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Physical Fitness Assessment in Adults

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Using your textbook (chapter 10) answer the following questions. 1. Write your own definitions of health related fitness and motor fitness. What items would you include on test batteries for each of these? a. Health related fitness is the ability to test one’s fitness level through exercises. The skin fold test and the mile run. Motor fitness tests your motor skills through fitness tests. The PACER test and the 600 yard run. 2. Instructing special children and evaluating their physical fitness can be challenging. Discuss specific preparations you would make to address this challenge. b. I would simplify the tests to a lower level mentally and physically because most children that have special needs have to be helped more with the tasks to test their fitness. 3. List some similarities and differences between the FITNESSGRAM and the President’s Challenge fitness tests. c. The Fitnessgram and the President’s challenge are almost identical in fact that they both test the mile run, curl ups, push ups and sit and reach.

However, they are different in the fact that the Fitnessgram tests the PACER and the trunk lift. 4. You are an elementary school teacher. Your principal has asked you to test the student body for cardiorespiratory endurance and report the results of the test to him or her. What are some steps would you take to test the students and prepare your report? d. I would test their cardiorespiratory endurance by using the PACER from the Fitnessgram. It would be a good test because it pushes your endurance to exhaustion. I would allow all the students the same time to complete as many laps as possible. 5. What are the four awards available under the President’s Challenge testing program? Which awards scheme would you use and why? e. The Presidential Physical Fitness Award

f. The National Physical Fitness Award
g. The Participant Physical Fitness Award
h. The President’s Challenge Health Fitness Award
i. I would use the President’s challenge because it tests all the areas of fitness without overworking the body.

6. Is physical activity or physical fitness more validly measured? Why? i. Physical fitness is more of a valid measure because it can measure maximum amount of physical output instead of physical activity. Physical activity can be skewed based on how hard the participant is trying.

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