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Philosophy is Based On The Development of People in The Country

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During the years of Greece and Rome there were many philosophies that were the ones that gave a course to the lives of the people of that time. As today these philosophies were on which the development of people in the country was based. People know many philosophies that over the years have taught us as part of the history of these countries. Some of these philosophies are the philosophy of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates that were very famous in Greece. All these philosophies helped people to get to know or accentuate the world in different ways. Today this may seem like the different religions that exist today. In addition to the philosophies of Greece there were also the philosophies of Rome that somehow derived from the Greek philosophies. Two of these philosophies are Epicurean and Stoic Philosophy. Within the Hellenistic period, which begins with the death of Alexander the Great (323 BCE), and ends with the end of the Roman Republic, Stoicism is one of the most important philosophical movements and spread acquired.

It was founded by Zenon of Citium, a Cypriot who was born around 33 BCE. that, on his arrival in Athens in 311, and he created a school after he met Socrates and his philosophy. However, the one who made Stoicism a relevant doctrine was Chrysippus of Soli. Chrysippus achieved not only that Stoicism was a philosophy of great relevance, but that the Stoa came to surpass Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s academy. Stoicism was the most influential philosophy in the Roman Empire during the period before the rise of Christianity. The Stoics, like the Epicureans, placed the emphasis on ethics as the primary domain of knowledge, but they also developed theories of logic and physics to support their ethical doctrines. Their most important contribution to logic was to coin the hypothetical syllogism as a method of analysis. They held that all reality is material, but that matter itself, which is passive, is distinguished from the active or animate principle that is logos which they conceived both as divine reason, and also as a subtle type of material entity a breath or fire that all it permeates it just as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus had supposed would be the cosmic principle.

According to the Stoics the human soul is a manifestation of the logos. They maintained that living according to nature or reason is living according to the divine order of the universe. The importance of this vision is seen in the part that stoicism played in the development of a theory of natural law, which powerfully influenced Roman jurisprudence. Some principles were learned from Plato and these were the wisdom, justice and courage that were the principles of Stoic philosophy. Stoic philosophy says that we should all live together and love each other because that is the only way to achieve happiness. Which I think is that we must all live in harmony with one another so that we can be happy. We must accept others as they are and love them.

On the other hand, epicureanism was a philosophical system that appeared in the 4th century (BCE) in Athens. It was created by Epicurus of Samos, who taught his doctrine at a school. The main basis of his philosophy was the search for happiness. Epicurus believed that every element was made up of atoms and that men could perceive their shapes and qualities using their senses. His followers were called Epicureans and were to avoid pain and disturbances. Equally, they also had to get away from excessive luxuries and comforts and lead a life in harmony. One of the peculiarities of this school was that it allowed entry to anyone interested, including women. Epicureanism that some consider to be related to hedonism had some important followers in ancient Rome. In contrast to much of hedonism, epicureanism did not focus the search for pleasure only on the body. The followers of this current gave greater importance to the intellect.

Furthermore, much of the definition of pleasure or happiness in this school refers to absence, rather than presence. In this way, they considered pleasure as the absence of pain or any affliction, such as hunger or sexual tension. It was about achieving a perfect balance between the body and the mind, which would provide serenity or ataraxia. Overcoming fears for Epicurus was the way to happiness. In fact, epicureanism has also been called something like medicine against the four fears that according to doctrine were the most significant: fear of the gods, death, pain, and fear of failure in seeking good. These two philosophies came to Rome thanks to Alexander the Great and were developed because of their founders. Each philosophy has its own truth since each philosophy has something that would help us to be better every day. On the one hand stoicism helps us to have control of the facts and epicureanism helps us to seek happiness. The two philosophies were very famous in their time and today we know them thanks to what they caused in their time

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