents, grandparents, uncles, their sons and daughters, sons and daughters, all live together. Family is the social, economic, religious and political unit of our society. It protects the widows, weak and aged members of the family. It renders living economical. Since many people live together, the cost of living becomes low for each. In joint family, the child comes in touch with the people of various natures. As a result the personality of a child develops nicely.It tends to develop the virtue of self-discipline, the spirit of self-sacrifice and mutual dependence among members.

A joint family is a group of persons, who are related to one another and who share a common roof, common religion and common property. Money is most important in life. Without money we cannot live in this world. For all sorts of things we need money. For basic needs, we should have money other wise we will starve and die. When we earn money we should spend as much we need. Otherwise we should save as much we can.Money has become very important factor in everyone life. If we don’t earn money means we are no where, nobody respect us and we fail to make our own existence. If we earn money then we are capable of staying as we want. That means we become self dependent. This ability of self dependence gives us ability to survive any where in the world. We don’t need support of any one but we can be support of someone. Saving money is essential to anybody with a futuristic mindset. It’s always good to have a bundle of cash when needed for emergencies. IF I WERE PRIME MINISTER FOR ONE DAY

India is the largest democratic country and the Prime Minister is the head of it. He represents the country and is regarded as the first among equals. It is really a matter of pride to be the Prime Minister of such a vast country. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would make India a strong country. I would try to make Indian forces the most powerful in the world. I would like to remove poverty and unemployment from India. I would take steps for the improvement of agriculture if I were the Prime Minister of India. I would give old a pension and unemployment allowance to the nee persons. I would set up small-scale industries in different parts of the country. I would control the black-marketing and hoarding of essential commodities. I would establish peace with the neighbouring countries. I would create an atmosphere of friendship over the country.

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