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Persuasive Speech Outline

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People are often familiar with the simile “like a chicken with its head cut off,” and receive it as a joke. However, that exact same chicken, now injected with chemicals and hormones, is appearing in our food without the knowledge of the general public. Consumers have the right to know exactly what substances they are consuming, according to Gregory Jaffe, the director of a biotechnology advocacy group; therefore, restaurants should not be allowed to sell genetically modified chickens under the name “chicken.” To prove this point, we will focus on the following three main points: first the issue of unpredictability, next contamination, and finally the hidden reason why companies refuse to label genetically modified chickens.

A major issue with genetically modified food is disrupting the balance of nature, thus resulting in unpredictability. There is a reason why after a major disaster in nature, succession occurs to restore equilibrium. Just like with nature, genetically modified food have the chance of backfiring, because they are “unpredictable, they are untested, and they are unlabeled” (Cummins). Since there are risks with consuming this kind of food, people should have the choice to decide for themselves whether they would like to continue buying those products. That is only possible if restaurants label their food.

Contamination in this kind of food appears. Those with severe allergies could unknowingly trigger severe reactions if their food comes into contamination with other products. For example, in 2000, genetically modified foods were contaminated with Star Link seeds, which were approved for animal feed. It was not approved for humans, since they can cause severe allergic reactions. If such contamination occurred in a widely eaten food, such as chicken, then the consequences would be even more devastating.

Furthermore, there must be a hidden reason why companies refuse to disclose information on their chicken products. A main concern for those companies is consumer rejection. Consumers would not reject a product unless there was a reason for it; therefore, there has to be an underlying reason for their refusal to label their products. Because those companies refuse to give that reason, customers have the right to know at the very least if they’re eating genetically modified chicken at a restaurant to avoid the risks of the anomaly in the first place.

To close, the general public has the right to know what their chicken has gone through, whether it’s radiation or simple modifications, so restaurants should not be allowed to sell genetically modified chicken under the name “chicken. I have shared with you the following main three points: first the issue of unpredictability, next contamination, and finally the hidden reason why companies refuse to label genetically modified chickens. Unless you want to eat chicken from unidentifiable regions of the earth, we should demand restaurants to inform people of exactly what they’re eating, whether it’s a chicken with no legs or a perfectly normal chicken. If it is safe, then they should have nothing to hide.

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