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Personal development in health, social care

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1.Understand what is required for competence in own work role

1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role.

In my current role as a senior care assistant it’s my duty to maintain standards of care within the organisation by following guidelines set out from the organisations that inspect and govern the home. As a senior/shift leader it is my duty to ensure that staff at the home conform to these requirements completing their tasks and maintaining the high standards of care within the organization.

Part of my role is to support the Manager in charge of the home in aspects of the homes management, including taking temporary charge of the home in the absence of the person in charge or his/her assistant.

This involves assisting with the training of junior members of the team in all aspects of their work. Assessing any new members of the care staff to ensure they are competent to carry out the duties expected of them.

I am also required to work a shift and rota system, as directed, in order to provide a totally flexible approach to working hours supporting the organizations need to cover in the absence of my colleagues due to illness or holidays, taking charge as required.

To be a role model for other care staff, keeping up to date with the Policies and Procedures of the home, Health and Safety Legislation, Environmental Health issues, National Care Standards and abiding by the same at all times.

Principle Duties:

Help ensure that all junior members of staff contribute to the best of their ability to the efficient running of the home.

To remain updated with Polices and Procedures as they apply to MGL Healthcare Ltd copies of which are kept in the office/medications rooms.

To attend in-house training as organized by the Manager, including all mandatory training and by reading and following Polices and Procedures laid down by the Management Team and the Care Quality Commissions Standards.

Act as key worker for named Service Users and write accurate and concise reports in the Care Plans and daily reports, ensuring that relevant information is passed on to other members of the Care Team and Manager. To document in the daily reports care that is given or supervision required in order to maintain an accurate account of the well being of every Service User in the care home.

Co-ordinate the day-to-day disbursement of staff in order that all work is completed efficiently and to high standard.

Administer medication under the direction of the manager.

Assist Service users with mobility problems and any other physical disabilities, including incontinuous, help in the use of aids and oversee other care staff in dealing with these situations.

Assist in the promotion of mental and physical activity within the Home, encourage Service users to take part in organized activities or work with the Service user on an individual level by reading for them or writing letters.

Share appropriate information with other staff members to ensure they remain updated.

Answer calls bells, doors and telephone promptly and in a courteous efficient

Serve meals either in the dining room and over see the junior members of staff in this service. Inspect the dining room prior to each mealtime to ensure that the tables are being laid correctly for the meal being served.

Room checks before and after every shift, ensuring that all rooms including bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchen are clean and tidy.

Take an active part in Staff Meetings and in training activities as directed by the Manager and to attend all the necessary mandatory training courses.

Report all breakages/damage to service users personal effects, Company property of equipment to the manager.

Carry out any other duties as may be required.

Have an understanding of the physical, social and mental needs of the residents.

Have an understanding of the emotional needs of the resident.

Have an understanding of and commitment to the principle of resident’s rights in all aspects of their life.

Be capable of providing a good standard of care.

Be able to demonstrate warmth and sensitivity of resident, they’re relatives/carers and all others around them.

Skills and commitment to develop the social aspects of life with the residents.

The ability to plan and run shifts smoothly and to a high standard.

An ability to work within a team.

1.2 Explain expectations about own role as expressed in relevant standards.

In my role as a senior carer I am expected to follow the homes policies and procedures and CQC (Care Quality Commission) standards. Its therefore essential I have a clear understanding of these standards of care which means that I engage in a programme of continuous development and learning, including attend training sessions, extra study, a range of mandatory courses, supervision and performance appraisal.

2.Be able to reflect on practice

2.1 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided.

The importance of reflective practice and continuously improving the quality of service provided is so we can meet our service users requirements and needs to a high standard, so attending training sessions or asking management to gain knowledge about our standards and certain policies and procedures is very important to prevent poor practice.

Methods used for reflection are: –

Team Meetings
Keywork Sessions
Shift Handovers
Staff 1 to 1’s

2.3 Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice.

It’s very important to put your own values and beliefs aside when working within our practice, to ensure all our service users requirements and needs
are being maintained to high standard. I value every individual’s needs and beliefs, for example, respecting an individuals religious beliefs and rights despite this being different to my own. If I was to witness poor practice, I would always be prepared to challenge and report any incidents to management and if I felt management didn’t deal with this matter appropriately I would take it to the next stage which means reporting to CQC (adhering to the Whistlblowing policy) but first I would discuss any concern with the staff member in question making sure they understand and have a clear knowledge of the standards required.

3.Be able to evaluate own performance

3.1 Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards.

Gaining knowledge and understanding about the relevant standards in my work has meant engaging in continual development training, attending training sessions, studying, and making use of other learning opportunities that occur within my practice.

At this point within my courier development and levels of knowledge it is apparent that there are still gaps in my knowledge about the standard frameworks that I need to further develop an awareness of. Engaging in study such as this supports my need, as I am increasingly learning more about how all practice is governed by legal requirements, and standards of care.

4.Be able to agree a personal development plan

4.1 Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development.

Supervision-develop on my strengths and work on my weaknesses

Attend training sessions within our organisation

Attend training sessions beyond my organisation

One to one sessions with qualified professionals

Extra study via workbooks and internet

5.Be able to use learning opportunities and reflective practice to contribute to personal development

5.1 Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice.

By reflecting upon my practice I have been able to develop a more in depth awareness and understanding of my own levels of skills and knowledge. Undertaking the appropriate learning activities i.e. (Induction training sessions, enrolling in various courses, such as, supervision & medication) has enabled me to gain the knowledge and skills required to develop my skills to the desired level so that I could be promoted to a senior care worker, taking on greater levels of responsibility within my role.

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