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PEST analysis of India

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Political Factors

(1) Since 1991, India market become a free-market system and open to foreign investors ; (2) The political of India is relatively more stable than before , The stability of the regime affecting the development of the national economy; (3) There are different legal systems in different regions; (4) The Indian Constitution guarantees justice, equality and freedom of its citizens, and efforts to promote the exchanges between each other; (5) India is a parliamentary republic with a multi-party system, which is the world’s most popular democracy.

Economic Factors

(1) The average annual GDP growth rate of 5.8% over the past 20 years, and reaching 6.1% during 2011–2012; (2) Due to the rapid development of economy, India becomes one of the fastest growing countries in the world (according to the World Bank, the Indian economy is nominally worth US$1.848 trillion in 2011); (3) The inflation rate in India has always increased; the inflation rate was recorded at 7.81 percent in September of 2012; (4) India’s unemployment rate stands at 9.4%, and it is split out as 10.1% in rural areas, and 7.3% in urban areas; (5) Tax rates in India: income tax at a flat rate of 30% for Indian companies. Foreign companies pay 40%; Personal income tax varies.

Technological Factors

(1) India’s oil Reserve capacity is limited. India’s oil reserves which have been proven are about 5600000000 barrels, which is only 0.5% of World oil reserves; (2) In India, energy consumption structure is not very complicated. Coal accounted for 53%, oil is occupied 33%, natural gas 8% and nuclear power 1%. But India’s energy consumption demand is growing day by day; (3) The India government is not outstanding in innovation, because innovative energy mainly comes from the natives;

Sociocultural Factors

(1) The current population of India is 1,210,193,422,the sex ratio is 940 females per 1000 males; (2) India’s official language is Hindi, about 30% of the population use, English is also widely used as a second language in India. (3) Education levels: Female literacy was at a national average of 65% whereas the male literacy was 82%.

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