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Pro-gun Rights

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Gun control is among the controversial subject in United States. For a number of years now, the debate has found its way on public spaces and has generated heated arguments for and against allowing Americans to have guns. Gun control rights stems from the constitution rights but the consequences have been devastating forcing most Americans to reconsider their constitution rights to own guns. The  trend in shooting spree  has convinced Americans that they are not safe with guns in hands of public but the problem could be counteracted by allowing every American to own gun so that  everyone would be in a position to defend themselves when attacked (Policy Almanac).

The argument on gun control stem from the fundamental right that Americans feel have been bestowed by the constitution against the problems the society is experiencing as a result of those guns.  This means that the whether or not to keep guns depends on individual perception of his or her rights against the perceived harm or advantages of guns in the society. In essence, United States is based on a constitution that grants individuals the rights to live in a peaceful environment where their rights are taken into consideration. This implies that if the United States constitution allows Americans to have guns, this right should not be taken away in consideration of few isolated incidences that are mere crimes. Americans should be allowed to own guns and therefore should not be strict control on gun ownership and use.

 Gun ownership is a constitutional right awarded to all Americans through the second amendment.  The second amendment states that “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” (guncite.com).  The intent and purpose of this phrase in the Second Amendment was meant to preserve and guarantee Americans the right to keep and bear arms for self defense. Those against gun control have argued that the inclusion of the term militia here did not apply to the normal citizens but subsequent court ruling have in deed upheld the intention of the clause to show that it was meant to allow Americans to own guns for self defense. The second amendment guarantees individuals rights to own guns for collective purpose and it was meant to ensure continued prevalence of vigilant Americans who were in position to protect the rights of fellow citizens when faced by any danger. This means that   strict gun controls will bring about constitution crisis. There have been a number of court rulings that have upheld the rights of Americans to own guns. If the government will continue with institution strict gun controls, it may bring about conflict of the intention of second amendments and the new gun control rules. It will require a long process to amend the constitution to sneak in the strict gun control laws.

There have been attempted gun regulations in a number of states in light of shooting incidents which have taken place in the recent past. However, it is important to point out that those for gun control are just looking at separated incidences that paint a negative picture of owning guns and they rarely looks into the positive aspect of owning guns. They rarely look at the consequences of strict gun control on individual security. Statistics shows that annually, there are about two million uses of guns for defensive purposes by law abiding Americans (Kleck & Gertz 8).

The number of defensive use of guns greatly outnumbers the incidence in which guns have been reckless used by ill motivated individuals. Use of guns outside the defensive mandate should be considered as a normal device in the society and therefore it should not be taken as bases for denying Americans their constitution rights. Americans cannot be left at the pity of gangs maundering the streets and every day be exposed to violent attacks because gangs knows that they are armed. In other words, taking away guns from Americans will make them prone to more attacks. Currently, there is a balance created between those will ill motive to use guns and those with good motives because those with ill motives always do not know if their targeted  prey is armed or not. This means that they fear attacking people because they may reiterate by using their guns. Taking guns away from Americans will give advantage to street gangs and individuals will motives to attack them.

Strict gun control is perpetuated on the background of misinformation that ordinary Americas are ill tempered, clumsy, and untrustworthy. It is based on the notion that Americans cannot be trusted with guns because they are likely to shoot other people when they are provoked. How many Americans have shot their fellow citizens when provoked? Can this assumption be proved? No. Americans are peace loving citizens who want to live in an environment that guarantee them freedom and coexistence. America is the most multiracial society in the world and it has not experienced problems that are faced by other such societies.

In essence, the call for upholding the right of Americans to own gun should be based on the need to trust them with their weapons (Kopel). Guns do not shoot, it is people who shoot. Taking guns away guns from Americans means taking away their trust. It means taking away the rights to self defense of Americans, like women and other minority races, who are likely to be  attacked by ill motivated individuals. Considering the many incidents that have happened, if the victims had guns, they would have shot their assailants before dozens others were killed.  Civilian gun ownership is not only a powerful deterrent to crime but it is also a factor in showing trust on people, which helps in peaceful coexistent.

In conclusion, there are many problems that are likely to arise from strict gun control.  It is likely to create a constitution conflict since Americans have constitution rights to own guns. It will take away the ability of Americans to defend themselves increasing their vulnerability to attacks. It will also take away trust on Americans. Therefore, Americans should be allowed to keep guns.

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