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Pineapple as stain remover

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Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a fruit which was classified as a ripe and unripe. This was usually grown in a place where temperature and the weather are cold. This is abundant in the Philippines particularly in Bukidnon (Camp Philips Area) and this can be brought in the grocery or in the market. This fruit grows from 1-1.5 meters tall with 30 more through shape and pointed that grow from 30-100 centimeters long surrounding a thick stem.

Pineapple waste is a by-product of the pineapple processing industry and it consists of residual pulp, peels and skin. These wastes can cause environmental pollution if not utilized. Recently there are investigations/studies carried out on how to utilize these waste that’s why we turn to a practical use of the Pineapple peeling as stain remover. We observe that people who can’t afford commercialized stain remover use vinegar as alternative. And mostly of the vinegar are made up in coconut, apple and etc. We want to find out if pineapple peeling extract is effective as stain remover. That’s why we come up with this project/ experiment.

Statement of the Problem and Objectives

1. To prove the effectiveness of the Pineapple Peeling as a stain remover

2. To know how long the duration is for the stain to be removed


Housewives or house helpers in the house are having difficulty in removing the stains in the plate at home and it consumes their time in doing other chores, so to help them lessen their chores in their house, we conduct this study so that it will not take much time to remove stains on the plate.

Through this study, the public will be informed about the

Scope and Limitations

This study focuses on the making of a dishawashing agent out of a pineapple peeling. It encompasses the procedures of making use of something that can be thrown away, but could still be utilize.

Review of Related Literature

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is the common name for an edible plant also its fruit.

It is native to the southern part of Brazil and Paraguay. This herbaceous plant which grows from 1-1.5 meters with 30 more through shape and pointed leaves 30-100 cm long surrounding a thick stem. The pineapple is an example of a multiple, spirally arranged along the axis each procedure a freshly fruit that becomes pressed against the fruits of adjacent flowers, forming what appears to be a single fleshly fruit.


A. Materials and Equipment
METHODOLOGY *pineapple *sharp knife chopping board *stained plate *plastic container blender Sponge freezer

Cut the pineapple peelings using a sharp knife with a chopping board under the pineapple, and then keep the pineapple to a container. Use the blender to shake the pineapple peeling. After blending, use the strainer to separate
the extract from its solid substance. Pour the extracts on their respective containers. Make sure that they have the same level of extract that is poured on their respective containers. Place the containers on the refrigerator and wait for the respective designated times to end. When the designated time has already end, get the container and pour the extract to a sponge and try scrubbing it on the stained plate. Observe what happened to the stained plate. Do it also on the other set-ups.

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