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Phenomenological And Existentialist Approaches to Commercialization

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Dealing with the issues of freedom, values, and society can be quite challenging, but there are phenomenological and existentialist approaches to commercing these problems. Knowing about the phenomenological and existentialist is essential in todays society. It deals primarily with the philosophy in ways of how things appear in individuals everyday lives and how if we want to figure out what something or someone is, we must look at what they are doing and how they are not what they are. In The Ethics of Ambiguity the implication I received from the message there are places in America’s society that out source our thinking for us, sources like talk show hosts out source our thinking for us. Simone is trying to implicate that we have to learn how to be our own out source and not let anyone determine out thinking for us, we have to think for ourselves. If people out source their thinking to talk show host, actors, etc.

We will only turn our selves into animals. People value freedom above all things. People can’t convert to existentialism in childhood. Simone feels thats the universe is already set us for us when we enter the world. Like the child, they can exercise their freedom, but only within this universe which has been set up before them, without them. This is the case, for example, of slaves who have not raised themselves to the consciousness of their slavery . When we come into the world our values are prepackaged we are given the values that are parents, teachers, etc. gives to us. Every thing is defined for you as a child and all the thinking is done for you and as a child your actions have no significance. Children know that they don’t matter and when they know they don’t matter it allows them to embrace their irrelevance because they know in some sort it doesn’t matter. Their roles of children are minimized to respecting and obeying.

In Black skin, Black Mask Frantz Fanon quote he states that he came into the world imbued with the will to find a meaning in things, spirit filled with the desire to attain to the source of the world, and then found that he was an object in the midst of other objects and then the occasion arose when I had to meet the white man eyes. The implication I got from this quote is that Frantz Fanon believes that colonial racism can result in a colored person having a mental disorder effect. It was aid in a dysfunctional disorder behavior because of colonialism. Frantz Fanon also argues that colonialism is the reason behind colored people not being able to have a identity of their own. Also, in Black Skin, White Mask the implication of Frantz Fanon message that I received was that he wanted to be a man amongst white men rather than just being seen by the color of his skin. Fanon feels like the white man is impressing a historical-racal schemes against black people, based on the color of their skin and not for who they are as a person. For years, non white people have looked at colored people for less than what they are and viewed colored people as less intelligent than what they are.

Also, Fanon felt as if the white man identified him with his ancestors who were in slavery and lynched, he accepted that, because in his opinion he wouldn’t have done him any good to try to explain that he was not his ancestors he was still identified as them.  He wanted to approve to the white people that black people were the same as them but white already had in their minds that black people were black people were not the same. The white world, the only honorable one, barred him from all participation. A man was expected to behave like a man and he was expected to behave like a black man. Fanon see’s that as a problem and feels that the Negro terminology was something that was behind that times but it was still being used and black will be always as such. I knew, for instance, that if the physician made a mistake it would be the end of him and of all those who came after him. What could one expect, after all, from a Negro physician? As long as everything went well, he was praised to the skies, but look out, no nonsense, under any conditions! The black physician can never be sure how close he is to disgrace. Negros were thought of as mentally disturbed individuals.

They were look at as if they were savages, brutes, illiterates. But in Fanon’s own case he knew that these statements were false. That was a myth of the Negro that had to be destroyed at all costs. In final, Fanon felt in a white mans world, back people were seen as the people who encounters difficulty. What I received from the book is that the black man tried to put on a white mask in order be accepted by the white man. The black man tries to portray himself as the white man by putting on a facade trying to dress and talk like the white man. I see this happening a lot in today’s society and it is talked about among people that I’ve come into contact with. Black men feel they have to put on a “white mask” so they can prove they are equal to the white man. Some people would not argue with this due to it being a sensitive topic, but I’ve seen first hand that this is definitely true.

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