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Poverty in Ghana

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Ghana is a considerably poorer country in comparison with other countries in the west like Britain and the United States, meaning that the country is LEDC, standing for Less Economically Developed Country.

Although in 2002 Ghana was written off $893 million dollars of their debt costing two organizations. They are still heavily in debt of $3.7 billion dollars. Most of this is owed to the US.

The climate of Ghana is hot and a dry because it is located near the equator. There is not much water because of the poor rainfall. This means that many rivers and lakes dry up meaning a starvation of fresh water for poor towns and villages. This is the main cause of disease and poverty in Ghana. Compared to Britain the climate is very different. In Britain the climate is mild and wet. This climate makes it very easy to grow crops. However in Ghana it is impossible to grow most crops, this is another cause to poverty.

Since arriving in the village I have worked closely with a number of families, in particular a woman called Grace. The conditions in which grace and her family live are more shocking than I could ever imagine.

She lives in a mud hut with a straw roof. She has no access to clean water. This is the main reason why two of her children have died. She has almost no possessions and the food is very scarce. They have almost no money, not even enough to buy medicine if one of her children were to fall ill.

I feel it is important to explain why grace and her family live in such conditions, along with millions of other Ghanaians.

Millions of children die from illnesses, which could be avoided through very inexpensive medicine. Grace’s family is one of those who are at high risk.

Less Economically Developed Countries cannot often afford a national welfare system e.g. pensions and employment benefit.

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