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Project Deliverable

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Critical Path: “The Critical path is the longest duration path through the project.

The significance of the critical path is that the activities that lie on it cannot be delayed without delaying the project. Because of its impact on the entire project, critical path

analysis is an important aspect of project planning.” The next phase of the project cannot be started or completed until the tracking of last task has been completed. This allows for the controlled tasks to be monitored for each step of the project on its critical path and will allow no slack. A majority of our tasks fall on the critical path. Our project needs to be well managed to make sure the project is not delayed by task going over the set schedule. As long as the project stays on target the critical path will not change.

Status Reports: Given weekly by the Project Coordinator to the Project Manager and on up the corporate ladder. The Project Coordinator includes the following information from supervisors and managers of specific divisions that are handling the project. The Coordinator also briefs the Project Manager on what is actually happening with the project and what was originally planned. Other factors are included such as costs, performance, and scheduling conflicts. We have scheduled status reports every Wednesday to make sure we can keep on top of the current task and project any future risks we may run into.

Event-Driven Reports: Based on specific phases of completion within the project. These types of reports can also have milestones within the project or significant events that have occurred along the project life cycle. Task completion reports are one of the most significant Event-Driven reports. A specific Event-Driven report for the group’s current project would be the License Acquisition Agreement. This is a major milestone for the project and cannot be completed or continued without this process being completed. In the On Star Boat Project the documents at the end of phases are all event driven reports. These documents are symbolizing the end of the phase.

Performance Measures: Indicates timely completion of scheduling and budget performance within the critical path and ensuring that project track is on the right path. These measures can show the outcome of performance and a better way to track the project, lower costs and eliminate risk within the critical path. Some of our performance measures include government licensing and the approval of the blue prints and prototypes. Performance of the project is also measured in the testing phase.

Project Evaluation: Whenever starting a project the coordinator and manager always hope for positive pros, however throughout the project cons can be established.

Evaluating the project is an important step in the overall success of project management. We have evaluations thought the documentations at the end of each phase and with the milestones of the project.

Project Termination: Wrapping up the project and reviewing lessons learned. Termination also includes review of the overall success of the project, whether or not all tasks were completed or needed review. Within the termination we are going to evaluate the compiled documents from the previous phases. We will also take surveys received earlier by the sample group from testing and survey the employees to see how everything worked out if we over worked them or if there was any other comments they wanted documented into the project. After all the hard work of the employees we are going to have a celebration of all the hard work and completion of the project.


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“Critical Path Method”, http://www.netmba.com/operations/project/cpm/

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