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Parts of the Flower Lab

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1.Which parts of the flowers are important in pollination? Describe their role in the process. The pistil (stigma) and stamen (anther) are important in pollination. Stamen, the male reproductive parts produce pollen. Pollen grains develop in the anther, a sac at the top of the stamen. The pistil, the female reproductive parts, has a sticky tip that traps pollen. Pollination occurs when that pollen is moved from an anther to the stigma by insects, animals or wind. 2.Which parts of the flower are involved in fertilization and fruit development? The style, which is the stalk-like part of the pistil, which is the tube that the pollen travels through to the ovule.. The ovary, containing the ovules, which are eggs that develop into seeds. Fertilization begins after pollination has happened. The ovule inside the ovary is fertilized begins to harden and form into a seed to protect the embryo until it begins to grow into a new plant.

The embryo grows inside the ovule and then develops into a fruit. 3.Many types of flowers produce fruits that are fragrant and sweet tasting. Describe how these characteristics of fruits may be important for dispersal. Fruits protect and help disperse seeds. The more fragrant and sweet smelling a fruit is, the more attractive it is to animals. Therefore, plants that produce the fragrant and sweet smelling fruit may be in more abundance than other dull looking plants without a fragrance. This is likely because more animals will choose the “best” fruit and when the seeds pass from the animal’s digestive tract it is most likely in a different area, which eventually will cause more of the same fruit.

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