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Protests Against Police Brutality

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 “The first freedom of speech case was brought to the Supreme Court in 1919, the debate over whether it is an absolute or qualified right has persisted ( )”. Protesting has been a part of U.S. culture for over 100 years. Protesting allows citizens to feel united with their peers and gives them a feeling of importantness in their country. Without protesting many of the nations amendments wouldn’t exist. For instance, protesting has allowed citizens to gain their rights when the law has continually denied citizens of simple natural rights that should have been given without question. Although it is looked on to be an act of violence and disrespectful to the nation; citizens should be able to continue their right to protest due to their lack of rights. Protesting has been a way of expression ever since the days of slavery and the civil war.

 Protesting has recently become a problem due too the outcome of police brutality, lack of alleged rights, and the protest against oppression. “A century after the U.S. civil war emancipated millions from slavery, African-Americans in several U.S. states were still deprived of basic civil rights (www.bbc.com)”. This piece of evidence shows how even after slavery was demolished and illegal, African Americans were still discriminated against and mistreated. These actions lead too mass protesting and social rights movement. Another example; “Technology explains the mechanics of viral social media movement… There’s a lot of increased capacity for organizing because of the experience of the past ten years… before black lives matter there was occupy, since then we’ve had the dreamers, the woman’s rights march, and music ba protest in airports”(mashable.com/large-protest-america). This piece of evidence emphasizes how media has made a huge impact on protesting. 

Recently movies such as , And has portrayed amazing performances, examples of how protesting can make a change, and How important protesting impacts our lives. ( The first Reason why Citizens should be able to continue protesting is the . “Congress should not make no law respecting the establishment of religion or, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, The freedom of speech or of the press” (The first amendment). This evidence provided by the Constitution clearly states and guarantees that citizens have the right too protest and that there is no rule that can be made that neglects them of their right. Including being able too protesting without consequence. 

Another example that states citizens should be able to protest is “The first amendment guarantees freedom concerning religion, expression, assembly, and right too petition”( ). This document proves once again how the right too protest and freedom of expression should be guaranteed to every citizen without consequence. Overall the right too protest was declared in the constitution as a promise to all citizens of the United States of America. The second reason why protesting should not have consequences and should continue is the protest against oppression. For example “ Now that the pre-season had begun, some of the leagues’ players are again refusing too stand during the national anthem” ( t-police-violence-anthem). NFL player Colin Kaepernick kneeled in the NFL during the pledge in order to protest against police brutality and the oppression of colored people. After these actions, Colin all of a sudden doesn’t work in the NFL anymore, strange? Another piece of evidence that shows protesting against oppression is “ The protest had been intended to draw attention to police and the economic and social oppressing of people of color… I am not going to stand up to show pride in a country that oppresses black people and people of color” ( ). This Evidence fights the claim of protesting being violent all while supporting the claim that says the oppression of colored people is a great reason for protesting. In this quote, NFL player states how he refuses to stand for a country where he feels people of his color are not getting treated equally after everything that the past has fought for. 

The oppression towards people of color is just one of many reasons protesting should continue without consequence. An ongoing third reason why protesting should continue without consequence is the growing of police brutality. “More than 100 protests shut down an intersection in East Liberty around noon Sunday, it was the latest about a dozen protest in the wake of Antwan Rose Jr. killed by East Pittsburg officer Michel Rosenfeld” ( ). This peice of evidence shows how an innocent young boy has been shot and killed by a police officer. This evidence alow shows exactly why people are protesting against police brutality; in the mourn of their loved ones and for Justice. Another interestingly sad piece of evidence to show how police brutality effects us “ Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers… a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers in 2015”( ). 1,134 young black men killed in a year, that’s at least 3 deaths every day. Despite only making up 2% of the total U.S. population, their rate of police-involved deaths is five times more likely than white men of her same age. Protesting against police brutality is a fair and reasonable example of peaceful protest and why protesting should continue without consequence. Although the main point of this essay is to show and give examples of why protesting should continue to be legal here are some examples of why others may see otherwise. 

Many citizens say protesting is disrespectful too the nation, and violent. “A slight majority of Americans say it is never appropriate too kneel during the national anthem in protest according to Washington post” ( .com). This piece of evidence shows how many Americans believe protesting or kneeling is a form of disrespect to our nation. “Violent protest surge by 18% in five years… If you look at public violence, the unrest which has been on the increase and it is mainly people trying to express their feelings”( ). This evidence shows how most violence that occurs in the streets happens due too “freedom of expression” and protesters who want to demonstrate how they feel. Even though these factors give protesting a bad reputation, protesting should still continue to be legal in all forms. 

Many believe protesting is a form of disrespect to our nation and it’s past, but the first amendment; which includes the freedom of speech, expression, and righty too protest suggest otherwise. Protesting against the oppression of colored people and protesting in order too put an end too police brutality also are exceptionally reasonable reasons for protest. In order for the oppression of colored people and police brutality too stop, citizens absolutely need to protest for their “alleged” rights. Citizens must use their voices and protest too get a change they disserve. Protesting, and the freedom and speech along with expression is necessary in order to get justice. Protesting should be un-questionable as the result of police brutality and oppression towards young black men. Regardless of the thought that protesting is disrespectful to the nation. Protesting should be considered a natural right that all citizens obtain.  

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