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Polluting in Third World

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Third world countries are poorer and undeveloped countries they are exceptionally poor environmental situations. In these poorer nations pollution is allowed. Businesses from western countries which are wealthy take advantage of that situation. These businesses depot their garbage and haphazard waste in poor and under developing countries. There are many businesses that headquarters are located in the United States but the manufacturing facilities in third world countries. For companies that are contaminating in a these poorer nation they think that because these countries are third world countries which are poor and under developed. In Third World countries do not have the conditions that the United States have to prevent business doing harm to the environment and to health of the people. This leave undeveloped and poor countries left with making a huge decision on whether eat and prove a living for their families or not or to have a clean environment. That is a tough situation to be in if I was in that situation honestly I do not know which one I will choose. Some people may say that these businesses take advantage of this situation.

I agree that businesses do take advantage. These businesses dump their trash and other hazardous waste into these poor countries. Businesses go into third world nations and build facilities and plant. Those plants contamination the air of these poorer nations they do so they not have to deal with the laws and regulations which businesses have face in the United States. Water and air pollution, deforestation, and poisoning are environmental issues that poorer countries are dealing with. Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe are the countries that many of these businesses are flocking to. Businesses come in to these poor countries where most of the people don’t have the education of what these chemicals can do to them and their families Some of the reason why these countries are the ones that are victimize mostly I feel is because environmental inequality.

Many of these corporations / business that produce harmful chemicals that are overly dangerous and adverse in the United States find an acceptable market in these poorer countries. In these poorer countries their government cannot restrict the usage of the chemical that are being use. The governments are trying to find a way for their citizens to provide and make a living. Many questions that are asked are how these businesses can do this, can this be fair. It is not fair looking at it from a moral stand point, but there are no laws that will make this impossible to happen to these countries. These countries also suffer from environmental difficulties caused by poverty and war. Reason Business Conduct in Third World Countries

Some may ask how these businesses damage the environment. One way they harm the environment by taking natural resources from the planet and dispose of waste. Some businesses discharge waste into bodies of water such as ponds and rivers where the citizens drink from. This is sometimes relatively harmless to the ecosystem. China in 2011 was the second largest world they created 2.3 million mass of electronic waste there is an enormous amounts of electronic waste imported from overseas. Processing and dismantling of electronic waste establish employment by recycling valuable materials but its cause misfortune to the employee and the habitat by absolving pollutants. Guiyu, China has the world’s largest electronic waste. There were 60,000 workers in 2005 that processed more than 100 truck load of electronic waste. The waste site has established employment but it has created many problems such as health issues and presumptive issues the primitive recycling operations are dangerous and toxic to their workers’ health. Their families health is also affected 88% of the child are suffering from lead poisoning and there were also report of high percent of miscarriage.

In this course we read case study 7.1 Hazardous Homes in Herculaneum which was about a company named Doe Run where it was found in case study that 24% of children under the age of 6 had a high level lead found in their blood. In the United States these manufacturing business are responsible when it come to the adequate environmental safety precautions, they are also held liable for any errors. When these business are doing business in a poorer countries which lack standards for environmental safety. Now when it comes to these businesses that are associated to contamination in third world countries they face serious consecution in the media in the United States. When it comes to the media in Third world countries it be may little or no media attention at all. You will think that no one will want to link to chemical dumping into rivers and ponds were in these poorer countries where they drank and bath in that water. Make me wonder what are these business companies’ ethics and their integrity in conducting business. Some expert continually debate on whether doing business in these Third World countries when the government is oppressive or many have corruption. Price and Progress

When it come environmental damages humans and animal are harmed because our resources are not unlimited. In Garrett Hardin’s parable, “The Tragedy of the Commons,” he describes the importance of the environment to human interests based on the fact that it’s limited (399). Hardin is describing a town that share a grassland let livestock abrade indiscriminately. The village in the long run loses all its grass and the people who live in the village are left with a serious problem of having no way to feed their animals. In the case study 7.2 Poverty and Pollution a young mother states that her children are ill and sometimes they barely can breathe. Now this parent who is helpless because she cannot afford to move from the area that is affecting her children health. As I stated in my discussion question on week 1. This was about on case study Made in USA Dumped in Brazil, Africa, and Iraq. In that case study United States business where dumping products like pajamas which was banned by CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.) banned these pajamas because of a chemical called Tris.

This chemical had been found to cause kidney cancer in children. These same pajamas were sold in Third World countries as for profit. For this business to sell these pajamas that’s been morally wrong for after knowing the reason why they were ban. After reading that case study and my discussion question I stated that these business should value human life and health no matter was side of the world they live, instead when it comes to these businesses setting up and these countries I feel that it’s for selfishness and personal gain and a profit. It raise many interesting questions such as do we are human being has a moral obligations toward the future for all people? My answer is yes will do. As the world’s population grows past 6.5 billion, it looks like we will soon run out of resources. When it comes to limit our use of resources for future generations is it our moral duty. I feel that we do the children are future and if we do not protect the environment there will be nothing for their future. Whitney Houston sung a song call The Greatest Love and she says “I believe the children are the future teaches them well and let them lead the way. When it comes to change or slow down contamination this is the time because will are able to. The environmental problems are likely to harm humans and as well of the ecosystem.

A troublsome issue that world leaders are facing is global warming. The environmental communities have become louder increasing many scientific points about the dangers. Annual global talks United Nations has had for about twenty years. An international treaty was signed by 194 countries they had agreed to accordingly consider global climate change. The collision and altercation discussed are monotonously familiar where the topic of discussion is who may have a reasonability of manufacturing and developing countries. Many question such as will provide and the cost to help poorer nations adapt, the urgency of protecting tropical forests. There is a need to rapidly develop and deploy clean energy technology. Labor force and available resources permit national governments should establish environmental goals when it comes to enforce the standard laws and regulation. By placing policies and laws it will give or may give priority to health problems the public are dealing with due to industrial pollution and the hazardous waste.

There should be regulation and standards govern many issues such as water and air contamination, waste management, and stratosphere occupational health and safety of their employee and for the public. When it comes to protecting the environment and people in the these poorer countries it has to begin with implementing stricter laws and standards on the businesses that goes to these countries there due to the lack of standards. If the Third World countries had agency such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which is agency that is created by an act of Congress and is independent of the executive departments. This agency is in the United States. The case study 7.1 Hazardous Homes in Herculaneum where the company Doe Run had to clean up the site and had to install new pollution control device that will prevent contamination. Now when it comes to these Third World countries there are no agencies, or federal government these businesses have to answer to. When it comes to should wealthy nations having the responsibility to contribute to poorer nation, my position is that yes the wealthy nations do have a moral obligation.

In January of 2010 Haiti had an earthquake with was horrible .Many people donate funds and their time but I feel that it shouldn’t had told an earthquake to get the nations to help Haiti. With knowing that Haiti is a Third World countries the living conditions and health was not stable or comfortable before the earthquake. “No man is an island, entire of itself…any man’s death diminishes me, I am involved in mankind.( John Donne) What I take for that quote is the because Wealthy nations should help less advantaged countries because it’ a way to balance, and non-hostile global environment.

Global economy is what we now if we want that economy to thrive a decision most me made. There will be question that we will have to ask ourselves such as do we want be a world of have’s and have-not, or if we want all of mankind to have a fair share in our resources. The morally correct thing to do is to help these third world countries that are in poor state when it comes to education, living conditions and hunger. What separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is that we have morals and act on them. A wealthier nation does have a moral responsibility and also people instinctively respect moral actions. The poorer nations would gain respect from the masses, and this respect is important in order to remain powerful and to hold power.

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